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Entrepreneurship Ideas from Home: 10 Business to do From Home 2024

We are going to look at the entrepreneurship ideas from home today. Work from home! We all are aware of this trend and homes are the new workplaces where all the businesses are heading. So, why don’t we tap into this opportunity and start our very own business from home?

image of Top 10 Digital Entrepreneurship Ideas You Can Start From Home

The digital realm is changing not only our lives but also the entrepreneurship landscape.


Online mode is the new “it” medium to earn from the comfort of our homes with minimum investment and maximum returns.


Amazon, Flipkart, Big basket, etc. we all have heard these names as the e-commerce giants. They started as very small businesses from little spaces and today rule the internet shopping space.


Anyone can do it today, you can too!


Some of the benefits of using Digital space as the medium of becoming a digital entrepreneur are:


  • Comfort:

You can start a business from scratch from the comfort of your own homes. You just need a viable business idea, a computer, or even your smartphones, and you are done. That can become your workspace.

From the four walls of your homes, you can reach millions who would want to associate with your business and do business with you.

  • Geographical boundaries:

The whole wide world has the potential to be your market and digital entrepreneurship offers you an infinite scope and potential of markets and customers. You would not be a local business struggling to find customers, in digital business, your website can make you reach customers spread over continents and countries.

There are no restrictions on geography as the internet has penetrated lives the world over.


  • Minimum investment:


As compared to brick and mortar businesses or conventional businesses, you have to shell out a very small amount comparatively as the investment into the business.


A good internet connection, a website with web hosting, and maybe Ads if you want to promote it that way (as there are many other ways to promote your business without paying for Ads also, like forming affiliates and writing blogs to promote), are enough for you to start an online business.


  • Workspace and Workforce:


You don’t need a large office space when you deal with digital products and services. A little area having a computer desk and a small team, as much you need can be your workspace and workforce respectively.


So, without further ado let us get the Top 10 exciting digital entrepreneurship ideas that you can start from home right away!


  1. Entrepreneurship ideas-Content Writing


Most of us just love the written medium and we express better when we write, but the chaotic race of life has stuck us into boring jobs.


Wait no more, you can start pursuing your dream of becoming a writer anytime now. There are a ton of ways in which you can pursue your passion for writing on the internet. This is one of the best entrepreneurship ideas for anyone wanting to work from home.


As a digital entrepreneur you can start your writing business in many ways some ideas for you are as follows:


     What is content writing?


Content writing includes writing articles for magazines, websites (be it your own or for others). A content writer has to write content for a specific website according to the demand of the target audience to attract business.


Businesses need to sell their products and to attract their target customers they publicize through the written medium over the internet.


Though it involves writing, a content writer is slightly different from a creative writer.


As a content writer, you should know the use of relevant keywords as per the market of the particular industry. For example, how to be a successful entrepreneur is a relevant long-tail keyword for marketing a course related to entrepreneurship.

To reach more and more audiences, you need to make use of some tools strategically for having a larger reach.


Professional courses to check out

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course

GST Course

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course



How to become a content writer?


Nowadays, a whole lot of information is available on youtube and google as to how to become a content writer. If you want to get all information in one place, you can also do a good content writing certification course at platforms like IIM SKILLS, Udemy, etc, where you can get a properly designed course to learn the tools and latest demands of the content writing market.


So,  you can start your digital entrepreneurship career as a content writer.


  1. Entrepreneurship ideas-  Resume writer


As we all know, Resume is a document showing the qualifications and experiences of a prospective employee or candidate for a particular job. It pitches the person to his prospective employer as the fittest to get the job.


With the growing demand for professionally crafted resumes, more and more people are seeking good professional resume writers.


Job demand:


As a resume writer, your job will be to craft customized, professional resumes for your clients and present them in such a way that it appeals to the employer or the company in which the job is sought.


  • It can have good catchphrases.


  • It should contain keywords or words that are particular to the demands of that specific industry


  • To present it convincingly, you would have to take good research work at your end first.


Benefits of Resume writing:


  • It is a comparatively less time-consuming job.


  • A little research and practice can make you an expert with time


  • You will not have to write a lot as you would have to for longer articles or blogs.


Employees constantly move from one job to another, and with growing fluidity in job markets, they need changes.


Think of how many people are employed in corporate jobs, more so, so many college graduates who pass out every year in thousands and they need good Resumes to sit for interviews!


There is a whole big market waiting to be taken advantage of. And you can do that from the confines of your own home.


