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Top 6 Computer Courses After BA in Ahmedabad

There are several high-grade computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad. The vibrant city of cotton textiles, Ahmedabad, is known as the Manchester of India. The city is also a well-known educational hub since it is home to prestigious institutions like the Indian Institute of Management, the National Institute of Design, Mudra Institute of Communications, and the National Institute of Fashion Technology.


The image portrays top computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad


The city has a high rate of literacy, about 88.29% in 2020 as per the Ahmedabad City Population Census. It has a fast-growing economy, good administration, infrastructure, transport facilities, and importance for the education sector, which is why it is also called the Boston of India.


Due to the presence of several institutions in the higher education sector, one can easily find courses in the fields of Medicine, Law, Arts, and Science. The city has institutes that offer computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad for students who have completed their degree in Bachelor of Arts and are looking to enhance their professional skills.


Here is a list of top computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad:


1. Digital Marketing


What is Digital Marketing?


It is advertising through online, web-based channels like search engines, websites, e-mails, social media, mobile applications, etc. Companies use this method to endorse their products and services and also to reach out to the consumer. They collect data from consumers which helps them draw insight regarding the current market scenario. It also helps to keep a check on their competitors.


Best Digital Marketing Course  by IIM Skills


It is one of the top-rated courses in the Subject in India. It is an online course, offering 180 hours of training in the subject including 120 + hours of assignments and 60+ hours of live training. The course will help you to learn Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy including Content Marketing, Local Listing Management, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Web Designing, and Development.


The course comes with a Master Certification from IIM Skills and other certifications including Google, Hubspot, and Facebook Blueprint. This course can be pursued from anywhere and will be a good option if the student wants to do one of the most promising computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad.


You can get insights about the course at Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad


The course includes wide-ranging coverage of topics under Digital Marketing Including:


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Writing and Advanced Blogging
  • Media Buying and Planning
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing and Automation
  • Digital infographics Resume creation


If you are enamored by your passion for writing, you can discover content writing as a career. Learn the advanced tactics of professional content writing with the Best Content Writing Course


Application & Scope


Research has shown that 93% of online activities start from a search engine which means people are heavily reliant on the internet in making their choices. Hence, it is an evolving industry, with a lot of job opportunities and negotiable salaries, varying with experience. The increased need of understanding the target customer and engaging with them has made Digital Marketing a service that is high in demand.




The industry has a high demand in areas of content writing, designing, video/audio production, developing marketing strategies, media planning finding solutions for problems, etc. Companies are ranging from start-ups to corporates, who seek the help of Digital Marketing Agencies, for enhancing online user experience.


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2. Visual Experience Design 


What is Visual Experiential Design?


It refers to the visual appearance of a site by strategically enacting images, colors and fonts, and other elements. It is commonly used in website creation. Visual elements, typography, and pictures are used in a curated manner to convey a particular message to cater to the needs of a user.


Other courses to explore from IIM SKILLS

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M.Design in Visual Experiential Design, from UID at Karnavati University


This course helps students to find creative solutions to meet designing needs. It helps the students to become better problem solvers and enables them to improve their communication skills. The Programme involves critical thinking, design process, and visual narration.


This course will be a good option for creative students, who want to pursue computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad. The course, involving 4 semesters, covers the following topics:


  • History of Art & Design
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • People, culture, and environment
  • Visual Aspects of Philosophy
  • Film Appreciation
  • Creative Writing
  • Visual Medium & methods
  • Visual Ergonomics
  • Design for Print
  • Technological Trend Studies
  • Design for Interactive media
  • Photography
  • Visual Contexts and Systems Thinking
  • Graphic Software Tools
  • Contextual and Experiential Design
  • Narrative Visualisation
  • Inclusive User-Centric design
  • Social Communication
  • Branding and Promotional Design


Application & Scope


Visual Experiential Designing is used in creating websites, to decide the layout, color scheme, etc and in mobile applications for building user interface. It is also applied as special effects in T.V shows, animation movies, video games, print media, etc. It has a huge impact on how a user experiences an interface. IT is a good option to go, for computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad.


It is also used in Product Designing, to improve the aesthetic appeal and usability of the product with suitable image, typography, space, and color.




Opportunities related to Visual Experience designing are ever-growing, due to the increasing influence of the internet. It is particularly relevant in film making, Web and mobile applications, website designing, FMCG, etc, where the consumer needs to be pleased with aesthetic appeal and user-friendly experience. 

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3. Software Testing Course 


What is Software testing?


It is the procedure done for evaluating the functionality of an application to find out whether the software can meet the specific requirements, for which it was made. This helps to identify any existing defects in the product and rectify them, thus ensuring the quality of the software.


In general, software testing provides a better user experience, security, reliability, and high performance. This course can be a good choice, for the student. There are 2 types of testing

Automated- The tests are done by software and tools

Manual- Done manually, by looking for bugs in software and websites


 Software Testing Course at TOPS Technologies


This course is one of the best computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad since the course is designed by industry experts and the students have the option to choose either a part-time or full-time course on the same. The Institute provides a free demo session on the course, for students who wish to join.


They have several centers in Ahmedabad, located at places including C G Nagar, Maninagar, S G Road, Naranpura Bhuyangdev & Ashram Road. In the course, they cover about 25 tools and software and they have completed more than 2000 projects.


The course offered at TOPS Technologies covers the following topics:


  • Introduction to software testing
  • Fundamentals of Software testing
  • Manual testing
  • Context testing
  • Defect Reporting tools
  • Automation tools


Application & Scope


Software testing helps to make sure that the software successfully meets all the technical and business parameters. Each software has to go through several tests before it is installed for production. It is applied in various industries including IT, Manufacturing, Software Development, etc. This course is a good option if one wants to do a computer course after BA in Ahmedabad since there are a lot of opportunities in the industry today.




