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Best Content Writing Course in Delhi In 2024

The basic definition of Content writing is “It is the art of expressing ideas, thoughts, and facts in words.” But now that we live in the age of the internet, and every single piece of content published, holds a commercial purpose. So, content writing could be defined as the art of expressing ideas and thoughts in ways to reach as much audience as possible through words or text.

Best Content Writing Courses in Delhi

Content writing or web content writing came into use after the internet evolved when people saw it as a great medium to reach an audience of millions. This means web content writing has been into the game since a few decades which is the reason why content writing courses are not a government recognized

Career in Content Writing

Choosing a career in content writing could be a very wise decision now, this is because the industry growing at a very fast pace and people have all the resources to learn the skills required for a fruitful career in content writing.
The industry is in the best position it has ever been in the last decade and the content writing industry holds the immense capacity to welcome millions of new people and still not be enough crowd. This can become clearer from the fact that content writing industry will have a million vacancies in just 6 months.

There are evident examples of people who are making 5-6 figure income from content writing only. Another major reason for this industry not being crowded is that people who are passionate enough to write content and engage with that content to analyze the audience response to write accordingly for subsequent articles can sustain in this field.

There is not a very huge difference between the ones making 5-6 figures and the one making 4 figure income in the content writing industry, at least not in terms of writing abilities because each candidate in the content writing industry holds immense potential and equally competent. Various other factors are affecting the income of a brand or a company adversely affecting or limiting content writers earning.

One of them is digital marketing. Content writing and digital marketing are very closely associated and this is why any change in the digital marketing industry reflects pretty clearly on the content writing industry.

Content writing has become a part of digital marketing. The initial marketing procedures begin with the writers end only. Marketing doesn’t refer to ads and commercials only but the ability to write content in ways to reach millions of people is also marketing.

This also leads us to the fact that all industries are commoditized by the internet and therefore digital marketing is wrapping all the other industries at a lightning pace, creating employment opportunities for a content writer in every industry irrespective of their genre.

Here Are Some of the Content Writing Roles One Can Perform as a Professional Content Writer

SEO Writer:

Before we understand the roles and tasks of an SEO writer, we must understand what SEO means. SEO refers to search engine optimization. It is the technique to optimize articles in ways that it will appear on the search engine results. SEO is a very popular form of content writing, which requires high levels of research, analysis, and writing abilities to perform SEO practices precisely. It is practised by almost all the bloggers and content writers out there who directly or indirectly generate content for commercial purposes.

Search engines are the platforms with millions and even billions of daily active users who use it to make an online search. Now a platform with a billion active users is the best place to reach an audience with a message or a purpose or maybe to market a product. Search engines like Google are believed to work on specific an algorithm which sorts the content based on certain parameters like Keywords, Source Links etc and shows up with the most relevant content for the user search.

There are various forms of SEO such as On-site SEO and off site-SEO. SEO is a much-demanded skill and is already saturated which means all the content writers out there must-have SEO skills. So basically, search engine optimization is the ability to mold articles in ways so that it appears on the search results and the task of an SEO writer is to make those changes so fit the algorithm of a search engine.

A career as an SEO writer is very fine; as the SEO writers are paid well depending upon the tasks they are assigned. Being an SEO writer is a very responsible position for a writer as they are responsible for the online appearance and audience reach of that company. The challenges of search engine optimization are that there are millions of articles of the same genre and one has to make the article rank on the very first page of Google search results leaving behind many other million posts.

This becomes more clear from the fact that over 2 million posts are uploaded on the internet every single day and even 1% of it is written on the same topic as your article, the competition is still high to make an article rank amongst them. Therefore, having very fine SEO skills could be very important, as, with the growing competition, the demand for SEO writer is also high. And therefore to be very adept at SEO is very important. It is highly recommended for people who want a serious career in content writing to learn SEO from any recognized content writing course.

IIM skills offer the best content writing training in Delhi. IIM Skills offer content writing education in many other cities in the country which is why students and professionals are highly recommended to pursue the content writing course from IIM Skills to boost their career in content writing.

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Social Media Writer:

Social media, the term is very much popular at least amongst this generation. While there are a lot of people mocking the impacts of social media, it helps to build a community of content creators and consumer. It is such a convenient method of reaching the audience.

With the evolution of the internet, social media platforms also boosted. It takes minutes for an interesting piece of content to go viral on social media, defining the kind of potential social media has. Therefore if this is used to reach millions and billions of people through written content, then it would be a great method for other industries as well to build a social presence.

The next platform after search engine which is equally crowded and hence creates a market for the content creators is Social Media. Social media is crowded with millions and billions of daily active users. The fact that social media is so addictive is because of the range f content available there.

The endless content developed by millions of content creators on social media has led to one conclusion that people need more content on such platforms but the main challenge is that there are so many creators developing multiple pieces of content regularly which means it is really difficult to reach the audience.

