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Learn to leverage high-end tools and technology to process Data Analytics efficiently.

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Learn from the best in the industry with a 100% focus on practical acquisition. Become job-ready by the end of the course.

Course Deliverables of Our Refined Data Analytics Course

Core Modules

Course Content

Master the Analytics Tools Covered


Upcoming Batches for Data Analyst Course

Weekend Batch - 2nd March 2024

Every Sat & Sun - 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (IST)

Course Fee: ₹ 49,900 + 18% GST.

Easy EMI: Pay in 7 Interest-Free EMI For INR 8,411/Month.

100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you do not like our course, you can claim a 100% money return after your first session.

Certification Fee: Price includes exam and certification fees for IIM SKILLS. Google & Microsoft Exam Fee extra, please refer to the brochure to know the exact fee.

Group Discount: 10% group discount on 3 or more registrations.

As Seen in Media

Skill Development: Score these Skills with our Elite Data Analytics Course

At IIM SKILLS, the travel path of the Data Analysis course is mapped to help you develop the requisite skills as you proceed with the modules of the Data Analysis course. Reinforcing these industry-relevant skills with empowering you with an edge over your competitors to find lucrative job prospects in the market.

Given below is the list of skills that you will develop by the end of this course:

  • Know about statistical concepts such as central tendency, correlation, dispersion, and regression. – Excel at SQL concepts like SQL command, query universal tool.
  • Master the concepts of Python including nuances of lists, sets, contributions, branching, dictionaries, objects, and classes
  • Learn to create Python programs using concepts of variables, conditions, loops, functions, etc.
  • Get hands-on data in Python constituting reading and writing files, working, loading, and saving data with Pandas.
  • Grasp sound knowledge of data interpretation in Python by using multi-dimensional arrays in NumPy, managing Data Frames in Pandas, and implementing machine learning using Scikit- learn.
  • Understand Data Analytics performance using Python libraries.
  • Have a strong hold over knowledge of linear and non-linear regression models and classification techniques for the Data Analysis work process.
  • Acquire competence in using clustering methods including K-means, DBSCAN, and hierarchical clustering.
  • Become proficient at business analytics using Excel.
  • Get familiar with Microsoft analytics and visualization tools (Power BI)
  • Gain insights about the Tableau model and statistics and learn to build interactive dashboards.
  • Get hold of expertise in visualization techniques like a heat map, treemap, waterfall, Pareto, and Market basket analysis.

IIM SKILLS Master Data Analyst Course lets you chip into real Data Analyst personnel equipped with requisite skills and talents. 

Tools Knowledge: Gear Up with Advanced Data Analytics Course

In this computer and technology-driven world, tools and software knowledge are intrinsic to thrive in any particular industry. While AI bots cannot completely replace the human mind acumen, they can definitely chip in to simplify and automate certain tasks. In the case of data, these hefty tools turn out to be even more important.

Keeping that in mind, we at IIM SKILLS, ensure to reinforce you with the working knowledge of the requisite tools of the Data Analysis industry. Thus, training you along the lines to help you get an edge over your competitors while applying for jobs in the real-market industry. With the crucial tool and software prowess, you will be able to shine and make a real difference in exhibiting your professionalism at the workplace. Not only will it help you capitalize on your data drills, but also amplify your latent potential.

Every organization and firm gives preferences to candidates with hands-on learning of data tools and software. So, know about all the useful tools that you will be working on, while you are in this program:

  • Excel: As soon as one hears the word “data”, Microsoft Excel automatically hits the mind. Excel is the most suitable platform to squeeze in data to get actionable insights about your businesses. Being the most important Data Analytics tool, Excel offers extensive features including sharing workbooks, adding data to Excel, real-time collaborations, etc. Learn using Excel to analyze data to understand data through language queries without putting in too much effort on heavy formulas. Analyzing data, you can track and access patterns, trends, and summaries to shape your future campaigns.
  • Power BI: Another Microsoft product, Power BI is a cloud-based analysis service, which renders data insights. This inherent tool blend data from various sources to offer an all-inclusive view of the firm’s asset information. Learn to extract and visualize data using Power BI with our exclusive Data Analysis course program.
  • Python: Python is a programming language that can be used for almost any Data Analysis-related task. Python software can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux, which adds to its user-friendliness. With easy syntax and dynamic semantics, Python is a high-end programming language used to create and manage data structures. Wrap your head around Python to analyze, manipulate and represent data structures and complex sheets efficiently.
  • Tableau: Yet another exquisite tool to analyze and visualize data, Tableau is a top-ranked business intelligence tool. It enables you to work on live data sets, prep, analyze, collaborate, and share data insights across the organization. At IIM SKILLS, master the art of creating dashboards, charts, graphs, maps, and stories to visualize and analyze data. Thus, offering a helping hand in facilitating business decisions.

