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Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon With Practicals

Benjamin Franklin said,” Tell me and I may forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I may learn”. In the present-day scenario, every company is getting their employees involved in corporate training to nurture them and upskill them. Gurgaon, an upcoming industrial area is burgeoning with new setups and units of leading companies. This spurt in industries and employees has led to an increase in the demand for Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon. In this article we will focus on what shapes corporate training, and which are the best places especially in Gurgaon to look into.

Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon

 Importance to Corporate Training

Corporate training is the key building block of a solid foundation for a company. In the majority of sectors, it is overlooked or not planned properly resulting in major losses and dissatisfied employees. Here are a few points to reiterate the importance of Corporate Training:

  • According to statistics, 22% of employee attrition happens within the first 6 weeks of joining a new organization.
  • Among the older employees, the largest reason for attrition is dissatisfaction due to no chance of growth and development professionally and personally in the company, due to lack of training.
  • According to Harvard Business Review companies globally invest approximately $ 320 billion on corporate training, out of which $ 14.35 million is lost on unplanned ineffective training.
  • According to SHRM, a research organization, a study published in 2022 suggested that 76% of employees showed a higher inclination to stay in a company that offered continuous learning and development programs.
  • Training Magazine published a study in 2022, that the annual budget of organizations globally increased their training budgets by 6%-15% as compared to the previous year.
  • Axonify in 2018 conducted a survey and found that 92% of the time companies recorded favourable impacts after well-planned training programs were conducted in the organization.
  • According to the Training Magazine article published in 2022, 83% of companies globally had invested in a Learning Management System, out of which 40% were Fortune 500 Companies.
  • According to a LinkedIn report published in 2019, 94% of employees stay longer in firms that invest in their learning and development training.
  • Global Leadership Forecast that was held in 2018 reported that organizations that invested in leadership development in the employees performed 4.2 times better than other companies.
  • On the negative side, on an average companies lose approximately $14.82 million in compliance nonadherence.
  • As per HSI a global leader in training and technology solutions, 23% of companies lack proper compliance training.

Diverse Corporate Training Offers

The cornerstone of any rising company is its motivated, engaged, and skilled workforce. The workforce today is relevantly different than what it was ten years ago. Companies have learned this fact by trying to maintain the attrition level. A company invested in upskilling and developing its workforce commands a competitive edge in the industry because its backbone, employees outperform when faced with tough competition. Understanding the performance and skill gaps in their employees, and focusing on the right combination of training areas, is the key to maximum engagement and retention among employees. In this section, listed are Corporate Training subjects that deal with the domains of utmost importance in a company :

Soft Skills

  • Effective Communication: Communication is the soul of a company. Crystal clear and efficient communication can be built upon the columns of understanding verbal and nonverbal communication, active listening, comprehendible communication, and accepting and giving constructive feedback. Communication skills, a part of soft skills, are as important for the employees, as essential for the leaders. Strategic decision-making, creative problem-solving, and conflict resolution are taught with the aid of role play, case studies, and scenario construction.
  • Departments dealing directly with customers need to have employees skilled in active listening, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.
  • Leadership Training: Leading teams and a company toward growth in this dynamic business environment needs a balance between excellent hard skills and soft skills. An effective leader has to inculcate the skills necessary to adapt to different situations and be flexible to embrace change positively. To hone leadership skills, the leadership training program encompasses training programs on developing the right characteristics to be a good leader, how to mentor positively, networking and interpersonal skills, strategic decision-making, and being a constructive critique. Empathy towards the team, being adaptive, and flexibility in embracing change and developing are other areas focused on in the training. The program includes many role plays, case studies, and workshops to illustrate real-life situations.
  • Negotiation Skills: Everyone at every level has to deal with people, whether it is a sales executive negotiating a deal, a customer care executive negotiating with a dissatisfied customer, or a manager negotiating with the team to work towards a specific goal. Effective negotiation is a skill that aims at creating value that creates mutually beneficial outcomes for both the parties involved and establishes trust. Negotiation requires training to polish one’s skills in mental agility, stress management, resilience, active listening, and empathy. Corporate training with the help of simulated scenarios, role plays and gamification helps in creating different situational contexts for the participants to analyze, learn, and improve upon.
  • Conflict management: In any business setting all the employees are faced with main types of conflicts, task conflicts, value conflicts, and relationship conflicts. Conflicts in the workplace can lead to distrust among employees, a demotivated team, that directly affects the productivity of the team as a whole and of the company. Conflict training, thus, is valuable for any company to maintain a safe and productive work environment that helps in aligning individual objectives as well as company objectives. Workshops, role plays, simulated exercises, and case studies help the teams and individuals to build an environment that has open communication, respect for each other, and ease in collaboration. Conflict management training helps to keep the engagement level and morale of the employees at a higher level.
  • Project Management: The revenue of any company largely depends upon the turnaround time and successful completion of the projects they undertake. Many times companies fail to deliver projects due to scheduled delays, budget overruns, and incompetent resources. All these reasons are interrelated and snowball into huge losses of revenue and the reputation of a company. Project management train, undertake training projects related and non-related to employees, on initiation of a project, planning one, controlling all factors of successful execution, and closing the project on time.
  • Technical Training: Technical training that is a part of corporate training is very job-specific. The company does a skill gap analysis of its employees and conducts training to upskill and reskill the employees. It helps in increasing the capacity to perform well and the efficiency of the employees. It helps in keeping the employees abreast of the trending changes and advancements in the field of technology and other areas.
  • Compliance Training: To succeed in the corporate culture all employees should be well aware of the general compliance rules. Compliance policies for sexual harassment in the workplace, diversity training, workplace violence, unconscious bias, and ethics training are also part of the corporate training.