The most important thing here to note is, though you can do your research at home, it would be better if you do a Certification course first available easily in online markets.


A Professional Resume Writing Certification tag will convince your clients even more about your expertise and you would be ready to start your own resume services business at a small token investment in your knowledge.


Once certified, you do resume writing as a freelancer at other established sites or as you are confident, you can set up your website and reach out to prospective markets by marketing.


How much can resume writing earn?


A good resume writer can make from $50 to $200 per resume based on your skill and pitching.


As the clients range from students to well-paid employees seeking a job change, your prices can range accordingly.


  1. Entrepreneurship Ideas-Freelance writer-


A freelance writer works on their own instead of working for a company or organization.


You can work from the comfort of your own homes according to the needs of the clients and as per requirements.


You can set up your website or blog to showcase your talent to potential employing the market. You can also apply for freelance jobs on sites like Upwork and Freelancer.


On sites like these, various companies or even individuals put up their demand for work and the type of work they want, ranging from writing articles for their websites to writing on some particular topics.


If those topics happen to be the area of your expertise then it is even better.


The simplest of jobs can also include typing out stuff and converting from PDF formats to Word documents for others and you can be paid a good amount easily working from home.


  1. Entrepreneurship Ideas-Blogger


Though blogging is also related to writing it has become a big phenomenon in itself nowadays.


Blogging involves writing content on a website or a blogging platform. Here, a blogger is a person who writes generally, long articles on particular topics. A blog can be based on any topic or various topics on a single site where one can write on topics like:


  • Personal life is also known as journaling


  • Informational topics


  • Educational blogs


  • Microblogging is also come up as a new branch of blogging where the user posts shorter messages, pictures, or videos. One big example of a microblog is Twitter.


So how does one earn money by blogging?


Once you start getting visitors to your blogging website, their many options through which you can monetize your blog.


By putting up advertisements on your blog, you are paid a commission every time a user clicks on the ad displayed i.e. CPC (cost per click) or CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) based on the number of people who view the Ad.


For this, you can individually contact the businesses for displaying their ads on your website or the easier way out there is by signing up with Google AdSense which will put up the related Ad to your content on a place chosen by you on your website page.


Another vital of the entrepreneurship ideas is Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing means forming up a connection with some other business, for example, Amazon. An affiliate is also a kind of advertisement or providing links for buying products from other sites on your blog.


It is easy to form affiliates by contacting particular sites that also have their policies related to their affiliate programs.


So, if a user who comes to your blog buys their product through your blog site, they will pay you a decided commission.


It is also a good way of earning money along with doing a thing that you enjoy doing.

Some of the most popular names of blogs you must have heard are the Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Mashable among others.


The topics and genres of your blog can range from Fashion, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, DIY, Fitness, Yoga, and much more that you can think of.


And you can also make it a place where you can sell your own crafted digital or physical products also by providing a cart page connected to a payment gateway on your site and sell products easily.

It is in and it is super easy with tech today!


  1. Entrepreneurship ideas – Social media Manager-


A social media manager is responsible for handling the social media profiles of a brand or business.


Job Demand:


  • To handle various profiles and accounts of the business concerned on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.


  • To make a pre-decided  number of posts regularly on the social media accounts of the business


  • To curate creative content and monitor and manage social media connections of the brand with other businesses.


The goal is to attract customers to the business through social media.


As more and more people spend a lot of their time on social media, big businesses or various brands want to reach more and more customers through these means as it is more accessible to the masses.


Some other job roles related to social media manager are as follows-

Post Creator

Art director

Online Copyrighter

Customer Service handler

Graphic Designer

Creative Designer

Brand Design Strategy


  1. Entrepreneurship Ideas – Web developer


A web developer is a person who can make worldwide web-based applications using languages and tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.


Programmers who know coding and such tools to develop applications and programs as per the needs of the clients are often in great demand by tech companies and even small businesses.


Some of the skills which you might need as a Web developer are:



  • Photoshop skills


  • SEO or search engine optimization


All businesses want a face that attracts customers and a well attractive website is a doorway to customers. As a web developer, you develop a good responsive website based on the demands of the client. Ask them what they need and how would they want their website to make feel to the prospective customers.


Along with knowing to code, you need to be having good communication and designing skills to incorporate into your work.


Understanding what a client needs from you is an art, and you can ace it by being communicative.


No Need For Coding!


Website developer

In fact, with the newer ways emerging in technology, easier ways of making websites are coming up.


You won’t believe how easy it has become to develop a new website from scratch today without the need for knowing coding skills or complicated computer languages.


