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Mistakes to Avoid on CAT Exam Day in 2024

The Common Admission takes a look at or the CAT is one of the foremost competitive exams within the country. The exam needs the candidates to be assured and well ready. To be ready to be among the highest score, one wants correct preparation and avoids a number of the common mistakes that almost all candidates create.

image Cat Exam Day Mistakes To Avoid On The Examination Day


The mistakes that candidates create are often because of varied reasons like lack of correct strategy, less motivation, no mentor support, etc.

Here, a number of the foremost common mistakes are mentioned besides tips to avoid them.

These ways are absolute to facilitate the CAT aspirants to own a simpler CAT coaching and that they will ace the examination simply.

While making ready for a test for this long, (like three to four ), nobody needs to lose his/her probability to ace the test as a result of silly and little mistakes or errors

. Therefore it’s pertinent that there are bound errors that the candidates should avoid at any value on the day of the examination.

It’s usually ascertained that despite impeccable preparation for CAT, feeling of nervousness, over-thinking, or over-excitement may lead one to create some mistakes that were simply evitable.

This may simply prove fatal and one may find you being at the receiving finish.

Here some tips are given below which might facilitate a CAT 2023 aspirant to avoid errors on the Examination day.

Like carrying necessary documents to the take a look at the center, sound sleep days before the test, coverage at the take a look at center well before the scheduled time, pointers and directions that require to be followed within the Examination hall thus on so forth.,

 CAT Preparation ERRORS & Tips to Avoid Them

Among the assorted mistakes that the CAT aspirants create throughout their preparation, a number of the foremost common ones and therefore the most impactful ones are often distinguished because of the following.

  • Skipping the topics and sections

While beginning to steel oneself against CAT, candidates usually skip looking at the fundamentals and directly begin resolution the queries.

Some candidates additionally skip a number of the info topics mainly from the quantitative ability section and apply queries only from the topics within which they’re sensible at.

Tips to solve: For candidates, particularly from non-engineering backgrounds, it’s extraordinarily crucial to urge the arithmetic basics right then begin resolving the issues.

Also, it’s necessary to not skip any topic/ sections, unless, the test is for a month.

  • Not strategizing a preparation schedule

This is one every of the foremost common mistakes that almost all aspirants create.

In a hurry to start CAT preparation, candidates usually skip strategizing a preparation schedule and therefore, begin making ready during a confused manner.

This affects the complete CAT preparation and reduces effectiveness.

Tip to solve: Before beginning preparation, analyze the info and perceive the sturdy and weak topics. Then, create a schedule covering all the topics and persist with the schedule.

For initial self-analysis, candidates can take a mock take a look at and perceive their level of skills within the individual section.

  • Not rewriting sporadically:

Usually, candidates complete a specific topic and travel to the opposite topics while not rewriting and checking whether or not the content is maintained.

Some candidates even skip revision utterly, until the examination eve. At now, some candidates get demotivated as they fail to recall the ideas, formulas, or tricks that they learned.

Tips to solve: each individual must revise the ideas sporadically and check whether or not the ideas are utterly understood and maintained.

It’s instructed to revise every topic quickly before moving to the following ones. Also, one will maintain a notebook that may facilitate fast revisions.

  • Not evaluating the mock tests:

Mock tests are taken by most of the CAT aspirants however several candidates skip evaluating their scores.

This is often a standard mistake by most of the candidates WHO are making ready for CAT for the first time and lacks correct mentor support.

Tips to solve: Evaluating mock scores is as necessary as taking the mock tests.

By evaluating the tests, one will simply perceive their level of preparation. When evaluations, it’s additionally necessary to strategize any preparation set up consequently.

  • Not having personalized preparation & exam-taking ways:

Several candidates follow the preparation set up of others and do not strategize their own. Some candidates don’t even strategize their exam-taking ways and at random try the queries.

Tip to solve: It’s continuously instructed to know personal capabilities then strategize the preparation set up. Some students may need sensible grammar skills whereas some can be sensible with numbers.

So, there cannot be one strategy for everybody. Also, candidates ought to devise personal test-taking ways which may be simply done by taking a decent variety of mock tests and resolving many samples and question papers.