Gurgaon The Rising Corporate Hub

In 1975, Maruti Suzuki paved the way for Gurgaon(Also known as Gurugram) to go on to become a giant economic and trade hub of India. In 1977 General Electricals followed suit and built a manufacturing unit in Gurgaon. In the present day scenario, Gurgaon boasts to be home to 252 offices of Fortune 500 companies. It is home to corporate offices and manufacturing units of IT companies, ITES, automotive, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, health technology, and food technology companies. Corporate giants like Coca-Cola, BMW, Hyundai, and Pepsi,  are among the 25700 companies present in Gurgaon.

The topmost reason for companies choosing Gurgaon is its proximity to Delhi which is not only India’s capital but an economic and financial hub of India. It is India’s 2nd largest IT company hub and ranks at 3rd position among the largest financial and banking hubs. It has the largest medical tourism industry in India. Outsourcing and offshore services are world-renowned.

To make Gurgaon friendly to the business community, the government has introduced business-friendly policies, lucrative tax benefits, subsidies, and easy rules and regulations. The real estate is cheaper as compared to Delhi. The city rates at more than 0.9 on the Human Development Index.

Gurgaon has a rich talent pool of IT professionals and other professionals. There are a plethora of schools, colleges, malls, and housing options.

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Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon

Companies all across the globe understand the value of investing in an employee to garner job satisfaction, loyalty, and a skilled workforce. Gurgaon being an economical, financial, and commercial hub has a substantial number of corporate offices coming up, along with which the number of employees is also increasing. On the same lines, several corporate training institutes are turning their focus on the sector. Based on the services offered, here is a list of the Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon:

1. IIM SKILLS Corporate Training

IIM SKILLS is a top-recommended ed-tech company that offers a wide range of professional and skill development. They are highly rated for offering the best corporate training. IIM SKILLS have a team of highly efficient mentors who have years of experience in their domain and provide the best coaching. The courses are all certified and government-authorized.

The course is 100% practical-oriented and tool oriented. They have a support team who are available 24*7 for guidance and career-building support. They also have a money-back policy which guarantees they offer the best training. They have experience of more than 9500 trainings in corporate world around more than 35 countries. Also, they have the most cost-effective and well-designed corporate pieces of training. Also, they provide free access for a lifetime to their learning materials.