Using website development tools like Elementor, Yellow pencil tools, and like you can make a website from scratch with designs that you want and put up your creativity for the world to see.


Yes, it is indeed very easy to make a website now and the information is freely available over the internet.


You can also learn these skills by doing a small online course and be ready to sell your Website Making services by making a small investment in your education.


  1. Entrepreneurship Ideas – Consultancy services


Consultancy is where you provide a service as a professional expert on a particular domain or area like Finance, Security, Technical help, and many other areas.


Over some time, in one way or another, we end up acquiring some skills or knowledge through our education or past job experiences.


And there are many individuals and businesses out there who need that kind of expertise.


This experience that you have can act as an advantage over the others and can be monetized through setting up an online Consultancy service.


There are many areas where Consultancy services can be required by people everywhere;


Technical support


Filing taxes

Filing GST Returns

Business consultancy

Information and tech consultancy

Medical consultancy

Career counseling


And so on.


With the rising use of work from homes, and businesses preferring online modes of operation, many of them require help over the internet on specific topics.


You can set up a Consultancy business online by setting up a credible website for your entrepreneurship venture.


But the important thing to consider here is your credentials as a consultant.


You should be having some Certificates or genuine records and documents to show that you are a person credible enough to help them in their particular area of concern and you are an expert in that particular domain.


The people who invest in your services have to have trust in you which will make them enter into contracts with you.


Not only individuals or small businesses, even big firms and companies like A.T. Kearney, Accenture, but Deloitte, McKinsey & Co. are also some of the names in the areas of best-consulting firms where you can apply with your experience gained as a consultant.


As a consultant, you have to have certain skills such as:


Good analytical skills


Good communication skills

Negotiation skills

Organizational skills


And agility to work as per the requirements of the customer


  1. Entrepreneurship ideas – SEO Consultant


This is yet another area of consultancy service that you can explore.

An SEO consultant provides consultancy in the area of SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimisation.


Search engine optimization is a process that involves growing the visibility of a website by increasing the Web traffic to it by organic means i.e. improving the natural visibility in the search results instead of paying for advertisements.


Don’t pay advertisements or pop-ups annoy you when you go to a site?


Let alone the huge costs involved in paying for every click on the advertisements over the internet.


The written word acts more attractive to prospective customers than paid advertisements along with saving publicity and marketing costs of businesses.


Of course, you search for things over the internet every day for numerous stuff, do you ever go to the second page of the search results? It is a surety that we only spend our time looking for what we want in a maximum of four to five top results that are shown by google.


How did they top those results?


By paying? No.


That’s where the SEO work comes in!


An SEO Consultant studies the trends in searches,

how visitor traffic in the search engines like google and yahoo flows and

what are keywords people search for and based on this tactical knowledge,

helps in curating ways in which more visitors visit a particular website than thousands of others out there.


Today people search moreover Mobiles than Desktops and with a change in the new tech generation, the way of searching for a particular thing has also gone a drastic change.


For instance, today we don’t just type a topic we want to look for, we type a question.

For example, if you want to make a pizza at home, you won’t type in “Pizza Recipe”, instead you would search google for “How to make a pizza at home?”.


And this is the type of thing that affects search results.


If as an SEO expert, you knew the tactics, and you used keywords that are more often asked by people based on research, your article would be ranking among the top ones in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to show and more likely to be opened.


And we all know once a person visits a website or “the online shop” he likes, the visitor can most likely be converted into a customer.


So, even if someone else wrote a very good blog on the pizza recipe, it would be lying somewhere on the third page, lonely and unopened, howsoever good it might be!


That’s the power of SEO-based structuring of words on the net and which attract better business, and business houses know that.


They pay others to structure SEO-based articles for them to gain better visibility in the internet market.


SEO consultants are in demand due to more of the business happening over the internet now than the conventional brick and mortar.


And even if you don’t know how to be an SEO consultant as of now, you can enroll for a good course in the market to learn the same and equip yourself to be ready with tools and updated knowledge to be an SEO consultant by doing a Certification master course.


  1. Entrepreneurship ideas – Online mentorship and Counselling


With education becoming widespread and varied and parents getting ever more conscious about the education and careers of their children, online mentorship and career counseling services over the internet are coming up more in demand.


A big name in this area you must have come across is Mindler. Few other players in this arena work to give services related to career guidance and counseling related to career planning and education.