Therefore several practices are to be exercised to reach an audience of the right kind. Just like SEO (search engine optimization) the social media also has some terms through which it sorts and provides the users with relevant content. Some of them are Hashtags, keywords and many others. One advantage of social media is that it sorts content based on which genre it is being created for and then reaches an audience with similar interests.

Writing for social media is not an easy task, as the people one reaches with the content are potential leads who may or may not convert into actual or end consumers. Social media could be used to educate the audience about a certain service or product.
What’s interesting about social media is, unlike search engines which provide you with the websites and relevant articles, social media requires a more compact form of content. Either short or detailed content, images, links etc.

Therefore it is important to understand the context before using social media for content writing. Digital marketing plays a very crucial role in social media, and this is the reason social media plays a very important role in marketing funnels.

Many content writing courses offer modules that teach you about social media content writing, and therefore it is highly recommended for students and professionals to go through content writing courses to learn social media writing. These courses help in understanding the base functions of social media.

IIM Skills offer the best content writing course in Delhi. Along with the best content writing course in Delhi, IIM Skills also offers content writing course in many other cities in India such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.

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Academic Content Writing:

Academic content writing has become a very popular form of content writing lately, and this is the reason many students and aspiring content writer want to build a career in academic content writing.

Academic content writing is mainly about writing college essays, thesis and reports. The essay culture is not so strong in India, yet it is developing. Academic writing is already a very known and popular form of content writing in many universities abroad, for they require Essay along with the SAT score for the admission procedure.

And also thesis writing, which is very important to be written well, is largely done through the academic content writer. Academic content writing requires good research abilities, writing skills, and strong vocabulary.

Academic writing is a well-paying career in content writing, it doesn’t require creative aspects at all but still, those who want to start a career in content writing that pays well can choose academic writing. Academic writing along with research, strong vocabulary and writing skills also requires elements like the format of writing essays and thesis.

While all renowned universities like Harvard, Stanford, and Konx follow a similar pattern of essay writing and therefore being able to write according to them is always a perk as it will help one find more clients. A career in academic writing is quite good but it may not be as much of creative experience as it is for other forms of content writing such as Blogging, Copywriting, etc.

This is because of consistently having to write the same kind of article, but that is not a concern so far as the writer loves doing it. There is decent money in academic writing and there are evident examples of writers who have made loads of money through academic content writing.

People prefer their academic writing tasks to be done by any certified professional, therefore, people who want to build a career in academic content writing are advised to learn from a content writing course. The skills required for academic content writing could be learned from various content writing courses. These are only some of the many content writing roles one can perform as a professional content writer. There are several other content writing professions such as Business writer, Copywriter, Blogger etc.

Now that we have learnt digital marketing is taking over all industries, content writers may have to write for any industry irrespective of the genre. A writer not necessarily does know the technical aspects or depths of what the company wants to convey. Therefore, as a content writer, one needs to have certain skills to sustain in any industry. Here are some of the Skills Required to Be a Good Content Writer


A content writer must have the ability to research. Having good researching abilities are highly appreciated in this industry. This is a much-needed skill, for the writer may or may not know to the depths of any industry they are working for and therefore the message that the company or brand wants to convey through content may not be very clear.

The audience who look up to content are either curious to know more and have some queries regarding a particular niche or topic, or they are blank and want to learn from scratch. This is why a content writer is required to breakdown the content to its fundamentals and makes it easily understandable.

Research is a very necessary skill in content writing, it helps the writer also to understand the purpose or the message that the organization wants to convey and therefore write accordingly.

Well, researching doesn’t necessarily mean searching on the web, rather there are several phases of research such as keyword research, competition analysis and response to the content etc.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is a very necessary skill for a content writer to learn the statics about how those keywords are performing for the audience or what is the demand for such keywords. If people are not searching enough using those keywords, then there is no purpose why one should write about it. Therefore keyword research is very important to learn if the keywords are in-demand or not.

These keyword researching abilities could be learned through content writing course. You can easily learn the ability to research and other technical skills from institutes like IIM SKILLS.

Competition Analysis:

The next important thing after keyword research is competition analysis. Competition analysis is done to ensure how many content pieces on those particular articles are being published and what is their performance. To very finely study which articles for that particular keyword ranks on the first page of Google search results and what content could outshine them.

This is a very important skill to understand what changes should be done to rank on the first page of Google search results. These abilities could be learned through content writing course. You can definitely see IIM SKILLS as a potential option to learn all the necessary skills for professional content writing.

Understanding the Response:

Feedback does not necessarily come through comments or ratings but the audience response to content is the best feedback and therefore one needs to have the ability to understand it.

Understanding the statistical figures of how good or bad content is performing is important to understand what possible changes could be done to enhance the quality of the articles.

Therefore a lot of content writing courses teach about Google analytics and understanding the stats in there.


Reading is the most important habit a writer should have to become good at content writing. Many content writer who is highly successful at content writing and is making 5-6 figure income through content writing have given credits for their success to their regular reading habit.