You can also check the list of other courses with IIM SKILLS.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

 2. Kaizen Training Solutions

Kaizen Training Solutions was established in 2011 in Delhi. It has been recognized as India’s premier and fastest Corporate Training Course in Gurgaon India. The founders and trainers come with a rich work experience of more than 30 years. To date, they have trained more than. 1.6 lac members belonging to various companies. They offer corporate training courses, learning solutions, and institutional solutions. The following areas are covered in their corporate training syllabus:

  • Soft and Behavioral Skills Training: The institution focuses on leadership training, communication skills, time management, SMART goal setting, conflict management, team management, presentation skills, corporate etiquette, managerial skills, email writing, problem-solving and decision-making, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, change management, influencing skills, interpersonal skills, positive thinking, creative thinking, giving and receiving feedbacks, and team building and management.
  • Sales Training: Basic selling skills, consultative selling skills, retail selling skills, handling high-value customers, customer service and experience, customer lifetime value, customer retention, motivational sales training, sales induction training, point of sales training, channel sales management, relationship management, negotiation skills, telesales, visual merchandising, lead generation, store management, business excellence workshop, and follow up skills.   
  • The Job Training: Field sales coaching, retail sales coaching, shadow/buddy training, and telesales coaching.
  • Motivational Training Program: Goals and limiting beliefs, and Josh’s training
  • Functional Training: Product training, product lifecycle management, process training, technical training, Kaizen, 6 Sigma, ISO Consulting, first-time managers, finance for non-finance people, business writing, marketing, and lean management.
  • HR Training: Pre-process training, product training, accent neutralization, customer handling, and customer service.
  • Personality Development: Image consulting, neuro-linguistic training, public speaking, and business communication.
  • Outbound Training: Stress Management, hygiene management, team management, business events, product launches, overcoming fear, wellness management, health and safety, spiritual healing, and yoga.
  • Communications Training: Public speaking, active listening, body language, email writing, business communication, communication and grammar, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, interpersonal skills, and conversation skills.
  • Competency Development: Managerial development competency, self and situational leadership, strategic management, delegation, leadership training, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Individual Development: Image building, positive attitude, motivational training, and emotional intelligence.
  • Grooming: Social etiquette, dressing and dining etiquette, and corporate etiquette.

Special Features of the Training:

Here are a few points that make the institute a front-runner in the top Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon:

  • The institute involves a multitude of training methods to make the sessions interactive, like audio-visual presentations, games, case studies, brainstorming sessions, role plays, case studies, and interactive lectures.
  • They follow the ADDIE method of training, that is Analyze and identify, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate.
  • The training programs are tailored according to the skill gap analysis of a client, thus, ensuring the focus is more profound.
  • There are pre and post-assessments to ensure that the training has been accurately understood and retained.
  • Get in Touch: 2484, 1st Floor, Sector 57, Gurgaon

+91, 9899462534


+91, 7838089167

3. Education Nest

Education Nest is a branch of Sambodhi Research and Communication and has been active in the field of training for the last 18 years. They have more than 100k learners on board and their global presence marks them in the Top

Education Nest is the training division of Sambodhi Research and Communication Pvt. Ltd.. It has been in existence for more than 18 years and has trained more than 100k learners globally, which makes it count in the list of Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon. The company provides intensive training in the following areas:

  • Corporate Sales Training- Time management, closing skills, negotiation skills, project management, and presentation skills.
  • Soft Skills training
  • Career-oriented training in software, data science, big data, programming languages, digital marketing, web development, and according to the needs of the organization.

Strong Points of the Courses:

  • The classes can be taken online or even in a classroom setting.
  • All the course contents are taken by subject matter experts who have a rich background working in local and global companies.
  • The course content is up to date with the latest trends, interactive, flexible, and industry-relevant as per the analysis of the learners.
  • The organization gives a certificate on completion of the courses and also gives a 1-year free access to the Learning Management System.

4. Optimistik Infosystem

Optimistic Infosystem has been in the training arena for the last 8 years. It has it’s presence in all the major metro and Tier II cities along with offices in Singapore and Malaysia. The training team has diverse experience ranging from 5 years to 15 years, thus, making it a balanced mix of young and accomplished mentors, thus featuring in the Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon. The institute mainly deals in the technical upskilling of employees, thus it focuses on the following areas of tutoring:

  • Microsoft and .Net
  • Webserver and DevOps
  • Database and Reporting
  • Data Analytics and RPA
  • Software Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Java, JavaScript, HTML5
  • Software Development and other courses

Strengths of the Courses:

  • The training needs are first discussed at length and then the course is designed keeping in mind the skill gap analysis conducted, and the profile of the learners.
  • The courses are flexible and by the latest trends and developments in the technology field.
  • All the courses have hands-on experience integrated to give the learners practical experience of the theoretical lessons.
  • All the learners are made to work on projects to ensure that the information is retained strongly.
  • Assessments are done regularly to ensure that the learners are being efficiently engaged and the course can fill the skill gaps deftly.