IIM SKILLS Students Are Working At:


Aims, Objectives and Eligibility Criteria for Our Leading Data Analysis Course

Aims and Objectives of Data Analytics Course

This refined Data Analysis course is curated by experts with a clear-cut intention and aims to:

  • To introduce learners to the concepts of Data Analysis, types of Data Analysis, data mining, etc.
  • To facilitate learners to carry out business analytics tasks such as pulling, cleaning, manipulating, and analyzing data
  • To expand your knowledge of Data Analytics processes using tools like Excel, Power BI, Tableau
  • To leverage Python language to manipulate datasets as an alternative to spreadsheets
  • To attain a wholesome knowledge of statistical Data Analysis, which fosters business decision-making processes.

Eligibility Criteria for Our Leading Data Analysis Course

As a true believer in education for all, IIM SKILLS has minimal or next-to-nothing pre-requisite criteria to be eligible for the course. Anyone who is fascinated by and has a deep interest in Data Analytics can start from scratch to step into this futuristic field.

The basic eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
  • Fundamental knowledge of computers and technology.
  • Prior knowledge of statistics and mathematics may be an added advantage, but it is by no means mandatory to have a background in these subjects.

This training can help newcomers and recent grads get started in any industry since each and every business today is influenced and fuelled by data. Those already working in the industry can enhance their skills to induce a vertical rise in their career trajectory. Those looking to change their career to the Data Analysis domain can also benefit from this training to establish themselves in this high-paying sector.

Set your Data Analysis skills ablaze with this in-demand Data Analyst course at such affordable pricing.

Who Should Enroll in This Cutting-Edge Data Analytics Course

This wholesome Data analysis course by IIM SKILLS experts is customized to match the tastes and minds of people belonging to fresher, mid-level, and senior-level positions in the industry. Without any foundations, this course is a first-rate fit for anyone eyeing a career in the world of Data Analytics.

While the best candidates for taking the Data Analysis course are aspiring professionals from different educational backgrounds who have an analytical mindset. However, at IIM SKILLS, we believe that anyone can and should pursue a course that wants to make a breakthrough in their career maze with this Data Analysis course.

Generally speaking, the Data Analysis course is suitably meant for you if you are someone from these fields:

  • Fresh Graduates
  • UG/PG Students
  • IT professionals
  • Banking and finance professionals · Marketing managers
  • Sales professionals
  • Supply chain network managers

Learn to leverage data to the best of your abilities to bring about real change in the business organization you are working at. IIM SKILLS trains you to extract, refine, and turn data into useful learnings.

Data Analysis course suitable field

Deep Dive into Data Analytics Industry

Data is everywhere. In actuality, the four-letter word “data” is the pioneer of the digital economy.
Modern-day markets and industries are bombarded with data to come up with actionable insights and solutions. These data-driven perceptions fuel the business solutions to help in business expansion and proliferation.
It is incredibly surprising to know that human beings produce more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, let alone 1.7 megabytes of data in just a second. According to 2022 research, there are over 6.648 billion smartphone users, which account for 83.40% of the total population of the world owning a smartphone. Accounting for this gargantuan number of smartphone gadget users, you can only imagine how many people are actually generating data, and how many consuming data in some or other form.
Structured and unstructured data from web pages, emails, audio files, business documents, social media, and financial transactions are mined and extracted to form brainy insights. That said, data presents organizations with limitless opportunities.
The Data Analysis process when done on a large scale is known as Data Analytics. It is the process of examining large amounts of data using an algorithmic or mechanical procedure in order to recognize relationships between them and make inferences about the information they contain. Advanced Analytics are used to extract data, generate forecasts, and identify trends. Descriptive analytics is used to describe past data trends. In order to respond to hypothetical queries, advanced Data Analytics incorporates sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and neural networks.
The four pillars of Data Analytics are prescriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. These are integrated and applied together in alignment with business objectives to give insightful information to elicit wise business decisions.
In discernment of this increasing importance of data in the market trends, IIM SKILLS has introduced this advanced Data Analytics course to train and educate students about the real-market trends of data analysis. This marvelous brings out the intricacies of Data Analytics front and center to make you job-ready as soon as you complete the course.

