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Content Writing Career In 2024 And Beyond

Content writing is one of the most popular career choices today, has an even greater prospect in 2024 and beyond. Brands need content writing and marketing to be able to convey the core values, mission, and vision of their business to their target groups in the online domain. Content writing career will see greater avenues and opportunities in 2021 for professionals from different industries, sectors. Many famous marketers over the years have iterated unequivocally about the utility of content. They are effective for tapping into new customer bases, acquiring qualified leads, and turning them into conversions.

Content Writing Career In the coming years

The main purpose of disseminating content is to provide your potential customers with in-depth information about a product that will provide value to them. Another important aspect is to build the trust factor between the brand and its focus customers.

According to the various surveys, the demand for content writers is increasing by the day in India. With the growing economy and variety of small and medium business enterprises coming up in the online domain, the importance of content writing is at an all-time high. The new endeavor in the economic front ensures that this trend will continue well into 2021 and beyond.

It is primarily a skill-based professional field where you only have to possess a knack and the will to create inspiring content. Content writers basically augment your chances of getting recognized in the online domain as thought leaders in your specific field.

A career in content writing requires you to be conversant with several forms of content writing. These are the types of content that businesses basically need to acquire leads and turn them into conversions. All of these content forms are extremely relevant and encompasses the entire content marketing system of an organization.

For a thriving content writing career in 2024, you need the following attributes. 

  1. Constantly think of new ideas and topics

For a successful career in content writing in 2021, content writers have to constantly look for new ideas and concepts, to incorporate engaging stories to drive traffic to the website.

Bhavik Sarkhedi, one of the finest content writers in India, and the founder of Write Right emphasize the importance of understanding the relevance of creativity, and innovation.

With more and more industries taking the content marketing route to inform and educate their consumers, it is mandatory that people think out of the box. You can draw Inspiration from even the most regular and mundane things. You just need the willingness to put your innate senses to use.

Headlines, headings, and subheadings are the primary elements of a content copy that draw the reader in. Therefore, a content writer should embellish their writing with attractive headings, titles, catchy phrases, idioms. They should always look for such an appealing text that will grab the reader’s attention.

  1. Improve your grammar and vocabulary skills

A content writer has to possess great grammar and vocabulary skills to be able to write exemplary content. Not just that a content writing career involves understanding content marketing well.

Also, knowledge of content writing tools like Grammarly, Copyscape, Hemingway, Duplichecker, Power Thesaurus, Unicheck, Calmly Writer, Hootsuite Coschedule, Buffer, and others for overall content writing success.

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  1. Understand the concept of Research thoroughly

A content writer has to compulsorily research the topic they are writing on. But the more important aspect of this is how to research on a particular topic. Reading up on the history, and background details help a lot. Noting down significant keywords is an important part.

A career in content writing requires analytical skills and discerning capabilities to write content that will resonate with the target consumers. One should be adaptable, flexible, and have organizational abilities to bring the best content to the fore.

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  1. Practice Writing

Thinking about having a content writing career is exciting and interesting. And yes it can be a very rewarding career for people who are genuinely interested in establishing themselves as competent skills top-notch content writers.

You have to regularly practice writing. Aspiring content writers can select particular niches or write on a variety of subjects. Whatever might be the ultimate goal, the practice of writing content is the most important factor.

  1. Read voraciously

Reading is not a privilege or a luxury for content writers. It is an absolute necessity and ineluctable part of content writing. If you are not a voracious reader, you will not make for a top content writer.

Any form of writing requires you to have immense knowledge on the topic and for that, you have to read more. This helps to grasp even the most complex of elements smoothly.

Also, it helps to incorporate different stories, inspirational quotes, anecdotes in your content copy to make it more effective.

  1. Develop editing skills

A content writer needs to sharpen their editing skills to become more prolific writers with a better understanding of the language they are writing in.

Editing skills make you confident, credible, and more assertive in your work. Editing is a very important part of your entire writing process and you need to set some time apart for editing after you’ve written the content copy.

Some of us have a habit of making silly mistakes and some have butterfingers resulting in typos. With proper editing, you can eliminate all the discrepancies in your copy making it scannable on Google. That helps you to excel in search engine rankings pages (SERPs).

Some strategies you can adopt for editing is

a) To develop the habit of reading aloud whatever you have written. When you listen to what you have written you will invariably notice and identify the errors and make the changes.

b) Install one of the advanced editing apps like Grammarly to correct the errors present in the copy.

c) Practice editing exercises on the internet regularly. There are many sites, mostly free, that offer you editing exercises. These help to enhance your skills and improve on the editing aspect of your writing. You understand the recurrent mistakes in your content copy. You can take care to edit and correct those mistakes and note them in your mind when you are editing your copy.

d) Learn new words, incorporate synonyms of a particular word in your content copy, do away with colloquialisms, and use active voice as much as possible.

e) Different content forms require different tones, voices, and styles of writing. Each type of content comes with a unique set of traits. Acquaint yourself with different styles, write articles regularly, and take time to understand the various forms of writing. This will ensure that you improve your writing skills and align your copy with the content format as accurately as possible

  1. Keep all your work in a file

A career in content writing is initially a challenging task. You have to convince your clients, business organizations, and brands to recruit you as a content writer.