Contact Information: Welldone Tech Park, Sohna Road, Sector 48,


Phone-+91, 124-2250313, 8087600883


CETPA is a recruitment consulting organization that started in the year 2002. It has the National Skill Development Corporation, Wipro, TCS ion, PMKNY( a govt. organization), Panasonic, Ericsson, and many other corporate giants as training partners. The company at present is associated with more than 500 IT and non-IT firms in India and globally. It has been associated with government organizations like the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. The company provides training in various domains like automotive, engineering, machinery, banking, construction, oil and gas industry, and data science, thus making it count among the list of Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon. In corporate training, the institute focuses on the following areas:

  • Management Training: Focus on top management and includes subjects for better leadership, empathy, and other areas required for efficient management.
  • Sales and Customer Service: Focuses on negotiation skills, conflict management, and other sales and customer care techniques.
  • Communication and Soft Skills: Focuses on the overall development of the employees.

Strengths of CETPA

The following strengths of the company make it a leader among the Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon:

  • The course material is tweaked as per current company standards, thus, making it according to the current requirements of the employees.
  • All the courses whether tech-related or soft skills-related are customized according to the skill requirements of the employees.

Contact Details: D-58, Sector-2, Noida

Phone No: +91 9212172602

6. EBS

Enhance Business Solutions is a leading HR service provider nationally. It was established in 2014 and since then has been associated with companies in different domains. It has a network spread all across India, although it is headquartered in Gurgaon. It is a renowned leader in the fields of HR, labour law, and outsourcing. It is counted among the Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon,  because of the focus on the following areas, essential for the development of the employees:

  • Performance management
  • Customer Service
  • Team building
  • Managerial roles and responsibilities

Why Choose EBS?

EBS offers the following positive aspects of its training course:

  • The training courses are designed after a skill gap analysis of the learners and the requirements of the company, ensuring that the actual goal of training is met.
  • It has a reach in all the domains in the industry, enabling it to customize training specifically according to the needs of that particular domain.
  • They have a strong force of more than 300 trainers associated with them hailing from all industry domains.
  • How to Contact: Plot 75-C, Sector 18, Gurugram

Phone No: +124 4718379

6. Door Training & Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

Door Training and Consulting laid its foundation in 1997. They run their Learning and Development under the Building Your Leadership Differentiators(BYLD) flagship. They are renowned service providers in the domain of technology-enabled HR, bespoke solutions, and business productivity solutions. They have extended their services to FMCG, automotive, BFSI, telecom, manufacturing, IT, ITES, and e-commerce-related companies. They have been accredited by the International Coaching Federation(ICF). They offer Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon  in the following subjects:

  • Sales solutions like retail sales, virtual sales, key account sales, and others.
  • Leadership Solutions like emotional intelligence, accountability, and others
  • Self-leadership areas like stress management, problem-solving, creative thinking, etc.
  • Digital Transformation and Virtual Solutions
  • Online Simulation
  • And Development Certification programs in various fields like executive, leadership, and sales.

Positive Points of Door Training:

The company stands out as an excellent training partner for the following reasons:

  • They integrate development group workshops, professional development programs, and coaching and mentoring software.
  • The courses are easy to absorb and designed such that they apply to real-life challenges.
  • The latest Learning software is used and the learners are supplemented with constant feedback through documents.
  • Contact Info: 2nd Floor, Plot No:48, Sector No.48, Gurugram

Phone No: 18001021345

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7. Koenig India

Koenig India started as an IT training centre in Delhi in 1993. It is counted among the Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon because of the plethora of IT-related expert training courses it provides. The company has branches in various cities in India and globally. It has a strong expert training staff of more than 350 veterans from various fields. It is in partnership with Microsoft, AWS, Oracle+, and other renowned training partners like CISCO, Red Hat, Dell, CSA, and others. The company offers courses in soft skill development, business communication, voice and accent training, training for freshers, and emotional intelligence, apart from other non-IT courses.

