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Best Content Writing Course In Mumbai In 2024

Mumbai is one of the best locations for any content writing course for it is crowded with students and professionals. Some of the Best content writing courses are in Mumbai.

Best Content Writing Course in Mumbai

 With an increasing number of online-based start-ups and businesses turning online, this is the time to understand the role of content in growing a business.

More than a million job opportunities in content writing are expected within the next 6 months only. It is the greatest time for people who want to build their career in content writing.

Now that there will be so many vacancies, companies will prefer the best candidates to stand out amongst the rest. So, it is very much obvious that the competition will be high and the organizations will only prefer the certified candidates who are adept at writing content for various purposes.

The candidates will be required to have proper writing skills to get into any well-paying organization. Therefore to be a certified professional content writer, one can opt for content writing courses.

Mumbai has some of the best content writing courses in the country which is why students from in and across the country come to this city to access the best possible quality of training.

Business Communication Through Generated Content

Content writing has become one of the most important terms of any industry to certainly interact with their audience. The very basic level of interaction begins with written content and therefore the primary engagement that any company or website receives is totally through written content.

The role of content writing or written content has been misunderstood for several years until the recent ones when the internet boomed and people have access to it at fairly cheap prices.

More than 40% of the world population using the internet is a clear sign that it is time when people should think of turning their businesses online not to lag behind their competitors in the next decade.  Most businesses have become online and are effectively using content to reach more people making them potential leads who may or may not convert into end consumers.

Understanding business communication through generated content is very important if a business has to be in the game for the next decade. Content works like nothing else and this can be very clear from the fact that 2 million posts are uploaded in a day and 70% of which are directly or indirectly made for commercial purposes.

The world is oversaturated with ads and television commercials and therefore, people are smart enough not to engage in time-consuming ads and therefore in the next 10 years, the most effective way to make a sale happen is through generating content around the product or service being provided.

Search engines are accessed by millions and billions of daily users to make an online search. So, it’s pretty clear that to reach a lot of those millions and billions, one has to appear on the search results.

When we search, the fundamental concept behind it is to convey the search engine with necessary keywords and the search engine would come up with relevant results.

The content is sorted based on the use of keywords, source links and backlinks and a lot more. So it’s the game of how written content can be effectively used to reach millions and billions.

Therefore the content writing is an effective tool to communicate with the audience and also reach a larger audience.

As mentioned above, the industry has developed so much and therefore one has to understand the true terms on which the content writing industry operates, to build a stable and successful career in content writing.

The content writing industry holds a lot of space and capacity to welcome millions of fresh people to work as content writers and the industry still won’t be crowded enough.

This is because content writing is needed in almost every industry. As long as the internet continues to commoditize every industry, the demand for content generation will keep increasing and therefore all industries, irrespective of the genre, will require content writers.

Content writing might not have become this important if it wasn’t closely associated with digital marketing. The very initial steps of digital marketing begin from content writing only.

Content writing involves many strategies, whether it is to appear on the search results or gain social media attention.

Written content is the first and foremost medium of communication that translates strategies into effective words that can reach a large audience and potentially create awareness amongst them.

Content writing holds such importance only because digital marketing is very closely associated with it.

People who realised the effectiveness and use of content writing at a very early stage, learned the required skills and are making relatively more money as content writers than one can ever imagine.

A career in content writing could be fruitful, only if one agrees to understand the real terms of operation of this industry. The levels on which written content serves several purposes such as creating brand awareness, generating leads, converting leads to end consumers and a lot more should be understood thoroughly. 

Here Are the Possible Career Opportunities as a Content Writer

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Writer:

Before we learn about SEO writers, let’s first understand search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique mostly used by content writers to optimize content pieces as per the believed algorithms of the search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO itself is a very broad category and therefore has a lot of sub-categories such as on-site SEO, off-site SEO and a lot more.

Search engine optimization is required at various levels such as ranking an article or maybe ranking a website in the search results, listing businesses and many other purposes. 