For that, you have to showcase your skills and create a portfolio of your work. Your portfolio is the first step to getting recognized and noticed by recruiters and corporate organizations.

  1. Optimize your accounts on job portals

Social media channels are a repertoire of information, knowledge, and different job prospects. There are some digital channels like LinkedIn and job portals like Naukri, Timesjobs, Indeed. They recommend the perfect jobs based on your skills.

If you want to find and apply for the perfect jobs you have to update and optimize your social media channels and job portal sites with the most recent information about yourself (Educational qualification, skills) that can help recruiters find you on these sites.

  1. Start networking

Reach and amplification is important for your content to get noticed. If you do not possess the skills of networking, even the best of content writers do not get the recognition they deserve.

Therefore, you have to pay attention to how you market and project yourself on job portals especially on platforms like LinkedIn.

Once you start connecting with veterans of the industry and successful content writers, you manage to showcase your skills as well by getting the reach and visibility that you deserve.

  1. Don’t over-analyze

Content writing is a gratifying career choice but can also take some time to materialize into the dream job that you coveted. There are times when you will get ample appreciation for your writing, and there are times when you will face criticisms.

This is a true scenario for not just content writers but professionals all around the globe in diverse fields. Do not dwell on the negatives. Rather, set a goal for yourself and work towards achieving that to become a successful content writer.

Some of the areas in a content writing career that will always be prominent and relevant are as follows:

  1. Blogs

Blogging which was earlier a very ambiguous term and considered a hobby has today become one of the top ways in which business organizations can guide customers to their website and facilitate the entire sales funnel.

A blog is essentially a website and/or a section of a website that houses some of the most informational content on different topics. The idea is to write and produce content on the blog and they are displayed in chronological order, the newest ones at the top gradually moving to the old posts.

Blogs have become an indispensable part of any website today. Since it gives a tremendous boost to your Search Engine Optimization efforts, blogs today on a very important part of the entire content management system.

Blog writers are specially recruited to create content that will help to fortify the position of the business in the digital space. It also facilitates strengthening the bond between existing and potential customers and the brand.

  1. Press Release

Press Release is another very important form of a content writing career that helps businesses to disseminate the latest information to the public regarding the products and services in a brief succinct manner.

It helps to give a push to your marketing efforts and increases the chances of sales and recognition of your brand when published in an eminent news portal.

They are very cost-effective and do not require you to write a lengthy article or post. But the benefits obtained from a press release are plenty.

They skillfully communicate significant information to your consumers, helps to build trust with shareholders, and builds your brand equity.

  1. Articles

Article writing is a very popular form of content writing that is here to stay. Article writing is one of the most creative forms of creating impeccable content from your imagination.

It helps you to pen down your thoughts and ideas in a clear manner. A content writing career will present you with the opportunity to write articles at some point of time or the other.

Article writing helps you to unfurl your imagination, to be more productive, learn as you write, and get a whole lot of knowledge on several different topics.

  1. Social Media Content

A content writing career encompasses all the writing parts in several digital marketing modules. Social media earlier was only about connecting and engaging with friends relatives and acquaintances.

The era of Orkut is gone and has been replaced by some of the most valuable social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, which provide a plethora of opportunities for knowledge and career enhancement.

An entire section of a business is dedicated to creating content for social media. Content writers are asked to generate content aligning with the needs of the consumers present on social media channels.

A content writing career can help you become a better social media writer by studying the unique traits of social media channels and creating content for the same.

Some of the advantages of social media writing are that you connect with numerous people, increase brand visibility, develop networking techniques, and connect with your customers on a one-to-one basis.

  1. Technical Writing

Technical writing is an esoteric form of the content writing career that involves writing for engineering, aeronautics, finance, electronics, biotechnology, neuroscience, computer hardware, software, and other such specific niches.

It includes writing manuals, guides, instructional content for people to comprehend matters better. Technical writers are one of the most venerable lots of people who are revered for their expertise in the complicated field of work.

This form of content is one of the most in-demand writing types. Someone who wants to make a career in content writing with technical writing as their niche can expect great prospect and their career.

Technical writers inject humor in their writing and create quirky content for readers to break the monotony of going through articles that are full of complex elements.

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  1. Product Descriptions

Product description in the category of content writing is extremely popular and will remain so in the coming years. This form of writing requires content writers to understand the mechanism and properties of the product very well.

It requires them to research that particular product, write down every pertinent point. They should also think from the point of view of consumers.

A product description should cater to the needs of the consumer and should be written in that way answering all the unspoken questions of the target group.

  1. Ebooks

Ebooks are another format of content that is accessible on different online devices like computers, tablets, mobiles, and laptops. It consists of infographics, text, images, and/or a combination of all for the consumption of online users.

One can cover many topics, subjects, and niches in a book. For example, digital marketers can bring out ebooks on blogging, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and so on.

  1. Business

This is a specialized form of content writing where content writers generally come from a business background like finance, accounting, Business administration.