  • Strengths: The learners can choose from face-to-face virtual training, classroom training, or virtual group training. There are more than 1,000 global trainers conducting classes in various subjects and helping the students gain hands-on experience in the theoretical portion in line with the current industry trends.
  • Contact Info: Unit 202, 2nd Floor, Emaar The Palm Spring Plaza, DLF Phase 5 Sector 54, Gurugram

Phone No: +91 7488033266

8. Meeraq

Meeraq is a virtual training company that has expertise in delivering Full-stack learning and Behavioral Development training to corporates. It has been among the Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon, because of its strong belief in a learning system that finally delivers Resilient, Agile, and Active learners. The company has successfully trained employees in corporate organizations like Flipkart, Tata, Adani, and others. It offers more than 500 customized courses to organizations and individuals alike. Behavioural subjects like upskilling, leadership development, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, problem-solving, self-awareness, and leadership training are a few subjects they train in.

  • Strengths: The company offers one-to-one training, classroom training, and virtual customized training courses post-skill gap analysis of the client. They conduct psychometric assessments and regularly check on the progress of the learners. They believe strongly in effective mentoring.
  • Contact Information: Tech Space, 16th Cross Road, 27th Main Road, 1st Sector, HRS Layout, Bengaluru

Phone No: +91 7045042653

Email Id:   info @meeraq.com


Invince has been a tech-based learning solution provider for the last 18 years. It won the title of “Top LMS Solution” providing company in 2023 and was among the top 20 training management companies in 2022. Its unique Learning Management System is the reason why it is among the Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon. It has an AI-powered LMS called UPSIDE LMS and Plethora which is a mobile based easy-to-use LMS. The company conducts training in the following areas:

  • Sales Enablement
  • Enabled Enterprise Training
  • Talent Development
  • Compliance Training
  • Employee Onboarding


The L&D training company provides blended learning, which is a mix of face-to-face, virtual, and group training, on location, and classroom training. The content is easy to understand and apply in real-life situations. The UPSIDE LMS catches all the information of the learners and provides regular feedback on the progress of the learners

Contact Information: Smartworks Coworking Spaces Pvt. Ltd,

Amarmadhuban Tech Park


+91 9209084294

10. Iteanz

Iteanz started in 2007 and at present boasts of offering more than 100 courses in the fields of Business Intelligence, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and other IT and technology-related courses. It is among the Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Gurgaon as it has more than 10 global accreditation. In the arena of business courses, it offers training in financial accounting, HR, anti-money laundering, quality management, and many other subjects. In the field of behaviour and leadership, their experienced trainer strength of more than 400 veterans includes emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, communication, customer relationships, sales, and negotiation among other topics.

Contact Information: 238, 1st Floor, 7th Cross, Micro Layout,

BTM Stage 2nd Stage,


Phone No: +91 8046810331

Website: www.iteanz.com


In conclusion, in today’s fast-paced, ever-growing world an individual has to upskill and keep learning continuously to survive and excel in this competitive world. Unlike in the past, a company that invests in the overall development of its employees garners in terms of loyalty and higher retention. Regular upskilling and personality development of employees at the end of the day traverses the path towards the main company objective, that is, enhanced growth.

Gurgaon is counted among the fastest developing industrial areas with many Fortune 500 and small and medium companies setting base. With the companies, a huge influx of employees has also been happening in parallel. Thus, the requirement and opening up of a plethora of institutes offering corporate training. In this article we have very judiciously selected the best corporate training companies offering their services and who have been front runners in the training field. Thus, if you are interested in upskilling your entire team or individual, this article will guide you to make an informative decision.

FAQs on corporate training courses in Gurgaon

Q. How should a company decide to get started with corporate training courses for its employees?

In a company when freshers join, an employee onboarding and a product training course must be conducted to prepare the employees for their future roles and responsibilities. In the case of older employees, a skill gap analysis will serve as an eye-opener for the company to decide on the need for corporate training.

Q. How to choose a good Corporate Training institute?

Leaders in the field of corporate training always begin with a skill gap analysis to identify the areas of training. Their training courses are flexible and in line with the current business practices. The mode of training can be virtual, individual, and on-site training, as per the requirement of the company.

Q. What type of corporate training programs are offered by these institutes?

Corporate Training Institutes offer a whole gamut of training courses. These courses can be broadly categorized under IT-related and non-IT-related. In the non-IT related field Behavioral and leadership development, Compliance training, domain-specific processes, and others can be included.

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