The person who uses these strategies to optimize articles or websites and their online appearance so that they appear on search engine results is called SEO (Search engine optimization) writer.

The responsibilities of an SEO writer is to make keyword research, keyword analysis, competition analysis, backlinks, use of keywords and a lot more.

Search engine optimized writing is not the toughest job though; it just requires good skills to win the online game of “who appears on the search result?”

The SEO writers are paid well, especially after some experience of working. Search engine optimized writing is very interesting where one has to research, analyze and frame strategies accordingly to make a piece of content appear on the search results. 

Search engine optimization is a very commonly used practice in this world and therefore the level of expertise demanded is also high. To be a professional SEO writer, one should be very adept at the required skills.

The required skills could easily be learned from a content writing course in Mumbai. IIM skills offer the best content writing training in Mumbai and many other cities. Therefore the aspiring content writers may see IIM Skills as a potential option to join the content writing training by IIMSKILLS.

Social Media Writer:

As the name suggests it is very clear that social media writing is done to make the content suitable for people on social media platforms. Social media is crowded with billions of daily users, this is why the next big attention after search engines could be derived from social media platforms. But as mentioned above, social media is crowded with billions of daily active users it is equally difficult for anyone to stand out amongst the rest. This is why brands and companies hire people who can optimize content for social media.

Writing content that is optimized for social media platforms to provide value to the consumer is called social media writing.

The responsibilities of a social media writer include researching and analysing the competition on certain platforms where the content is going to be published, using strategies like running social media campaigns, viral marketing, hashtags and a lot more to reach an audience.

Many brands are solely built on their online presence and the kind of value being offered through the content and therefore it is important to understand the structure of social media to grab the biggest audience group.

While these are the strategies, social media writers also have the responsibility to write content suitable for a social media post. A social media post can never be the same as a blog post because the platforms are so different and the way the audience approaches them are also different, therefore optimizing content according to platforms is the task of a social media writer it is the main task of every writer.

Social media writers are well paid, especially while handling content for brands and companies. There is a good opportunity for people to become social media writers for social media marketing and optimization could be learned easily from a content writing course.


Copywriting is a very creative job one can do as a content writer. Thi kind of content writing career demands nothing more than a High level of creativity and consistency.

The famous taglines, the tv commercials, the funny songs are all result of a copywriter making efforts and putting in all his creativity to create one such interesting content which increases the engagement for the brand or the company.

Copywriting is a very interesting profession but at the same time, one has to remain creative and come up with ideas that may boost engagement for the brand.

Copywriters are sometimes handed the responsibility to maintain social media handles as well. This is because interesting content is what the audience on a social media platform looks for.

Copywriting is one of the highest-paid content writing jobs which requires a lot of creativity and writing skills that aren’t that difficult to learn. The required writing skills could easily be learned from any content writing course in Mumbai.

Academic Writer:

Academic writing is theme-based writing where the entire goal of any brand is to generate content around a particular theme. Academic writers must have a good amount of knowledge in that specific domain along with good research and writing skills.

Researching abilities are a must to become an academic writer. This is because the content educates the audience and therefore it has to be very calculated and correct.

Academic writing is one of the highest paying content writing jobs but the only shortcoming of this form of writing is that it is limited to a single domain which means there is not so much to explore.

This is good for someone starting a career in content writing. Some people have built a successful and highly stable career in academic writing.

Academic writing requires one to have good research and writing skills, all of which could be easily learned from a content writing course.

IIM Skills offers excellent content writing training and many other cities in the country. Therefore people interested in building a career in content writing may see IIM Skills as a potential option for doing their content writing course.

Business Writer:

Content is being widely used, and the world turning online is the reason why businesses have started taking content seriously. Generating content around the primary theme of a company provides value to the consumer in ways no other strategy can. 

And therefore businesses are in desperate need of generating content on a scale that offers value to the audience, educates them. 

