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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Kroonstad with Placements

Kroonstad is one of the popular cities near Gauteng, as it is connected through the N1 road base with Cape Town and Johannesburg. The name of Kroonstad is closely connected with an animal, particularly a horse. Many years before, a horse was crossing a ford; it had a huge water flood at that time. Unfortunately, that horse drowned in that water. The horse’s name was ‘Crown’ from that crown the city called crown- city. Digital marketing courses in Kroonstad have numerous potential because the predominance industry in Kroonstand is agricultural cultivation. Therefore, it has huge products to showcase.

Digital Marketing Courses in Kroonstad with Placements

The blog is written to give directions to students for identifying top institutes offering digital marketing courses in Kroonstad because, at present times, there are lots of institutes in the market. This blog is not a list for the training, but it is an information repository in a short time, so skim through the text for duration and fee information in the case of every Institute.

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Are you looking for a government-recognized Digital Marketing Course in Kroonstad? Then IIMSkills is a great option in this regard. The Institute offers various interactive options with the training. In this training session, the experienced instructor will guide you through international certifications like Hubspot, Google, Facebook, and many others. IIMSkills is a startup providing various skill-based training like investment banking, AI marketing, content writing, technical writing, taxation, financial modeling, etc.

Why Choose IIM SKILLS?

IIM SKILLS is a great training center because it offers end-to-end marketing class solutions like class attendance and homework submission. Students should not visit the Institute for class. They can go in two ways: interactive calls like meetings. The Institute offers job support in its online portal, where you can find international job suggestions. Therefore choose a job which you like. The Institute has an internship facility in the SEO or content writing domain.

Cost: ZAR 6512 (Approx) + Taxes

Duration: 3 months + 2 Months Internship With Fixed Stipend.

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

Syllabus At A Glance:

  • E-commerce Store Building: If you want to build a successful woo-commerce business, then you have to make your website mobile-friendly.The website should not have many buttons and links because it has to look professional and simple.
  • Quora Marketing: We all know Quora has huge traffic, and marketers use Quora for creating backlinks. Suppose you have written an answer in Quora. In one month, there are 1,000 views in that answer, and 100 people are visiting the website. Then, you get 50 backlinks from a single answer, which is an excellent record. But it is not so easy. First, you need to search for a relevant question where the views and answer ratio are great. Then it would be best if you answered that, and at last, you can add an affiliated link to the post.
  • Google Analytics
  • Representing an organization on social platforms
  • Blog writing with advanced keyword research
  • Campaign planning for buying media
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Marketing tools learning
  • Email writing
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Local advertisement listing

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2. Data Space Academy

While searching for digital marketing courses in Kroonstad, let’s visit Data Space Academy. It is a startup agency for various cyber security platforms. It has the offices in three locations. Data Space Academy has a Google review of 4.9 stars; on Trustpilot, it has more than 4.7 stars.

Duration: 3 to 6 months


AI In Digital Marketing: There are many ways where AI can be learned and implemented after enrolling in digital marketing courses in Kroonstad.

  • Suppose you want a mini-drama for the YouTube channel. Then, AI can create a small script for the drama script for TouTube without any hassle.
  • Avay wants an ad copy for creating an advertisement, then can create an ad copy with a click of a few buttons. He always wanted an ad for a ball pen.
  • Suppose you want to make a freelance website, then you can generate some content with AI as what you will have on a home page.
  • People always feel bored with reading lots of text because of the lack of power of retention; therefore, we always want to create some images at regular intervals, but how can you find a perfect image online because most of the images have copyright issues or those come with a high price tag? In that case, AI gives you the power to draw an image for you. The image will be a unique one. No one except you has the copyright for these images.
  • Many people are very shy, and it is natural because the world is full of introverts and extroverted people. But suppose if an introvert wants to make a YouTube channel for content production, then it will be very tough because, on YouTube, you have to show your face for a better connection with the audience. Faceless YouTube videos are very robotic; therefore, we may take the help of AI for generation AI avatars. These are AI facial drawings that are unique in the world. Those faces do not have any connection with the living or dead. You can give your voice also. You can read the scripted ads with the digital face. You can record any AI voice with digital voice receptors. You don’t have to give your voice for longer terms.
  • Many times, we need to draw a picture, but not every one of us is a good painter. Suppose Nilesh wants a picture of a century-old castle for his blog, but he can’t draw. Nowadays, it is not an issue. He can use tools like ‘Midjourney’ to draw any figure with just a description. Suppose Nilesh gives a wonderful description of a castle; then, it will be drawn with AI. You can draw even any imaginary castle with a vivid description, like a sci-fi movie picture.
  • Market strategies for social media promotion
  • Digital funnel for search engine optimization
  • Advanced YouTube video marketing
  • Google algorithmic updates
  • Reputation building for online links
  • AI-based keyword research


