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Top 10 Degree Courses After Arts Stream in Delhi

There are countless options for courses after arts stream in Delhi. It is now more important to know about such courses as they are open to anyone who aspires to take a role in any of the subjects of arts stream.


List of the best degree courses after arts stream in Delhi


This article builds upon the knowledge that a student in 12th or graduation has the choice of the following subjects to study:

  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Law
  • Media Studies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Physical Education
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Informatics Practices
  • Human Rights and Gender Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Music
  • Public Administration
  • English
  • Home Science
  • Legal Studies
  • Mass Media Studies
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit
  • Computer Science
  • Advertising
  • Cinema Sciences


The list may seem intimidating at first, but with the wide variety of subjects in arts, innumerable career paths open up for students.

There are choices of short-term and long-term courses after arts stream in Delhi. For holistic development and to acquire a versatile set of skills, a combination of both is generally favored.


Other than degree courses, there are many certification vocational courses to kick-start your career:


This article enlists choices of degree courses after arts stream in Delhi, wherein a degree program is a minimum of three years long and maximum extends to four years.


Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the mound of courses and unfold them one at a time.


1. Bachelor of Arts


A Bachelor of arts is a college degree. This undergraduate program is 3-4 years long and is a basic requirement for many job roles. BA is of two types namely BA honors (with specialization) and BA (without specialization). BA honors students study their chosen subject in detail in the course of three years. On the other hand, BA gives the chance to choose a combination of subjects where students study a minimum of three subjects every year in the three years of the program.


Subjects popularly chosen are Economics, Psychology, History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, History, and all major languages spoken and studied in India like English, Hindi, Sanskrit, French, German, etc. There are many more options to study in BA.


A BA degree can get you various job opportunities for bank officials, teachers, content writers, etc. Students pursuing BA also apply for high-paying government jobs like civil services, Indian foreign services, railway sector, etc.


2. BBA


Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) is to acquire business acumen and make the pathway to corporate jobs. BBA is to develop entrepreneurial skills and managerial abilities. BBA students get employment in diverse sectors like advertising, marketing, aviation, management, finance sector, real estate business, and many more.


Now you must be wondering how a BBA degree can open up so many ways into so many sectors. The answer lies in the curriculum that is covered in BBA. A standard BBA curriculum includes business communication, financial accounting, business law, computer application, organizational behavior, manpower management, production methods, operations research, advertising and public relations, human resource development, and much more.


Hence, BBA is quite a popular one among other courses after arts stream in Delhi. Since a BBA degree offers opportunities to start a career at an early age, there are various colleges offering BBA in Delhi. The eligibility criteria differ from college to college, but commonly a 12th pass can apply for BBA courses after arts stream in Delhi.


It is highly recommended to educate oneself further after BBA in an MBA program for high-paying job opportunities.


3. Bachelor of Hotel Management


As the name suggests, BA in hotel management is associated with the skills required in maintaining a stable and smooth functioning of hotel operations. This field requires relatively a simple set of skills but they are not easy to find. Students are expected to possess or later acquire proficiency in at least one language, communication skills, ability to multitask, knowledge of diverse cultures, and leadership quality.


The Hotel Management course is of 3-4 years and the curriculum is divided into semesters accordingly. Overall, the main elements of the hotel management curriculum are food production, front office, housekeeping, and laundry operations, food science and nutrition, catering technology, safety, and first aid, personality and communication development, food and beverage service, and hygiene and sanitation.


Taking up a Diploma in Hotel Management is also a good option for it can be completed in a shorter duration than the degree and gives you a head start in working experience.


4. Bachelor of Fashion Designing


Not so popular topic and even lesser the awareness of fashion designing industry makes the choosers think twice about making careers in fashion designing. Across the globe, the users of fashion designing final products are more than 3000 million and the industry is growing rapidly at the CAGR rate of 11.35%.


Fashion designing is a rewarding industry, and it is lucrative for those who enjoy indulging in aesthetics and trends. Fashion designers not only design clothes but accessories as well. From shoes to handbags, and from summer wears to winter wears, fashion designers work on all.


Fashion designing courses after arts stream in Delhi are available in varieties from diploma to master degree programs. Also, fashion designing is an umbrella term. Other specializations in the industry are fashion journalism, fashion photography, fashion management, textile designing, fashion brand management, etc.


Thus, job opportunities in the fashion industry are no less in number than in any other industry. One can choose to become a fashion buyer, fashion marketing specialist, fashion journalist, blogger, fashion product manager, and many more.


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5. Bachelor of Fine arts


Visual arts and performing arts come under fine arts. Sculpture, architecture, painting, photography, poetry, animation, theatre, dance, etc. are subjects of discussion in a fine art course. Specialization courses in BFA provide a wide arena of choices like applied arts, drawing, mural, interior design, performing arts, digital graphic technology, and others.


Among other courses after art stream in Delhi, BFA provides out of an ordinary but excellent list of achievable job roles after a fine arts course. The degree will help you to get into graphic designing, product designing, interior designing, visual designing, printmaking and imaging, and many more. 