They are fluent in business glossary and terms. Business writing is formal, informative, persuasive, and has information broken down into simpler elements for people from all walks of life to understand. More often than not, business writing includes a call to action for the conversion of qualified leads to customers.

  1. Legal

An individual can have a thriving content writing career in the legal niche by following the essential points required to write effective legal content.

Like any other content legal write-ups should be engaging, accurate, and simple. A legal writer should be well versed with the law of the country and include details with accuracy backed by evidence.

Whatever information a legal writer relays should have clarity, coherence, and cited by legal resources. Legal writing is a very important part of any business.

A person with a legal background is preferred in these cases but someone with acquired skills on the legalities of the country can successfully become a content writer in this niche.

  1. Creative Writing

All content writing incorporates innovation and a large amount of creativity to be able to create thought-provoking write-ups. Those that will force people to sit up and take notice.

Creative writing is a very important section of content writing that involves creating relevant, focused content that is organized, consistent, and original.

Moreover, content writers who specialize in creative writing should have a particular voice that is consistent with their writing. Online readers should be able to identify with the voice and tone of the writing style.

Any sort of creative writing effort should focus on customers. They should provide value through positive inspirational content. Creative writers tend to write stories incorporating slice of life incidents for greater impact.

  1. Sales and Landing Page

Sales and Landing pages are two content writing forms that will be very much in demand in 2021 and beyond. The main purpose of a sales and landing page is to give as much information as possible. That will get traffic to your website and build the element of trust.

Sales and landing pages should inspire confidence in people and not come across as pestering the audience to take the desired action. If the audience senses misleading information and clever tactics for conversion, then the whole purpose of a sales copy will be moot.

  1. Transcription

Transcription Services are much like video scripting where audio speech is converted into words and written down in files. These writers possess a keen sense of detail and meticulous understanding of the language fluently to convert them into text.

Content writers specializing in transcription services have to possess knowledge of grammar, vocabulary. Moreover, they should know the correct syntax to write down everything verbatim with utmost accuracy.

  1. Script Writing

Any creative endeavor whether an award show, a movie, or a TV show report requires script writing. This is another form of content writing that is very popular for long. Its relevance will not dim in the coming years.

A content writer specializing in script writing should have the attributes of discipline and creativity. Also, the ability to write engaging enticing content.

You should also be able to work under intense pressure and take constructive criticism positively. Scriptwriters also have to be collaborative and cooperative. They are working with several other departments creating content that will incorporate all elements. And like all other content writing career avenues, scriptwriting requires one to be resilient, optimistic, and handle complex tasks without panicking.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is regarded as one of the top three core models of digital marketing to drive traffic and get leads. Content writers who specialize in Search Engine Optimization are very much in demand.

The reason being organic content is more trustworthy to online users than paid content. Any write up that is ranked on search engines solely based on the merit of the information provided in the article is more trustworthy to a consumer than content that is promoted through monetary means.

Search Engine Optimization specialists have to keep in mind the aesthetics of a website, keyword, and phrases integral to the copy and incorporate the best practices of SEO.

They have to cultivate the habit of keeping track of the latest Google algorithms to tailor their content according to Google demands to rank them high on search engines.

  1. Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is a form of content writing when a writer is recruited by a publication or another individual to write different forms of content. For example, articles, books, speeches, and any other literary work that are credited to another individual.

Ghostwriters are extremely confident of themselves, are completely aware of what they are doing. They are satisfied with not getting the credit for their content.

Generally, all businesses recruit ghostwriters but celebrities, business executives, PR agencies, communication managers, politicians are the primary recruiters of ghostwriters.

Top Industries that hire Content writers offering them hefty remuneration are 

  • Information Technology
  • Business and Finance
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Health and Fitness
  • Recruiting Companies
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Cyber Security and Protection
  • Events Industry
  • FMCG
  • eCommerce
  • Hospitality
  • Grooming and Beauty
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • IT and Manuals
  • Translation and Transcription Services


1. Can I use multimedia in my articles?

Yes, multimedia can play a very positive role to enhance the appeal of your content. It embellishes your article and readers retain information better.

2. How to write effective headlines for my content?

Effective headlines entice the reader to continue reading. it has to attract the reader’s attention in the least time possible. Numbers, How-to, Guides can be great ways to reel your target audience in.

3. How can I research for my content?

Use reputable websites that have a high DA (domain authority), scholarly articles, books, podcasts, YouTube videos of experts, and analyze all the information you imbibe. When you put forth a quote or incorporate data (Facts and figures) don’t forget to cite your sources.


Many of us harbor the desire to have a successful career in content writing. The thin line between realizing your dreams and giving up on them is your enthusiasm and grit to evolve. Also, to learn the new trends, incorporate the best practices, and follow your passion for writing to the T.

You should read and constantly update your skills and knowledge. That will enable you to remain relevant in the industry in the years to come. The content industry is still an exceptionally potent sector. They will have a profusion of new jobs in 2021 and beyond.

If you really want to have a successful career in content writing, equip yourself with all the knowledge you can in a career in content writing. Weigh your pros and cons, start writing, and creating your portfolio. Next, disseminate them on relevant digital platforms.

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