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10 Most Rewarding Options for Career After BA in Bhopal

Career after BA in Bhopal- Various Opportunities to Explore


Arts is a very underrated and undervalued stream in India. Arts is a field that has a vast reach and in-depth grip on our society. The lack of knowledge of the subject and its scope makes people question its significance in getting a stable job or a well profitable profession, but Arts not only generates a high level of officers and services with good pay but if you can master your ART then it can also provide you with national and international level of recognition and fame.


The image displays most rewarding options for career after BA in Bhopal

Creativity, interest in history, awareness of the surroundings, the specialized skills of art, capability to lead, willingness to bring change in the society for good, ability to hold unbiased opinions, knowledge of the system and culture are the various traits of an Arts student. It is a stream that holds both deeply philosophical and passionate individuals as well as highly intellectual and analytical thinkers and leaders.


Bachelor of Arts is a very common, basic level 3 year undergraduate degree which deals with teaching general topics and subjects of Arts to the students. After the Bachelor of Arts, the students pursue more specified education. If you are from Bhopal and wondering which way to go after your Bachelor of Arts degree, the following are the best 10 careers after BA in Bhopal for you.


1.    Journalism


Media houses in India have increased more than ever. There was once a time when there was only one national news channel that used to report the national and international news to the public across the nation, but now there are several media houses in different regions, states, and languages. Not only in the mainstream but online also many news media channels and media companies have established watching the increased needs of the public for the news content.


This increase in the quantity of news media channels has automatically increased the demand for journalists in both, mainstream and independent media houses. Especially in today’s times when our only source of information about the Corona Virus, its symptoms, its cure, how to prevent it, how to defend ourselves, where to go to get the vaccine, how to register ourselves, when to go to hospitals, how to treat ourselves at home, for everything we depend on reliable Journalists and the reports prepared and shown by them.


Journalism is a very profitable and satisfactory career after BA in Bhopal as bachelor of Arts creates a strong base for the students pursuing the career in Journalism. Journalism requires the knowledge of the local, national and international language, knowledge of social science, human psychology, political and economical system and environment of the country, etc.


These topics and subjects are well known for BA students so Journalism becomes a very appropriate and appealing career opportunity for those who have an interest in going into this field.


You can join any reputed media and journalism college for post-graduation to become a journalist for a career after BA in Bhopal. Many news channels have their journalism institution with guaranteed placement in their news channels, you can try to apply in those channel’s institutions for better placement and job chances.


2.    Writer or Content Writer


Bachelor of Arts with Hons. degree in any particular language of choice makes you have a stronger command of that language. If you have a creative mindset and love storytelling, creating your world with different possibilities, and have a very imaginative mind then you can become a Writer. Being a writer as a career after BA in Bhopal would be an appropriate option for you if you have a love for literature and reading and writing books and novels.


Life is tough and to escape from reality everyone needs a good book that can take them on a great adventure, teach them a few lessons, provide comfort in this lonely world and impart the various lessons to deal with the harsh reality of this world, making us prepare for it mentally.


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Becoming a writer, thus becomes a well-paying and fame-providing career after BA in Bhopal as everyone in today’s time needs a fictional delight or non-fictional relatability now and then to tolerate the harsh reality we live in.


Besides content writing, there is another trending course called Digital Marketing. You can dig in more about it at Digital Marketing Course Training in Bhopal

More Recommendations

A content writer is a writer who writes relatable and knowledgeable content on-demand, for different companies who desire to increase their customer’s reach and satisfaction by providing the information they want to promote to the public. The ad campaign and company information are wraps around relatable content in such a creative way by the content writers that the customers get lured into getting engaged in their series of content and product ads more and more.


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With the massive shift of all physical businesses to digital platforms, due to the digitalization of the economy and the Corona Virus situation, the demand for content creators or content writers has increased more than ever. It is an easy, good-paying job, career after BA in Bhopal. Many small and big companies are also searching for writers to write different blogs on various topics on their company’s website, so you can easily land up a good job if you have a keen interest in creative writing and blogging.