You can also start an online mentorship and career counseling career of your own although there are few things to be kept in mind before going ahead in this direction:


  • You must possess the required achievements or expertise to showcase your credibility in this domain as that is only when people will trust you with their futures


  • Must be able to evaluate the skills and bent of minds of children to direct them to pick up a particular career accordingly


  • Do your research related to various career options and universities and courses out all over the world to recommend the best as per client’s requirements


  • You should be organized to help others in planning their career paths and helping them achieve their goals


Here, you chose your target audience, who range from school students who are perplexed or confused about picking a particular subject stream, it can be college graduates who are confused about whether to doing a job or where to continue their further education or even people already working who want to change jobs or want to shift sectors of work.


You can pick an area where you think you have good command, or maybe even appoint others who are experts to make up your team of professionals and start an online Career counseling and mentorship business from the confines of your own home.


It is a really good avenue for entrepreneurship for those who have an academic bent of mind or are keen learners and are good at giving advice.


Remember, this is an area where you have to be responsible as it is not just an earning avenue, it involves the lives and futures of others.


So, you have to be credible and responsible.


As a career counselor, you would have the privilege of helping people who need a career push and help in crafting and achieving their dream jobs.


It would be better to have requisite and respectable degrees or certificates to earn the trust of the people investing in your services.


Although to become a career counselor, you need a Master’s degree in Counselling and some practical experience in the field, but you can start a team that specializes in such subjects.


There are many people on platforms like LinkedIn who want to give back to society what they have learned, you can also enroll in your team, retired experts, psychologists, and seniors who possess the expertise to guide others.


There are also Mentorship guidance programs that provide certifications to become certified mentors.


You can work anywhere in the world and help anyone, anywhere in the world by being an online mentor.


You can also write your E-books on various subjects and sell the same over the internet.


  1. Entrepreneurship ideas-Digital Courses


Numerous courses can be provided on the online platform and can be used as a step to start your entrepreneurship journey.


Today, every educated individual is aware of the importance of additional skills other than normal educational degrees.


An extra skill or course which not only makes their CVs and Resumes shine but also helps them in gaining competitive advantages over their peers.


People don’t have time today to sit in conventional classes or waste their time traveling to reach coaching institutes, especially the adult working class.


They want a constant skill upgrade to move up the success ladder, but also are mostly free only on weekends or only get a few extra hours a day to invest in learning.


For people like these, digital courses as entrepreneurship ideas are a boon!


You can curate and craft a Digital course that serves particular audiences in a particular niche and can help your clients in upgrading their skills according to the demands of the markets constantly.


It is a never-ending enterprise that you can start, as there will always be demand for such courses.


There are a few things you should keep in mind before implementing digital courses and entrepreneurship ideas for your business.


  • What Medium?

You want to provide a course in what medium is important. It can be a Video course, an E-book, a Podcast, or an Audiobook course, or even Online Live interactive classes.


  • Your niche

You will have to choose to which area of expertise you want your course to be in. many courses can be provided digitally,

Content writing course

Digital marketing course

Entrepreneurship course

Web development course

Copywriting course


Nutrition and health

Medicine courses

Counseling courses and so on so forth.,


It is up to you to pick up a niche, a particular area, then draft a proper comprehensive course on that topic.


Do ample research and find if you might need some degree or Certification to be eligible to give that course out to others or not.


Search about the selling factor or the market demand for the same, and look at the pricing and presentation of the competitors in the market for the same product as yours.


See how can you make a difference and make your course special than theirs. And the arrive at an attractive pricing policy so that more and more people opt for your course.


You will have to publicize your course on the internet to reach the public eye. For that, it is not compulsory to indulge in expensive advertisement spending.


You can write a lot of blogs and articles about your course using competitive keywords and making use of platforms like Google Analytics and Keyword surfer extension,


These are free tools to know about what people are searching for and how can you improve your content to reach the larger audiences that visit your blogs and then be converted to revenue bringing customers.


Digital courses are in boom nowadays with people opting for more work from homes and increasing job fluidity. People are in constant need to learn new skills and the internet has become cheaper.


To give or to take, you just need a computer and an internet connection and you are ready!


Opportunities are immense, you just need the confidence to move, the courage to take charge, and curiosity to learn and grow.


Today you can work from home, you can earn from home. Within and through your homes, you can be a mother, a father, a working professional, a job seeker, a job giver.


From your own home, you can be a Digital Entrepreneur with great entrepreneurship ideas!




With a good track of knowledge in the field of academics, Jyoti Lakhera loves to constantly learn and grow. She is an avid writer and growing poet along with being a Certified Content Writer.

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