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3. Indian Institute of Management Vishakapatnam (IIMV)

IIMV is famous around the world for its name. The Institute has been providing digital marketing courses in Kroonstad for ages. The class will happen online. The course provides online mentorship for every student. The Institute is ranked very well in India.


  • Online certification in a homely environment
  • Practical project-based learning
  • Highly accredited networking for students
  • Career advice with future goal set up

Duration: 5 months


  • Consumer Behavior in Digital Marketing:
  • Social media analytical strategy
  • Forecasting service features
  • Linear pricing estimation
  • Generation of retail territory outlet
  • Design Modeling mail
  • Portfolio building

4. MICA (Upgrade)

While talking about digital marketing courses in Kroonstad, one can not certainly miss the MICA by upgrading for learning. The course is a full-fledged online module depended.


  • The course has a special preference for different AI models for doing various tasks.
  • The study sessions are well equipped with 12+ case studies and live projects because theoretical learning is not enough in real work scenarios.
  • The course features an online video library. It may happen that you don’t comprehend any concept from the class. Your mentor knows that, and for that reason, they feature a video library for easy understanding of the complex matter.
  • While completing the course, it may happen that you are not getting any job, or you can’t crack the job interview with repeated attempts. In that case, you have the opportunity of getting individual feedback on your resume. Maybe you need to rewrite a cover letter with the interview so that it shows you are the right candidate.
  • It is quite natural that you have your doubts in several lessons because you have your understanding of the lesson. Your mentor understands that, so he gives you doubt-clearing sessions for all your doubts.
  • You will get a verified certificate from MICA and Upgrade
  • After completing the course, you will acquire a respected alumni status for yourselves. With this alumni feature, you can use a LinkedIn account for networking essentials. You can find jobs for various references as well.
  • Even if you know a lot of logic in digital marketing, you can’t create an impression in the interview because we are always nervous in the interview sessions; therefore, the course also has 5+ mock interviews so that you crack every job interview in your life.
  • It may be possible that you can’t appear on the day that you have an online class. Maybe you are outside of your home, or your internet connection is not working. All this can happen as we are living in a fragile world. There is no need to worry from your side because you will get every video recording of the classes in your LMS and register. Over time, it may be possible that you have forgotten some of the concepts of marketing. In that case, there is no need to be admitted to any institute. You can revise whatever you want from the recorded video lectures.

Cost: INR 95000  inclusive of all taxes

Duration: 30 to 50 weeks


  • Fundamental Marketing Channels
  • Website Creation
  • Social Media’s metrics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Case studies
  • Blog writing
  • Live projects on Facebook
  • Google Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email writing repones
  • Agency plan defining
  • Web analytics(GA4)
  • Bootcamps projects

5. Kraftshala

If you want a Job job-guaranteed digital marketing course in Kroonstad, then Kraftshala should be one of the best options on this list. It is a famous institute for providing jobs to the candidates. Their ‘Launchpad program offers robust CTC packages.


  • The course doesn’t have any book studies because the institutes never believe in theories for marketing as they know marketing means people interaction and it is always changeable, so the training depends on the practical conversion of deals.
  • The Institute understands everyone has a different motivation for learning, so they never underestimate your priority because it will create dissatisfaction. The training is highly tailored based on your desire.
  • Digital marketing is a performance-based goal because performance says whether a strategy is working or not. In this course, your performance is thoroughly measured for blinding your progress reports for the clients.