Content will be the next form of communication that almost all businesses have to use to be in the game. Content analysts and experts believe that B2B and B2C communication will be possible largely through content and therefore we come across this term “Business content writing”.

Content that businesses could use is not the same as a blog post or a social media post. Business content writing is solely built on bringing value to the consumer and therefore it requires good vocabulary and writing skills.

As the name suggests business writing is a kind of writing required for business communications and formal interactions. It is highly required for B2B and B2C communication.

Business writing is more of a formal kind of writing where the content generated serves one or more commercial purposes.

Business writing is used on a large basis by businesses. This kind of content writing plays a vital role in business marketing and also could be used as an interface between the audience and the company.

This is because the business content educates the audience about the kind of product or service it provides and also interacts with the audience addressing their queries and confusions related to that business.

Business writing is also one of the toughest forms of content writing and therefore requires a good amount of skills to turn one into a professional business content writer.

The skillset required for one to qualify as a business content writer could be learned from the best creative writing course offered by IIM Skills. 


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Content writing course in Mumbai is a great source for the students and professionals out there to build a career in content writing. 

Content writing is one such industry that is vast and still underrated, especially in India. People are slowly becoming aware of its importance as the internet continues to wrap every industry.

The above details might have conveyed the message that content is the next medium of communication and therefore the more content is generated, the more will be the interaction with the audience.

IIM Skills offer the best content writing education and many other cities in India. It is one of the highly reputed content writing institutes which provide online certifications in the Content Marketing industry.

The reason behind the course being addressed as the best content writing course in Mumbai is that it offers some of the premium facilities to the students and provides them with a healthy learning environment where they understand the skills along with the scope of building a career in content writing.

Having trained more than 4300+ professionals in 1000+ training programs across 33 countries adds up to the list of great institutions in the online education space. 

IIM Skills has been in the content writing industry offering training programs to students and professionals for the last 5 years. It has performed consistently well and a lot of students who have successfully passed out of this organization have built an extremely stable and successful career in content writing. 

IIMSKILLS has helped thousands to build and boost their careers in content writing. 

Few more reasons why IIM SKILLS is recommended to learn the necessary skills to build a career as a professional content writer:

The trainers of this institute are the true reasons why IIM Skills is such a reputed, trusted and supported institution. They are highly experienced people who have been in the industry for more than 10 years and have witnessed all the ups and downs of this industry. They are highly qualified, skilled and talented being the reason they had helped thousands of students to build a career in content writing.

IIM SKILLS trains the students with in-demand industry skills so that the students can keep up with the ongoing trends of the industry.

The next reason why IIM Skills is the top institute is that it offers lifetime support to the students after completing this content writing course. This means at any point in a career if the student finds the need to re-learn certain modules or learn the latest formats of writing, they are always welcomed.

The 70+ hour course consists of just 16 hours of theory and the rest is practically taught. This is one of the most effective forms of training, as the students can learn by executing the theories practically by themselves and this way they are gaining experience in having their hands on real-time assignments.

The certification offered by IIM Skills is globally accepted, which means the certification provided after completion of this content writing certification course at IIM Skills could be used to increase resume scores. The certification is extremely useful while applying for job interviews and placement opportunities.

IIM Skills provides 100 % placement assistance to the students which means they are guided throughout the process till they find placement opportunities. The placement assistance includes helping deserving candidates with interview opportunities that connect them with employers from various companies.

Course Details:

The course duration of the training provided by IIM SKILLS is 4 weeks with more than 16 hours of classroom lectures. While the duration of this course is more than 70 hours, the classroom lectures consist of only 16 hours and the rest on based on practical lessons.

The students here are granted access to premium tools worth more than INR 35,000 for free to help the students understand better the use and operation of these tools in content writing.

IIM Skill has a dedicated placement cell that actively works to help the student, find better placement opportunities.

The course curriculum consists of 12 modules that include topics ranging from the very basic to the very professional level.