Ironclad Features of Our Data Analytics Course

Anytime Anywhere Access

Brick-and-mortar institutes are a thing of the past. Eliminating the distance of miles, traffic snarls, and time-eating commutations, we bring education to your home. With our upright online data analysis course, learn data analysis from the comfort of your home. All you need is the everyday usability things like a laptop and steady internet connection to bring about a change in your learning curve. Through advanced interactive sessions, discussion forums, and student-centric pedagogy, we ensure to offer you a real-classroom ambiance.

Flexible Scheduling

At IIM SKILLS, we have witnessed, students, working professionals, housewives, retired people, and people with other distinctiveness who may or may not have explicit time to spare come for learning. With that in mind, we have flexible batches inclusive of both weekday and weekend batches to offer you the resilience to commit to learning new skills without compromising on your professional or personal commitments.

Free Demo

At IIM SKILLS, we allow you to take a quick trial demo session to give you a glimpse of the course structure, mentor’s teaching methodology, and pace of the session. Once, you find yourself comfortable with the demo session, you can make a move to get yourself enrolled in this impeccable data analytics course program.

Master Certification

As a trusted name in the industry, IIM SKILLS offers a Master's certification in Data analytics. The shareable certificate can be added to your LinkedIn and other social media profiles, which can entice prospective employers. Further, add it to your resume and CV, which will make you more employable in the eyes of the recruiters.

Complimentary Services

Now, who doesn’t love complimentary services? Everyone, right? Here are some extraordinary services, which you can relish at no extra cost. Backup classes are a real thing at IIM SKILLS. You can
converse with your mentors to schedule backup sessions. At the same time, you have the option to view session recordings via LMS.
From resume preparation to interview support to job referrals, you get it all here. After all the real intention behind any course is upskilling and jobs, for which the IIM SKILLS placement cell offers special services to help you land your dream job.
Ensuring that learning at IIM SKILLS is a lifelong commitment, we enable you to access updated resource material through your LMS account throughout your life. More so, you can connect with your mentors anytime to rule out career-related dilemmas, if you need to.


Seamlessly strewn-together modules are developed by industry leaders to cover all the bases of data analysis. Delineated as per the industry standards, the courseware takes up everything including the what, why, when, and how of data analysis. Each module comprises several related topics. What sets it apart from the herd is it maintains a balanced blend of theoretical as well as practical concepts throughout the course. Beginning with the basics of data analytics, the curriculum is designed in a refined manner to gradually cover advanced topics like Excel, Power Pivot, data structures, Power Bi, Tableau, and Python.

Learning Resources

Our all-in-one Learning Management System (LMS) is a repository of pre-session study material, session recordings, and other resource material to move in a step-by-step manner. You can track your progress in the LMS and access all the supplementary material as and when required. No restraints on the number of views, time limits, etc.


The digital economy is powered by data, but other factors such as speed, simplicity of use, and expertise have an equal say in digitalization. Tools and software are the manifestos that speed up and simplify complex procedures to bring about real change in less time. At IIM SKILLS, learn to marvel at top-notch data analytics tools to do the heavy lifting. Utilize these tools to their full potential in order to produce error-free work and stay one step ahead of the competition. With a round-about understanding of hefty tools, you can demonstrate why you are the best in your field.