It is miraculous how reading can help a content writer. This is because reading various forms of content (fiction, non-fiction, technical etc.) helps a writer understand the various aspects of conveying content. A particular situation could be conveyed in many different ways and one can understand this through reading and coming across various pieces of content regularly.

There are many benefits of having regular reading habits and one of them is that it improves vocabulary. Having a strong vocabulary helps a writer describe more precisely about the topic.


The reading habits and the research won’t work unless you write. Writing skills are a must for someone aspiring to become a good content writer.

These skills include the format of writing, language of writing and many other elements. Writers are advised to scribe a few thousand words daily to be better at the skill and avoid silly mistakes such as punctuation, Grammatical and spelling mistakes.

So the writers or aspiring writers are advised to develop writing habits to master the skill of content writing, whereas one should keep in mind that, having any one of the above skills is not enough, one should have all the mentioned skills to become a good content writer.

The writing skills are very important and therefore it is recommended that one should learn these skills from a recognized content writing course.

Content Writing Course In Delhi- IIM SKILLS

The city Delhi, being the national capital owns some of the best organizations of the country. Whether it is the IT industry or online start-ups, Delhi has all of them in abundance. With the numerous IT industries and start-ups, there is plenty number of a content writing course and internet marketing course. Delhi has some of the best content writing course and internet marketing course. Delhi being a highly populated city has a larger portion of students and professionals.

IIM Skills, through the course it offers, has trained a total of 4300+ professionals in more than 1000 training programs across 33 countries. This is an impressive goal to achieve which makes IIM Skills a trusted and reputed institute to learn content writing from. The main credit of IIM Skills, being a highly rated organization goes to the expert trainers and faculty there.

The trainers here at IIM SKILLS are experts who have been in the industry for the past 10 years which is why they have witnessed all the ups and downs of the industry and therefore they are the best people to consult about any content writing related queries and confusions.

IIM Skills through its course has helped students proceed a step closer towards their dream goal. The faculty here at IIM SKILLS creates a wonderful learning environment for students. IIM Skills provides 100% placement assistance to the students which means the students can look for jobs and placement opportunities right after completion of the course.

The placement assistance by this best content writing course includes interview guidance where the deserving candidates are provided with interview opportunities helping them find quick and better placement opportunities.

These were some of the major reasons why IIM Skills is a highly rated, trusted and reputed organization. Let’s have a look at the course details to become more clear about the content writing course offered by IIM Skills.

Course Details:

The students here are granted access to premium tools worth more than INR 35,000 for free to help the students understand better about the use and operation of these tools in content writing.

IIM Skill has a dedicated placement cell which actively works to help the student, find better placement opportunities. The course curriculum consists of 12 modules which include topics ranging from the very basic to the very professional level.

These Modules Include:

  • Web Development
  • UI UX Interface
  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Start Writing
  • Exploring Tools to write better
  • Plagiarism Detector and how does SEO work
  • Email Automation
  • Google Local Pages setup
  • Setting up social media presence
  • Exploring social media tools
  • Make money with your skills


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

The course modules are fairly divided based on the number of hours taken to teach each of these modules individually.
Another major reason for you to go for this course is that it is suitable for students, aspiring writers, professionals, and entrepreneurs as well which means that anyone irrespective of how early they are in this career field will be made industry ready within 4 weeks.

The average salary for freshers right after passing out of this content writing course by IIM Skill is INR 25,000 to 30,000.

The students who enrol this content writing course in Delhi by IIM Skills are provided with lifetime support which means that at any point in their career if they find the need to re-learn some lectures or seek any kind of support or maybe want to learn the latest forms of content writing, they are always welcome.

The certification offered by IIM Skills holds immense value and therefore increases the resume score and also proves to be very helpful while applying for job interviews.

Another major specification of IIM Skills which makes it the best content writing course in Delhi is that it provides lifetime support to the students who have enrolled the content writing certification course which means at any point in their career if they find the need to re-learn any of the modules or learn any new format of content writing they are always welcome to do so for absolutely no cost.

IIM skills being the best content writing course in Delhi precisely takes care of quality and student experience which is why they have a money-back policy. If the student feels that the course isn’t fit for them or they do not want to continue the course, they can inform about the same and they’ll be refunded any amount they have paid.

This is one of the major reasons for IIM Skills being the best content writing course in Delhi.

This best content writing course in Delhi is suitable for students, aspiring content writers, Job seekers, Local business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs. This means anyone with little or no knowledge in content writing can become a professional content writer within 4 weeks.

The modules involve in this best content writing course in Delhi offered by IIM Skills range from very fundamentals to very professional level topics helping the students to learn every aspect of content writing within 4 weeks only.
Students and professionals who desperately want to build a career in content writing are recommended can see this as an option for the best content writing course in Delhi.

IIM Skills is a well-rated course which is supported by some of the industry giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Flipkart, American Express and many other. The above points and key specifications make it clear that IIM Skills offer the best content writing course in Delhi. Along with the best content writing course in Delhi, IIM Skills offers content writing course in many other cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad etc.

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Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.

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