These Modules Include:

  • Web Development
  • UI UX Interface
  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Start Writing
  • Exploring Tools to write better
  • Plagiarism Detector and how does SEO work
  • Email Automation
  • Google Local Pages setup
  • Setting up social media presence
  • Exploring social media tools
  • Make money with your skills

The course modules are fairly divided based on several hours that are taken to teach each of these modules individually.

The course by IIM SKILLS is suitable for students, aspiring writers, professionals, and entrepreneurs as well which means that anyone irrespective of how early they are in this career field will be made industry ready within 4 weeks.

The average salary for freshers right after passing out of this content writing course by IIM Skill is INR 25,000 to 30,000.

The students who enrol on this content writing course by IIM Skills are provided with lifetime support which means that at any point in their career if they find the need to re-learn some lectures or seek any kind of support or maybe want to learn the latest forms of content writing, they are always welcome.

IIM Skills also offers a content writing course in Mumbai that comes with a money-back guarantee. This means if the student feels that the course is not fit for them or maybe he does not want to do it, they’ll be refunded their course fees without being charged a single penny.


As mentioned above there is a good scope to build a career in content writing and many institutes are helping students to make it possible by offering the best content writing courses in Mumbai and many other cities in the country.

Some of the Most Popular and Well-paying Career Roles Are:

  • SEO Writer
  • Social media writer
  • Copywriter
  • Academic Writer
  • Business writer

There are many other wells paying roles. All of these roles require a good amount of writing skills and creative imagination, all of which could be learned from IIMSKILLS. 

As the vacancies increase, so will the competition and therefore the companies will require certified content writers. The institutes offer the best course content which offers great career options after passing the certification test.

IIM Skills through its best training programs at Mumbai and other locations also has helped thousands of students to build and boost their careers in content writing.

All the merit of the IIM Skills providing the best content writing education goes to the expert trainers who are industry experts who have been in the industry for more than 10 years.

The 12 modules offered by IIM Skills through its best digital marketing course in Mumbai is the result of the tremendous amount of effort and researches done to figure out the best possible curriculum that trains the students with in-demand industry skills. 

IIM Skills through its best content writing course in Mumbai allows students to access premium tools worth INR35,000 for free to help them understand the use and operation of those tools in content writing.

Conclusion for Content Writing Course in Mumbai

In the 4 weeks of IIM Skills offering this best content writing course, the students have the opportunity to learn from the very fundamental topics to the very professional level topics helping them to come out as professional certified content writers.

The facts and figures mentioned above make it very clear that IIM skills offer the best content writing course in Mumbai. It has been actively providing the best content writing course in Mumbai which is suitable for students, aspiring content writers, job seekers, professionals and entrepreneurs as well.

Students looking for a serious career in content writing can opt for this best content writing course in Mumbai and other cities by IIM Skills.

Along with the numerous reasons why IIM Skills is the best content writing course in Mumbai, one major reason is that the certification offered by IIM Skills right after completion of this best content writing course in Mumbai holds immense value as it is globally accepted and plays a major role while applying for interviews and placement opportunities.

With all this, we conclude to the fact that IIM Skills offer the best content writing course in Mumbai and many other cities and it has been doing so very effectively and efficiently for the last 5 years helping thousands of people to build and boost a successful career in content writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I start writing without taking the content writing course?

Content writing course is not just about writing but it will teach you how to use digital platform to showcase your writings. With taking proper course you learn to use digital tools and the basics of content writing which will guide you to be a professional content writer.

Q2. To learn content writing, is it compulsory to be digitally literate?

Not really, but having basic knowledge about technology will work in favour. As you will learn fast. However during the course you will be trained about how to use the tools and technology.

Q3. Can I take a course if I am based out of Mumbai?

Yes, IIM SKILLS is an ed-tech company. All the courses are online. So as far as you have access to internet you can take the course from anywhere.

Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.

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