Exceptional Faculty

The exceptional faculty members with years of experience in their domain are the true pride of the institute. Not only are they trained professionals with subject-matter knowledge, but they have a strong sense of pedagogical practices to generate worthwhile learning experiences. They introduce you to the fundamentals before introducing you to more complex ideas, tools, and helpful hints. And that’s not all! By making the most out of the accumulated skills, you can directly confront real-industry problems. Among other things, mentors unravel the industry secrets to get you ready for the problems you might face at work.

Course Certification

Get Industries Most Trusted Certificate

Become a certified Data Analyst in just 6 Months with our prolific Master Data Analytics Course.

This is an image of Data Analytics Course with IIM SKILLS Certification Copy

Look Into Step-by-step Data Analytics Course Journey

Here is a detailed map of your complete expedition to the 5 weeks Data Analysis Course.

  • 1


    The first step to becoming a part of this in-demand Data Analytics course is registration. Filling out the basic details like name, email Id, and phone number, followed by course fee payment, you will receive access to your LMS account. All the course modules and pre-study material will be enlisted in the module to help you ascertain your course goals. Log into your account and deep dive into the elements of the course.

  • 2

    Select Your Batch

    The next step is to pick a batch-weekday or weekend, whatever suits your time. As per the availability of your work schedules, prior commitments, and other things, you can select your batch conveniently.

  • 3


    Attendance is a key determinant to making you eligible for the final evaluation exam. All the candidates are required to secure a minimum of 70% attendance to be able to sit for the examination. Provided that there were unforeseen circumstances that led to missed classes, backup recordings will be considered as attendance. Put another way, session recordings do count as attendance, if required.
    Note: Video Recording is calculated in your attendance.

  • 4


    Post successful completion of the course, candidates must appear for the course-end examination that assesses their overall knowledge and progress. In the MCQ-based exam, candidates must acquire a score of 50% or above to be eligible for the Master’s certification.

  • 5

    Get Certified

    Earn Master certification from IIM SKILLS, which is globally recognized that will administer as the indicator of your skill acquisition in the data analysis domain. You receive the certification after passing the course and exam, which will help you step up your game in the industry.
    It must be noted that the soft copy of the IIM SKILLS Master certification will be delivered to your registered email ID within 15 days of your appearance for the examination.

  • 6


    Hold on, there is more to come! IIM SKILLS offers a one-month internship to give you hands-on learning experience on what you have learned throughout the course of the data analysis program. In this one-month internship, you get to put your learning into practice, thus enabling you to track your progress and ask more doubts.

  • 7

    Placement Support

    After successful completion of all the aspects of the course, you are all set to get a job. Our dedicated placement cell will assist you in every possible manner to outline your career in the industrial market. It offers suggestions for jobs, career advice, and interviewing strategies.
    It must be noted that guaranteed placements are entirely based on merit. IIM SKILLS only promise assured interviews.

  • 8

    Happy Graduate

    Congratulations, you are a certified data analyst, ready to step into the market. With the requisite data analytical skills in your kitty, you are sure to find a high-paying job with a promising career ahead. Walk along the lines of your chosen career path, and ride high on the road to success.

Data Analytics Course Complete Details: Career, Scope, Salary Prospects, and More!

Data Analytics Average Salary

Future of Data Analysis

It is a known fact that data analytics will be at the center of a vast number of new technology solutions in the years to come. The reliance of each type of business industry on data analytics far outweighs any other key strategy. Whether the business is small, medium, or large, they hinge on data to lead them down the growth road. With that being the case, the future scope of data analytics is gleamingly bright in every sector.

As per the report by McKinsey, data analytics and information services will have the strongest growth rate of 16 to 18% in the next 5 years, however, the administrative services are less likely to witness much growth due to automation.

Average Salary for Data Analytics Experts

In the futuristic society, salary is a potential factor to build a long-term career in any domain. This section discloses the salary prospects that one can expect for different job roles in the data analysis space.

With an exponential demand for data analysts worldwide, they usually come under the category of well-paid jobs. Different sectors and nations have a rhetorical effect in determining salary packages. Among other things, skills, experience, company size, and location also impact remuneration. Our all-inclusive data analyst course fosters high salaries, skills, and expertise to help you attain lucrative professional gains.