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3.    Professor 


Being a Professor is a reputable job in India. It is not only well paying but also a well recognized and agreeable job for those who love teaching and have an interest in creating a better youth, thus a better future.


Being a professor of a reputable institution provides you stable and growing income, respect in society, and comfort in your job. Being a Professor as a career after BA in Bhopal will be a good option for you as India is a heavily populated country with a high percentage of youth, and demand for better high-level education is continuously increasing.


High-level education for the students is said to be their life-defining phase and they need quality education by the people who are well trained and are ready to provide them with the knowledge that is going to be useful in building their career. Today, Indian colleges need good professors and educators more than ever.


Good communication skills, quality knowledge of the subject, understanding of the child and human psychology, and being determined to provide good education are a few qualities of a professor.


After BA you can choose any subject of your choice for the master, then you need to clear the UGC NET exam to become an assistant professor in any UG-approved college. You can do your Ph.D.in you’re specialized subject to climb higher in your career as a professor.

4. Government Job


Government jobs are known for their good pay, job stability, job security, and many perks and benefits that come with them. If you are in a government job and are a loyal servant of the government organization and the public then you don’t need to worry about losing your job in the recession, bearing any loss or extra workload or overtime plus you get health benefits, education benefits, various grants, and benefits are given to you and your family. A Government job gives you that kind of life of comfort and future security that most of the Indians have ever dreamt of.


People in government services have a lot of responsibility too, as the betterment of the public depends on their honesty and hard work. Generally, Government Jobs is a service sector industry whose main goal is to provide quality services to the public. So this Career field comes with a lot of liability.


If you want to go for a government job as a career after BA in Bhopal, then you need to crack the SSC CGL exam which is held on an annual basis in India.


5. Bank PO


The Bank Probationary Officer is another stable, secure, well-paying, and comfortable career after BA in Bhopal. With the increasing banking sector and its branches, the demand for bank staff has also increased in India. Jobs in banks are considered to be the best career by most Indians. Bank PO has many perks relating to health benefits and additional plans, but it also comes with a good reputation and respect in Indian society.


Accounting, billing, marketing, investing, finance, handling customer transactions, etc. are the kind of activities that a Bank PO engages in, in their daily work. To become a Bank PO you have to pass the exams conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection after completion of your graduation.


6. Civil Servant 


The Union Public Service Commission is one of the toughest exams in the country taken by the students to become the IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. These are the most reputable and respectable government services in India. An IAS officer has many benefits as well as provided helpers of all kinds of domestic work, allotted vehicles, guards, etc.


An IAS or IPS officer is a very reputable public servant. Their job is to be at the service of people and make their life easier. It is an authoritative position with a lot of power, accountability, and responsibility. It is a leader’s job and involves leading their team, making various tough decisions, creating plans, and getting the results.


Cracking UPSC is tough because the position of IAS demands a person to be fully qualified and able to perform his/her duties. IAS and IPS are very prestigious and well-paying careers after BA in Bhopal and preparing for UPSC after your Bachelor of Arts will be a very rewarding option.


7. Hotel Management 

Hotel Management is a business field where every aspect of managing a hotel is taught. Students are trained properly from cooking to housekeeping services, in the hotel business. Hotel Management can be taken straight after completing 12th but it can be taken as a career after BA in Bhopal also.


The tourism industry is slowly booming in India. Now, people like to travel more than save for the future, the “wanderlust” trend has influenced everyone’s life and thus many 5 stars and 7 stars hotels are opening in India, with the boost in the tourism industry from the foreign.


This new culture of partying and enjoying life in hotel pubs and clubs, portraying the “best life” to others on social media by spending money on luxurious experiences and materials is making the Hotel Industry in India, potentially very profitable.