There are ample opportunities for software testers in the world of technology. The roles of software testers include analysis of software and systems, reduce risks and prevent problems in the software. The profession is suitable for people with good analytical ability and communication skills. Knowledge of programming language will give you an extra edge.


4. Programming language course 


What is meant by Programming language?


Programming language is the computer language used to develop programs, scripts, or other instructions for computers to execute. Python, Java, C++, R, Swift, Javascript, PHP, etc. are some of the commonly used programming languages.


Programming language course-Python 3 by Codeacademy


This course is a good option for beginners since Python is a commonly used Programming language and is easy to learn. It can be used for Web development, Software development, and Data Science Applications. Certificate of Completion can be earned after completing 30 hours, in total beginner. Since the course is conducted online, this can be done as an additional computer course after BA in Ahmedabad.


The following aspects of Python 3 will be covered under the course:


  • Python Syntax
  • Control flow
  • Lists
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Python: Code Challenges (Optional)
  • Strings
  • Modules
  • Dictionaries
  • Files
  • Classes
  • Python: Code Challenges II (Optional)
  • Function Arguments


Scope and application


Programming languages are used in various areas like Artificial Intelligence, Database development, game development, hardware development, internet and Webpage development, mobile app development, etc.




A lot of companies are looking for developers for their Programming requirements. Coding specialists are required in several industries like Computer security, Government and Social Services, Healthcare, Agriculture, Financial service, Machine learning, Enterprise software, etc.


Learning more than one programming language will be a good advantage, since knowing only one language limits the number of opportunities available to you. Python, being one of the easiest computer languages to learn, is suitable for beginners and hence can be a good option for computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad for students based in Ahmedabad.


5. Computer Networking 


What is Computer Networking?


It is the process of connecting two or more computers to communicate, share data and provide technical support. Computer network supports a lot of applications and services such as access to the internet, video, audio, use of email, instant messaging applications, etc. It also involves connecting a computer with peripheral devices like printers, scanners, or other hardware devices for storing data or creating copies of a document.


Diploma Course in computer networking at Alison.com


The course covers basic concepts on networking and Local Area Networks. It also offers insights on wired and wireless networks, Internet protocol, and the tools used to manage and troubleshoot networks. 3 Assessments are involved in the course and the student needs to achieve an 80% score or higher, to successfully graduate.


Topics for this course:


  • Introduction to Local Area Networks
  • Defining Networks with OSI Model
  • Networking Fundamentals: Understanding Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Networking Fundamentals: Understanding Internet Protocol
  • Networking Fundamentals: Implementing TCP/Ip in the command
  • Working with Networking Services
  • Understanding Wide Area Networks
  • Defining Network infrastructure and network security


Scope and Application


Computer Networking includes applications from fields including Computer Engineering, Computer Application, Computer Science, IT Engineering, Electrical engineering, etc. The most common form of creating a Network is connecting a computer system with the internet, which is prevalent from houses to offices.


Also, the linking of multiple computer systems is required, in workplaces to share data. Hence, networking skills are high in demand everywhere. This can be a good option for enrolling in computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad since the course can be pursued online.




A Computer Network specialist can be involved in a lot of cutting-edge technology developments. After the course, there will be opportunities to work with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to build self-directed networks. You can also develop networks for security purposes and also would be able to handle data through edge computing.


6. Data Science Specialisation at Coursera


What is Data Science?


Data Science means the study of data, involving developing the methods of recording, storing, and analyzing data to extract useful information. It helps to get insights and knowledge from any type of data, both structured and unstructured. It is closely related to the field of statistics, which includes collection, organization, analysis, and presentation of data. 


The Introduction to Data Science Specialisation, by IBM at Coursera


This course teaches Data Science & Machine Learning and their uses, including the various types of tasks performed by data scientists. The Specialisation comes as a package of 4 courses, which can be taken one after the other. The topics include:

  • What is Data Science
  • Tools for Data Science
  • Data Science Methodology
  • Data Science and SQL for Python


The courses are conducted in collaboration with IBM. Students will be able to learn the usage of common data science tools. The course is suitable for beginners since it does not require any prior experience in programming. Industry exposure through hands-on experience on various projects is a highlight for this course. This is a good option for students who are looking to do one of the best computer courses after BA in Ahmedabad since the course can be pursued online.


Application & Scope


Data Science has become an integral part of Information Technology since companies and organizations require maintaining large amounts of data. Big Data is bringing change to business strategies and marketing techniques used in an organization. From small start-ups to big corporate, today’s world is heavily reliant on data science, to steer forward.




Skills in data science are useful in the areas of business exploration, structuring analytics, and data management. It can also help to critically examine big data, identify problems, and finding a solution. Digitalization is the major reason for the enormous number of opportunities in the field of data science. Data science is an integral part of growth, for every organization, today.


If the above list of courses didn’t excite you enough, then here is a bonus course for you to examine. Witnessing the vertical rise in the finance domain, you may want to indulge in GST Course to become a GST expert.


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Computer courses can be classified into different categories such as technical and arts-related. However, not all technical courses require in-depth knowledge in Science & Maths. For example, courses that involve programming and coding, etc. can be done by a person having basic awareness about programming language.


Arts courses that involve designing, editing, etc. are mostly preferred by graduates in arts subjects since they provide more opportunities to individuals who prefer to work in arts-related fields such as advertising, filmmaking, etc.


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