A few months away from CAT 2023, it’s the foremost crucial time to specialize in the examination day strategy. Several candidates get stressed on exam day and create a few common mistakes that are inevitable.

Not reading the question properly is one every of the foremost widespread.

What is crucial here is to know that CAT is entirely a speed-based take look. The candidates got to act quickly throughout the test.


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Let’s check out some common mistakes that candidates showing for CAT 2023 can avoid

  • Do not grind away new info right before the test

Wake up timely the day of the CAT exam and pay an hour learning necessary equations, theorems, and shortcuts.

Don’t even think about beginning a brand new section or solve a mock examination or try a brand new topic.

CAT is an inherent ability to take a look at and if your ideas are clear, you’ll be ready to crack it.

  • Do not arrive late at the examination center

Start early for the CAT identification center from home to avoid the identification rush.

The process of biometric authentication of candidates takes time, therefore, it’s suggested to succeed in the exam center before.

  • Don’t forget to hold the necessary documents

It usually happens that candidates forget to hold their needed documents in hurry and waste tons of their crucial time to bring the documents.

Therefore, it’s suggested before beginning the CAT examination, candidates should check their documents and make sure that they’re carrying 2 copies of their CAT admit card and a valid picture ID with them.

The candidates should follow the principles concerning documents as they’re going to not be allowed to enter the communication hall, underneath any circumstance if they are doing not turn out the documents.

  • Don’t rush through the questions

Wait for the monitor to announce the beginning of the examination once you compromise down at your selected seat.

Firstly, scan the directions totally and circumstantially. Then proceed to the primary section of the CAT examination.

Read every question properly, assume then solve it, aim to answer the better questions initially.

  • Don’t provide quite one minute for a question

The total time for CAT 2023 test is going to be one hundred eighty minutes.

The time limit allotted for every section is an hour and therefore the total variety of questions to be answered is a hundred. a part could have thirty-two to thirty-four questions.

Do not spend quite one to 2 minutes in resolution a question, if it’s taking longer, skip it and move to the following question.

It is often tried later if time permits. You’ll be able to additionally answer a matter and mark it for review later.

  • Do not mark a solution if not assured

For each incorrect response, the CAT exam features a negative marking of -1, thus candidates should stop avoid guesswork rather than giving the wrong answer, it’s higher to go away the question unanswered.

Also, the candidates got to wisely choose the questions, the talent they need to have learned whereas active mock tests. This is often the time to place that talent in action.

  • Do not miss out on the reverse approach to urge the proper answer 

Often it happens; the questions are often confusing otherwise you get stuck whereas solving it.


Errors to Avoid on Examination Day

While making ready for a test for this long, like 4 to 5 months nobody needs to lose his/her probability to ace the examination as a result of silly and little mistakes or errors.

Therefore it’s pertinent that there are bound errors that the candidates should avoid at any value on the day of the examination.

It’s usually ascertained that despite impeccable preparation for CAT, feeling of nervousness, over-thinking, or over-excitement may lead one to create some mistakes that were simply avoidable.

Here some tips are given below which might facilitate a CAT 2023 aspirant to avoid errors on the exam day.

Like carrying necessary documents to the take a look at the center, sound sleep days before the examination, coverage at the take a look at center well before the scheduled time, pointers and directions that require to be followed within the communication hall thus on so forth

  • Assemble all the necessary documents for the exam

To avoid any haphazard situation on examination day, aspirants ought to assemble all their necessary documents for the exam a minimum of 3 to four days before the examination.

These necessary documents usually include – CAT Admit card and valid identity proof for the exam. On the examination day, aspirants ought to stay calm and will not get anxious.

  • Sound sleep before the examination day

It is usually seen that because of anxiousness, candidates aren’t ready to sleep days before the exam.

Most of the aspirants attempt to grasp several things simply before an evening before the communication thereby leading to a lack of sleep.

The absence of sound sleep slows down the active mind on the examination day.

So, it’s extremely suggested even by the specialists that candidates should have a sound sleep so their mind remains alert on CAT test day.

  • Reach the CAT examination center on time

To remain calm and composed at the time of examination, it’s necessary to succeed in the examination center on time.