As per PayScale, here is the detailed salary of a Data Analyst as per the level of experience:

ExperienceEntry-level/Fresher1-4 Years5-9 Years10-19 Years20+ Years
Salary INR 379,747 INR 459,563 INR 709,370 INR 988,112 INR 1,500,000

Apart from Data Analysis, other Data Analysis related to job prospects and their average salaries are listed below:

Job ProfileBusiness AnalystSenior Business AnalystData ScientistTeam Leader ITSoftware Developer
Salary Range INR 273K-1M INR 455K-2M INR 346K-2M INR 609- 2M INR 235K-1M

Lucrative Prospects After Data Analytics Course

Acquisition of cutting-edge data analytics skills acquired through master data analysis exposes you to many lucrative career prospects in different industries. While data analysis is the most popular career option, you don’t have to limit yourself to that option. Business Analyst, business intelligence

engineer and managerial positions are among other options to lead you a long way in your career trail.

Now, let us, deep dive, into the roles and responsibilities of these career prospects to help you make an informed career choice:

Data Analyst

The primary role of a data analyst is to organize data related to sales, logistics, market research, linguistics, and other customer behaviours.

  • Data analysts require technical expertise to maintain the accuracy and quality of data.
  • Further, the data analyst organizes and presents data to individuals and businesses to help
    them ascertain wise business decisions.
  • Strong background in mathematics and computer science is essential to fully administer the responsibilities of a data analyst.

Business Intelligence Engineer

  • BI Engineer works in collaboration with BI developers and analysts. The responsibilities are quite similar to that of a BI analyst.
  • The key responsibility is to get data into an accessible structure for business analysts to do their job properly.
  • More so, they develop and create BI systems.
  • They also assist in enhancing and steering business intelligence tools, and processes, to
    ensure strategic implementation and execution.
  • They curate and generate comprehensible data for end-user used to effectively create KPIs.

Business Analyst/Senior Business Analyst

  • Business analyst professionals work closely with stakeholders to identify business goals and curate best practices for data collection.
  • As the name suggests, they analyze the business trends and practices to determine the improvisations to achieve desirable outcomes.
  • Other responsibilities include performing quality assurance, defining reporting & alerting requirements, maintaining system processes, etc.
  • They are also required to key insights to product teams.

Various Managerial Roles

  • In managerial-level roles, candidates must identify and address the needs of the clients to develop secure client relationships.
  • Effective team management of data specialists and computing product deliverables are other things under the purview of managers.
  • Analysis of purchase trends and customer data to attain business insights, and develop strategies to solve problems count in for other roles and responsibilities.
  • Moreover, they are directly accountable to present an analytical conclusion to stakeholders and clients.

Business Intelligence Analyst (BI Analyst)

  • BI analysts are entitled to help businesses leverage data, and spot trends, and growth opportunities.
  • They further identify issues and opportunities for the overall growth and production of the business.
  • Improved efficiency, increased productivity, and profit accumulation is among the key work areas that come under the purview of a business intelligence analyst.
  • Among other roles, they understand data landscapes, review and validate data, develop data collection processes, and communicate insights to senior position holders.
Career in Data Analytics Course

Why Enroll in Data Analytics Course?

In this data-driven world, the scope for Data analysts is enormous. The majority of companies are on the constant lookout for professionals with the finesse to handle and administer company data. Top-ranked companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Google, PayPal, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, are a few names that add to the demand for data analytics with promising packages.

This accelerated digital alteration across all industries is the beginning of a new era run by data. There is no denial about the importance and demand for data analysis, which is on the vertical rise in the years to come. So, if you have an analytical mind, in mathematics, computer science, and related disciplines, you can explore endless opportunities to thrive and flourish in this ever-demanding industry. Capitalize on your Data analysis skills and expertise with this standardized Data Analytics Course.

Why Choose IIM SKILLS?

IIM SKILLS is a top-notch institution that stays true to its aim of offering world-class expertise and skill acquisition at reasonable pricing. Since 2015, IIM SKILLS has been the perfect place to start, re-start, or advance careers for over 35000+ individuals.