Job Role After Training:

  • Digital performance analyst
  • Content marketing analyst
  • Category marketing analyst
  • Account associates
  • SEO managers

Cost:122000 INR

Duration: 1 year and 3 months


  • Marketing onboarding:

The onboarding process is laying the groundwork for what’s going to come in the upcoming weeks. When working with you, a strong onboarding process can also really help you communicate your boundaries and make sure that you’re laying a good foundation for communication habits, how your client can give you feedback, and basically how the project is going to run from start to finish. In summary, a strong onboarding process is going to help you build that trust right from the beginning. It is going to make your clients feel happier throughout the project. It is also going to instill confidence in both you and your client. At the end of the day, you’re going to become a high-value designer so that you can raise your prices.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-commerce
  • Project Presentation: Giving a presentation at a professional level is a crucial task. There are three steps in this process. First, you should start with a greeting, and you should say your full name with the project title. Then, You should talk about the background content of the topic, like why you have chosen the topic with a little bit of historical perspective. Last, you should say how many parts you have in the presentation. One most important things is to present with a ‘smile’ because it will create eye contact with the audience.

6. Udacity

Some people want virtual class setups for digital marketing courses in Kroonstad. For them, Udacity is a good option. Udacity is an online service portal that provides training for various courses like data science, cyber security, and programming. The course is made for the students who are just the beginners in the marketing world. You will get an online certificate after completion of the training.

Cost: 70000 INR

Duration: 6 months


  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Data Science in Digital Marketing:

Let’s understand how marketing agencies work. They run ad campaigns for D2C businesses like schools, colleges, and hospitals. There is a particular time of the year when marketing agencies gather lots of data, particularly niche-wise. Those data are numerical in terms; therefore, a normal study can’t be possible with numbers. For example, if you want to know the average selling of nine brands in June within multiple sources, then you need special tools for data interpretation. Just for another example, if you want to compare the sales figures of several brands at a normal dashboard, then data science comes into play. There are also many roles.

  • If you want to build managing databases for CRMs and different ad sources, you can use Excel.
  • Technical algorithmic pattern analysis in Python
  • Communicating and understanding data tables’ output
  • Google Analytics
  • E-commerce technology
  • AB testing drawing models
  • Social media networks
  • Search Engine Optimization-Keyword, audit, link building
  • Google Ads and search engines
  • Ad campaigning creation
  • Email generation for result measurement
  • Career Advice with portfolio building

7. Robin & Jesper in Udemy

Some people want recorded lessons for the digital marketing courses in Kroonstad. For them, I have Udemy in my basket. Udemy is a huge learning platform providing huge stocks of training for individuals and corporates. Many giant companies trust Udemy for training for their workforce because it is cost and time-effective. If you choose Udemy, then you have the luxury of continuing the course on your way because even if you want to read a single chapter, you can read it instead of whole modules.

Cost: 5-10 USD

Duration:87 hours


  • Website building in WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research:

We all know that keyword research is the most important part of SEO analysis; therefore, today, we will understand it by a hypothetical project as a business. We are taking a second-hand car business as an offline trade. Our location is pan Germany. Its official website is ’www.pqrs.com’. First, you need to take a spreadsheet like Excel. Define three columns with keywords, volume, and competition.

Then comes the brainstorming sessions. Let’s think for ourselves what we can say: second-hand cars. We can say used cars, second-hand cars in Germany, best second-hand cars in Germany, Buy second-hand cars in Germany, best-used cars in Germany, buy used cars in Germany. Then, Search each keyword on Google for modifiers in incognito mode.

Now, visit Google keyword planner and check these keywords in the search section. Select a location in the world for the use number. Use filters according to your need, and also add Germany as the location. Now, export the file in Excel in .csv format. Delete the unnecessary information and sort them. At last, put the priority number with ranking.

  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Agency building
  • Budgeting price
  • Business plan
  • Social media
  • Copywriting

8. Webskitter Academy

We are in another institute for digital marketing courses in Kroonstad. That is Webskitter Academy of Kolkata. The Institute provides online and offline classes in digital marketing.