One must leave from their home as per their suitableness and consistent with the space between their home and CAT exam center.

Reaching late at the center could influence be damaging mutually might not be allowed to seem for the examination.

Most of the time it’s seen that latecomers had to face the strength as they were disallowed from showing within the exam.

  • Complete the procedure of document verification

Before the candidate enters the take a look at the hall, he or she has to get their documents verified at the entry gate.

This includes obtaining the admit card and valid picture identity proof being checked at the take a look at the center of CAT 2023.

The documents ought to be given in original at the take a look at the center so there’s no reasonable impersonation. Candidates cannot afford to commit a mistake at the time of document verification.

If because for some reason, the candidate commits a slip-up of not obtaining his documents checked, they should quickly get onto done thus on avoid any disqualification at a later stage.

After finishing the document verification method, candidates ought to complete the procedure of biometric verification.

This is often the last step that needs to be completed before one yields to sit down for the exam the take a look at the hall.

At the time of the biometric verification, candidates left a thumb impression and photograph would be captured and that they would be needed to sign the attending sheet.

Here what the feminine candidates should keep in mind that they must not apply henna to their hands because it can create a problem at the time of biometric verification.

This is often one important error to avoid on exam day of CAT 2023.

 Errors to avoid on examination day whereas within the hall

  • Understand the sport of your time

Along with the completion of the examination, there’s an extra challenge that faces which is to finish the given section at intervals the stipulated time as there’s no returning to the section once one has already completed it.

So, candidates, whereas trying the paper should perceive the game of your time and the way they’re progressing to manage an equivalent, so this is often another error to avoid on examination day of CAT 2023.

  • Do not stand still on a tough question

Sometimes, candidates invest such a lot of their time on one question and expect that they’re going to get the proper answer however they find you losing time solely, so it’s instructed that if one is investment the time quite needed, on a matter, they must leave that question right there and move onto responsive the less difficult one.

  • Read the questions carefully

Before trying the question, candidates should scan the question carefully.

It’s been seen among the candidates that either they are doing not scan the queries carefully or as a result of over excitement for trying it, so to avoid this error, aspirants ought to keep in mind that they need to scan between the lines once attending the paper to get a lot of.

  • Avoid approximation 

There are stripped cases and probabilities wherever ‘guesswork’ works.

Though, candidates can choose to eliminate the possibility of the alternatives to urge the proper option however ought to strictly avoid the guess add the examination as there are rare probabilities of obtaining the guessed choice correct.

It’d be the most important error among all the errors created by the scholars whereas taking the test. This error doesn’t happen by mistake however is deliberately committed by the candidates.

  • Stay cool and calm and don’t panic

One should keep composed, cool and calm and will not get panic throughout the hours of examination as a result of the instant you begin obtaining panic, you begin losing the focus that causes you to wish to travel out of the track.

So, it’s suggested that one should calmly handle the examination although the key part of the paper is troublesome to know.


Some quite common mistakes whereas making ready the cat 2023

There are tons of tips and tricks which will facilitate a CAT aspirant to discover a way to crack the take a look at, however folks have still created a bunch of mistakes that have led them down the road of despair.

However, worry not, if you’re another CAT aspirant awaiting instruction on a way to crack life. We’ve got a comprehensive list of mistakes that you simply will avoid whereas making ready for this examination.

NOT that specializes in 100 percent of the curriculum.

  • Getting Stuck on tough Question

No doubt concerning why CAT is taken into account to be the toughest of all Master in Business entrance exams. Candidates tend to urge stuck on queries that seem to be easy however area unit tough.

Such queries consume tons of your time. As per the examination pattern, the question papers of CAT are going to be divided into multiple alternative queries further as TITA queries.

Also, there’ll be sectional timing, therefore it becomes imperative for candidates to determine on that question to answer and that not.

If candidates feel that they’ll get stuck on any tough question, they must now move onto another question while not wasting any more second thereon.

  • Not creating enough strategy 

Remember to focus equally on your weakness and strengths.

Ignoring either of the 2 whereas making ready can lower your confidence and because you forget the direction you’re imagined to be heading in.