The world of opportunities is exponentially expanding and seeding skill-oriented jobs now and then. To bring you front and centre with these new and advanced skills, IIM SKILLS offers the precise space for individuals to begin or move ahead in their professional arena.

Our phenomenal data analytics course is no different in the level of professionalism that IIM SKILLS impart. An up-to-date curriculum, student-centric pedagogy, leading mentors, round clock support help you reap the full benefits of the course.

Make the employers turn their heads as they see your resume and skills in the domain. Come join hands with IIM SKILLS to sculpt or advance your space in the data analytics arena.

Learn from the best. Know it all about Data Analysis in Business Intelligence with the IIM SKILLS Master Data Analyst Course. Enroll Now!

Alumni's Review's

In case you are planning to join online Data Analysis Courses, IIM SKILLS is the right place for you to join. The faculties are from IIT Mumbai and work as a practitioner in leading firms.

Vanshika Magoo

Research Analyst, Kolkata

The course structure was really good, and weekly assessments and feedback were provided on time. Faculty holds very strong experience in the industry. Strongly recommend IIM SKILLS for learning online data analytics courses.

Shivam Wadhwa

Senior Data Scientist, Gana dot com Noida

Learning Data Analysis from IIM SKILLS was one of the best decisions I have made, budget course, Govt recognized and most importantly completely practical.

Prerna Raghuvanshi

Group Head, Gurgaon

FAQs on Data Analytics Course

What is Data Analysis?

Data Analysis is the process of examining, cleansing, modeling, and transforming data into structured data to draw useful conclusions and insights that support business decision-making processes. In the modern-day world, data analysis plays a crucial role in the business market to help organizations take more rational decisions and operate effectively.

How Do I Become a Data Analyst?

To become a data analyst, you must enroll in the online Data Analytics Course that will train you efficiently in data analysis methodologies and tools to help you outshine your competitors on the work front. Alongside, the essential knowledge, expertise, and skills, you earn a master’s certification from IIM Skills, which will help you grab good opportunities in the market.

How do I enroll in the Data Analyst Course?

You can directly sign up for the Data Analytics course by applying at the IIM Skills course page. Fill in the basic details and pay the course fees to book your seat for the program. If required, you can also request a call back from our counsellors to provide you with relevant insights.

What are the modules covered in Data Analytics Course?

There are a total of 9 modules covered throughout the 5-weeks Data Analytics course program, which are listed below:

Module 1: Introduction to Data Analytics
Module 2: Data Analytics using Advanced Excel
Module 3: Data Analytics using Power Pivot
Module 4: Introduction to Power Bi
Module 5: Connecting and transforming data in Power Bi Module 6: Creating relationships and Measures
Module 7: Visualizing reports through Power Bi
Module 8: Data Analytics using Tableau
Module 9: Data Analytics using Python

Is this Data Analyst Course recommended for beginners?

Yes, absolutely the course can be taken by beginners. The course curriculum is sculpted by experts covering all the bases from fundamentals to advanced concepts that come under the purview of data analytics. Beginning with the introduction to data analysis, the course gradually crawls to the expert knowledge of Excel, Tableau, Python, and Powe BI.

What programming knowledge is required for this Data Analyst Training?

No, there is no requirement to learn to program for data analysis training at IIM Skills. Students will learn all the necessary information throughout the course program.

Will there be any internships after course completion?

Yes. After the successful completion of the Data Analytics course, you will have the option to do a one-month internship. This internship will provide you with hands-on training and experience before you step into the real market.

If I cancel my enrolment, will I get a refund?

As a bold promise from IIM Skills, students are eligible to ask for a full refund after the first session if they did not find the course useful.

How will I get a job after completing the Data Analyst Course?

The dedicated placement cell at IIM Skills exposes you to job referrals. IIM Skills has fostered trusted partnerships with many companies and organizations. Interested candidates can find relevant job options once they acquire the master’s certification from the IIM Skills Data Analytics program.

What is data analytics, and why is it so coveted in today’s business sphere?