Depending on the specialization as well, the fields of teaching, sculpting, painting, editing, and theatre artists are also unlocked. If you do not have an artistic mind or creative bend then BFA would not do much for you. You may acquire the skills, and maybe get a job, but for such work passion for the art form is primary.


6. Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication


Journalism and mass communication is the most sought-after course among other courses after arts stream in Delhi. The preconceived notion that the students have of journalism courses is that they require specific study at the intermediate level or only extroverts can become a part of the industry.


And to bust this myth, look at the jobs for journalism and mass communication students: columnists, TV correspondents, public relations managers, technical writers, writers and authors, editors, and print media publishers.


The curriculum followed in journalism includes communication skills, English literature, media theory, photojournalism, radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting, advertising, public relations, new media, and media law and ethics.




Unlike other degree courses, BA LLB is an integrated program of 5 years studying law. Law is another top choice of courses after arts stream in Delhi. Not only the arts stream, students from the science and commerce stream as well find this field of study lucrative and approach it with great interest.


It is a professional degree and the first of its kind in law. With this advanced degree, the demand for law students has surged in the corporate sector including IT firms, administrative services, and law agencies. A litigation attorney is the first choice of maximum students as it allows them to work in a court and gives the title of an advocate. Some choose to work with media and publishing houses, sharing their knowledge on the current matters to convey the right information to the audience promptly.


The job roles that the firms and agencies have to offer are corporate counselor, cyber lawyer, business lawyer, company secretary, etc.  Lastly, further studies are taken up by those who wish to pursue their career in education.


8. Bachelor of Psychology


Bachelor of psychology studies the human mind and its characteristics like behavior, emotions, and personality. Understanding the human brain fascinates everyone. However, a deeper motive is crucial to make a satisfactory long-lasting career in psychology.


One can enjoy learning the endocrine system, nervous system, attention and perception, learning and memorizing ability, emotional and social development, and cognitive development among other topics that require statistical analysis.


The work you can obtain after bachelor of psychology is of career counselors, clinical psychologists, health psychologists, psychotherapists, counseling psychologists, human resource managers, sports psychologists, and the like.


9. Bachelor of Physical Education


The physical education stream of study is entirely reliant on one’s interest. That means, without interest, or interest even in the least, would not help you in this field. Culminating a career in the field requires dedication and passion.


Though it is among the courses after art streams in Delhi, it is said to be the science of physical fitness in terms of understanding human anatomy and learning applied skills of physical education. The only person you would have thought of possessing a degree in physical education is maybe your school PTE teacher. But, the growing awareness of fitness and health in the masses has paved the way for numerous job opportunities in the fitness industry.


BA Yoga is a separate specialization course under the physical education category and studies, similar to bachelors in physical education, nutritional values along with physical aspects. Majorly, the job roles for physical education students are physical trainer, gym trainer, personal trainer, soft skills trainer of physical aspect, a sports teacher, sports trainer, and a coach.


10. Bachelor of Social Work


Social work is a common word used by all of us. But it is not common knowledge that a three years degree program has been developed for acquiring social working skills. It is not just about the skills but the knowledge that a social worker must procure to find employment in various sectors.


To become a social worker, the course encompasses communication skills, social policy, social welfare and administration, working concepts of psychology, social legislation and human rights, NGO management, and a lot of fieldwork.


The degree in social work provides the job roles like a counselor, labor welfare specialist, special educator, and work-related project manager, etc. The sectors that welcome social workers to work are hospitals, mental health services, disability, and aged care services, and other various government and non-government organizations. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I do MBA after BA?

Yes, MBA can be done by anyone irrespective of their stream in 12th and graduation. Only those can apply for MBA who have successfully completed their graduation. Also, you would have to appear for an entrance test to get into a reputable college.


  1. Can we do LLB after BA?

Yes. LLB is a law degree that can be obtained by anyone. People also appear for CLAT, SLAT which are entry-level tests for law studies.


  1. Can BA be done twice?

Yes. BA can be done in many specializations, but one after the other. Two BA degrees cannot be obtained simultaneously.


  1. Can a commerce student do BA?

Yes. Students from the commerce stream can also apply for a BA degree in any subject. The minimum qualification required to get admission into BA is 12th pass with varying eligibility criteria of different colleges based on the percentage in 12th. 


  1. Can I do BBA after arts stream?

BBA is a bachelor’s degree in business administration that studies accounting, finance, marketing, and sales. For acquiring business knowledge, BBA can be done by anyone, even after arts stream.


All the courses mentioned in the list are degree programs offered by universities and colleges, and one can find short-term courses of the same available in Delhi.

It is not only about courses after arts stream in Delhi, but all the avenues and opportunities available for anyone and everyone. The students tend to opt for the most appropriate streams for them in 12th but later, anything can interest them in terms of making a career in the field.

Such courses are one of those that give you freedom of choice and creation for career paths. Gaining a degree in one subject and upskilling with short-term courses unwraps various approaches to achieve the desired goals.


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