A hotel manager needs to be aware of the working of every kind of job in the hotel business, so if you want to join this business field then you can do post-graduation in hotel management.


Many hotel management institutions have a tie-up with foreign hotels, where they send their students for industrial training or one-year internship programs. A good work skill and work ethic can also land you a good job in star hotels of the international markets if you do your post-graduation from that kind of reputed hotel Management College. Internship programs from a foreign country also increase your chances to get selected in many highly-rated hotels in India.


8. Fashion Designing 


The fashion industry has changed so much. Previously it used to be all about models or specific elite groups with a specific body type or skin type, but now, fashion is all about customers, the general public. Fashion is everywhere in our daily life from the ordinary t-shirts we wear to our costly designer-made party wear we love to flaunt on the internet.


And with every change of season, the general public is getting more and more obsessed with fashion and willing to spend any amount of money on their special days or to look above everyone on their special occasions. So, if you are Creative, have an interest in clothing and its material, knowledge of design, and comfort are the traits then investing your time and energy to become a fashion designer will be a very rewarding career opportunity for you.


Today’s youth is obsessed with their looks and how they are perceived, years of brainwashing ads and commercial movies have made them believe that looks are everything. “Always look presentable” are being taken to a new extreme by this generation which is so determined to get success and live a better life. Such willingness to go beyond budget to have a few good moments is making the fashion industry a profitable career after BA in Bhopal to follow.


If you are interested in fashion designing after your Bachelor of Arts then you can give an entrance exam to get into the fashion designing institution of your choice.


9. Air Hostess 


Cabin crew or Flight attendants or Air Hostesses are the airplane staff that makes sure of passenger’s safety and comfort during national and international flights. There is this misconception that only women can become flight attendants, but men can also join the team of the cabin crew.


You can directly opt for Air Hostess after the 12th but you can also choose this path as a career after BA in Bhopal. Being an Air Hostess comes with many perks like traveling around the world, meeting new people, getting to know a new culture, and getting new experiences with every flight.


So if you have good communication skills and have a good command of multiple languages, interest in serving others, love for travel then you can choose to appear on the annual entrance test conducted nationwide or take direct admission in the private college that offers to take applications directly in the course of Air Hostess.


If you are interested in becoming an air hostess after your Bachelor of Arts then you can either sit in any one of the entrance exams conducted for the admission procedure in the Air hostess Academy or you can directly take admission in the college with the direct admission facilities.


10. LLB


The Legum Baccalaureus or Bachelor of Law is a career after BA in Bhopal that will be suitable for you if you have an interest in Law and order, the government’s system, and its rules and regulations. You are dealt with crime and defense laws in LLB after Bachelor of Arts.


Just like other career opportunities, in LLB your skills and achievements in your field take you higher and higher in position with time, and thus the benefits and reputation related to the job position also increase.


There are many admission tests conducted for students willing to take admission in LLB or the students can also take direct admission in the private college with a direct-admission facility.


List of other career opportunities you can choose after BA ~


  • Diploma in Computer Courses
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • B.P.ED (Physical Education)
  • Political Scientist
  • GST Practitioner Course
  • BPO (Customer Care)
  • Language Translator
  • MBA
  • Artist (Dancer, Singer, Actor, Painter, Poet, etc.)


Bachelor of Arts degree has many usages in India but due to being ignorant to knowledge, people are generally left unaware of the amazing career opportunities that they can opt for after completing their graduation in Bachelor of Arts.


From creative professions to high-profile service positions, ARTs is a field that holds many kinds of vacancies where you can explore your talent and potential. ARTs is a field that can land you up in your dream job or position if you are skilled and talented enough or work hard enough to prove your worth for that well-deserving post.

Hello, I am a Commerce Student, an Art lover, and a Media Aspirant Writer. I have been currently working as a guest intern at IIM SKILLS. I am a Certified Content Writer and have been practicing Content Creation for the last year. I Write, learn, and explore the opportunities in the digital fields.

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