Data Analytics is the systematic process of gathering, examining, transforming, interpreting and collecting data to help businesses gain requisite insight to propel the organization towards more efficient and smoother operations. It is a great tool to help business streamline their operations and align their finances and strategies to align with their goals and long-term objectives. You are also able to successfully identify trends, and make sagacious decisions that help businesses and organizations optimize their business activities. You get a detailed idea about your consumers which invariably helps to position your product and services better.

What career avenues can I opt for after completing a data analytics program?

Today, almost all industries require data analytics. Finance, Healthcare, Marketing, E-commerce, Engineering, FMCG, and more. The most lucrative job profiles are that of Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, or Machine Learning engineers. Your work requires fulfilling responsibilities like data exploration, modeling, formulating data-driven strategies, and successfully disseminating relevant information to stakeholders. Data Analysts are in high demand in today’s business world, and the skills acquired in the course can lead to a rewarding and well-compensated career.

What does a Data Analyst do?

Data Analyst is at the heart of data-centric jobs, which are extremely relevant to economic businesses. Data Analyst is entitled to muster, interpret, and analyze data to help businesses take a systemized decision for company proliferation. More so, they identify trends and patterns to

establish business needs, analysis processes, and data collections. Thus, adding true value to the organization.

What is the duration of the course?

IIM Skills Online Data Analytics Course duration is 5 weeks. Additionally, there is a one-month internship as well.

What are the prerequisites to apply for this course?

There are no specific prerequisites to apply to the IIM Skills data analysis course. The course curriculum is designed from scratch to help you clear fundamentals before moving on with the advanced-level concepts. Anyone with a background in any domain including students, working professionals, housewives, and retired people can sign up for this incredible course.

How to Learn Data Analysis?

You can learn all about data analysis from fundamental to pro level with our online data analytics course. Designed and structured as per industry standards, the course is an excellent fit for anyone with a passion to become a data analyst.

Is this Data Analyst Course conducted online? Do I need to attend physical classes?

Yes, the course is 100% online. You do not have to attend any physical classes. You can simply log in to your LMS and attend weekly classes without having to step out of your home once.

What is your affiliation with Microsoft & Google?

IIM SKILLS offers DAMC that is aligned with Microsoft & Google Data Analytics Certification Courses, our curriculum ensures students pass the exams conducted by them independently. The exam has an extra fee you must pay to the portals directly.

How does this course qualify me as a Data Analyst?

This comprehensive data analytics course imparts a data analysis course in a step-by-step manner to help you master all the topics and skills required by the data analyst. With a balanced state of theoretical as well as practical acquisition, the course makes you industry-ready as soon as you culminate the course. More so, the course imbues the industry-recognized skills that employers are exclusively looking for in prospective employees.

How do I earn the Master’s Certificate?

Once you complete all the course modules, you will be expected to take up a final assessment examination. By passing the exam, you will be eligible to earn the Master’s certification from IIM SKILLS.

This is an image of Data Analytics Course with IIM SKILLS Certification Copy

Will IIM SKILLS help me in resume preparation?

Yes. IIM SKILLS does provide help with resume and interview preparation. You will get guidance and assistance to create remarkable resumes and grooming services before you appear for the final interviews.

What is the Average Salary of a Data Analyst?

As per PayScale, the average salary of a Data Analyst in India is INR 474751. As you advance in career, expertise, and skills, this salary is expected to grow more and more. Company size and location are some other factors that contribute to the salary offerings.

What are the key prerequisites for enrolling in a data analytics course?

It is advised to have a strong foundation in statistics, mathematics, and a working knowledge of computers to enroll in a Data Analytics course to be able to make the most of the courses. A basic knowledge of Python or R is appreciated. However, most institutes train you in these programming languages to help you become a proficient data analyst. You also learn to inculcate the qualities of crisis management, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

What are the topics taught in a data analytics course?

A Data Analytics course has a plethora of topics that include data collection and cleaning, visualization, statistical analysis, gleaning information from data, and data storytelling. Students learn about the useful tools and how to implement these tools and software. Extensive learning is provided on Excel, SQL, Python, R, Tableau, and Power BI. The courses offer in-depth practical training as well since Data Analytics is a practical discipline and you have to learn to read and interpret data successfully. Case studies, practical assignments, and special classes are also provided.