Prepare a private strategy by keeping in mind your preference rather than rental others influence you.

  • Over learning everything 

Don’t let yourself become enthusiastic about the thought of acing the take a look at, within the finish CAT is what’s it, an exam.

Treating it as an even bigger deal than usual can only pressurize you a lot into memorizing too several things that have an opportunity to slide out of your mind during a nervous state.

  • Using too several reference books

CAT aspirants usually turn to reference books when they need to scan through the info.

While there’s nothing wrong with it, the tough part is to select the proper one.

If you finish up sign a bunch of reference books you may confuse one with the opposite and be left with an excessive amount of info for your brain to gather.

Do take facilitate from reference books, however not numerous that you simply will create a library

  • Not believing in yourself 

No matter however hard you prepare for the take a look at and have enough information you have got another candidate, what matters a lot of is confidence

Your need to ace the take a look at should be fuelled by believing in yourself.

A lot of aspirants create the error of not believing they’ll be intimate.

You have studied for it, you have got determined to seem for it, you’ll be able to positively believe your talents to ace it.

  • Inconsistency in preparation 

If you have got ready a strategy/ timetable for yourself to follow whereas you study for CAT. Keep at it from beginning to finish.

At any point, if you’re inconsistent or lazy together with your preparation, chances are high that you won’t ace the take a look at as per your aspirations.

  • Ignoring the negative marking scene 

Setting fantastic targets supported what others have drained their tests is ignoring the foremost evidence a part of CAT tests. Negative Marking.

Aspirants should keep in mind that alternative take a look at takers to have their ways and techniques that facilitate them come through a target

Try to make your version of a target rather than focusing on what others have done

Expecting an excessive amount of you usually results in disappointment.

  • Losing Patience whereas Reading Question Paper

Sometimes it happens that on account of nervousness, candidates tend to scan questions shortly. This is often wherever the error happens.

Whereas reading queries, don’t hurry.

Keep in mind you’ll have an hour per section for CAT. This is often wherever the time management technique ought to inherit focus.

Whereas making ready for CAT candidates should carefully take time management into thought.

Henceforth, to answer the queries carefully while not creating any mistake, candidates should scan the queries fastidiously. Remember, answer quality, instead of the amount can matter in CAT 2023.

  • Avoid Curiosity of Knowing concerning Others

Concentration on your digital computer would be extremely appreciated by all candidates. Once a candidate enters the examination hall, the only real aim ought to be to focus on your activities.

Mutually of the ideas, candidates are suggested to not be thoughtful concerning what others do. The main target ought to get on your pc screen.

Golf shot your nose into others’ business could result in writing the wrong answer or worse expelled from writing the examination i.e. CAT. Hence, don’t get distracted and do what you’re there for.

  • Time management

As per the exam pattern of CAT 2023, candidates won’t incline quite 3 hours to solve the question paper of CAT.

Moreover, to resolve the 3 given sections, only an hour per section is going to be provided i.e. there’ll be sectional timing in CAT 2023.

whereas making ready for the examination, candidates should make sure that they follow the given schedule.

Managing the time is going to be helpful as candidates are going to be ready to avoid wasting time for revision further when finishing every section.

To know the time management of CAT, candidates may also offer CAT mock take a look at, or solve previous year question papers or try sample papers keeping time in mind.

  • Overconfidence 

Alright, thus you have got taken the CAT tests multiple times. You recognize the fundamentals; you recognize the ins and outs

But the instant you estimate your talents to crack this difficult takes a look at, you lose the battle.

Staying assured concerning yourself and your ways is very important, however taking your talents as a right won’t. Yield nice results.


These were the foremost common mistakes that CAT aspirants create and find themselves reducing their preparation effectiveness.

It’s necessary to avoid these mistakes whereas making ready to be ready to have correct preparation and develop the boldness to tackle the examination queries simply.

Finally, understudies should make a technique to ace each subject that comes in the CAT test.

Additionally, one should experience earlier years’ CAT papers to evaluate the trouble level of the test.

Be enthusiastic about learning and you can pro the exam easily.

Keep going and Glad to learn…All the best!!


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