Cost: 65000 INR

Duration: 4 months


  • Marketing walk-through metrics
  • Web analytics: If you want to download Google Analytics for a website, then go to Google Analytics home page. Visit the admin panel, and from there, go to the data stream, where it shows the particular website name. Now visit the accusation option for downloading option for compatible formats like PDF and Excel.
  • Google Tag manager
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC marketing
  • Video Promotion
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram
  • Content media
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile projects

9. Piidm

Are you looking for short-term digital marketing courses in Kroonstad? Then Piidm is a great option because of its comprehensive course structure. It is a Pune-based institute offering online and offline courses to the candidates.

Cost: 100000 INR

Duration: 2 months


  • Placement support
  • Internship offer
  • 15+ digital certification
  • Recorded video class after every session
  • Personal mentorship
  • Portfolio building for freelancing


  • Marketing overview
  • AI tools
  • Blog creation:

Blogging is a wonderful idea for a business if you are committed and consistent with the topics. You should not publish content just for ranking The main strategy is to post a super large article on the business instead of posting every week. It should be the last article on the topic one can find on the internet.

You suppose it takes a month or two months for a super large article, but Google will reward you if you keep your audience longer on the page. Your article should be the last article for the topic on Google, complete in every sense. You need to select a broad topic with an extra subtopic in the article. After that, you need to give the structure to the post. The article should be longer than 2000 words. The last and final tip will be to make the blog post scannable because people never read long blog posts; therefore, they skim for particular information, and so does Google.

  • E-commerce website creation
  • Video Graphic generation
  • SEO analysis
  • Link mapping keywords
  • Social Networks
  • Google Analytics

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10. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing

DIDM is an Indian institute situated in Delhi. The Institute offers customized digital marketing courses in Kroonstad. The Institute provides online training also for international candidates. If you want to study with your customized modules, then you should see their modules.

Cost: 18000-50000 INR

Duration: 2-5 months


  • Tailored modules
  • Digital study notes
  • Live projects and case studies
  • Global certifications


  • Online Reputation for PR Relations: Anyone who wants to buy anything in the present day or searches for users’ feedback online. They check on Google reviews and check their social media platforms. There are three major steps in brand building: monitoring the reviews, blogs, and user feedback written about the brand. Next is responding positively at a certain time and always remembering there is no place for negativity on the internet. The final stage is content creation on YouTube and blog writing over several websites.
  • Google My Business
  • Fixing negative reviews with proper feedback within the time frame
  • Keyword-related content
  • High domain authority writing
  • Brand establishment in social media
  • Email Writing
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media: Twitter and Linkedin
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Lead Generation


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Q1. How do you set up a digital marketing agency after completing digital marketing courses in Kroonstad?

After completing digital marketing courses in Kroonstad, start doing internships for experiences. After completing internship courses, start doing freelancing business for at least two years. After that, you will develop a solid portfolio to set up a digital marketing agency.

Q2. How do I get a job in a digital marketing company after finishing digital marketing courses in Kroonstad?

After You learn digital marketing courses in Kroonstad from any of the institutes mentioned above, you need to go to the job portals for the companies and create a profile on Linkedin for networking opportunities. Not only that, you will get many opportunities while doing the courses from the Institute to work for the company.

Q3. Can I find a digital marketing part-time job?

Yes, If you want to do any part-time job in digital marketing, you can find numerous jobs like SEO analysts, social media event planners, and others. You can do the job as per your requirements. Digital marketing gives a candidate the freedom to work from home.


Digital marketing courses in Kroonstad are the new beginning of the business atmosphere. Over the years, more people will connect to the internet. At the same time, traditional marketing will lose its charm in attracting people because people are busy with their online relations. Digital marketing has numerous potential for a qualified candidate, even for housewives. All the digital marketing institutes offer the same type of syllabus, but you have to decide what is best for you. Do your online research and take the first step in the business world!


I crave to know various things from different fields through my job. That’s why I have chosen content writing as my profession. Knowledge breaks my boredom. I have completed the Content Writing Master Course for IIM Skills (Govt. recognized) and also did the Advanced Content Writing course from ECT( Govt. recognized). I completed my pre-degree level at Visva-Bharati University with science as my major. I completed my graduation (Honours) in English literature from The University of Burdwan. I also earned a Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management from MAKAUT, Kolkata.

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