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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses In Raipur With Live Training

Are you willing to pursue business analytics courses in Raipur but not sure which are the top business analytics courses in Raipur? Then you came to the correct place, in this article we are going to list down the top 4 Business Analytics Courses in Raipur. But before moving to the list of business analytics courses in Raipur, first, we will understand business analytics. 

Top Business Analytics Courses In Raipur

What is Business Analytics

Professionals in business analytics are in high demand in the industry. It is mostly a procedure for creating unplanned scenarios to facilitate business choices. There is a method for comprehending the data transformation procedure. Some technologies will always be useful in developing valuable insights from data visualization and management. Understanding data visualization is thus an additional step in sharing business-related choices. While dealing with data mining, businesses must concentrate on developing relationships and patterns. Forecasting new benefits is usually a wonderful method to learn about predictive components and other industry-related developments. It is usually used while performing statistical and quantitative analysis. If you continue taking classes, business analytics courses in Raipur will benefit you.

Business analytics may be defined as the conversion of business data into appropriate business insights. A more detailed description would be the gathering of business data from many sources, analyzing it, and employing various approaches to extract the needed insightful insights from these datasets. Business analytics is now carried out using high-tech technology and tools that deliver analytical data at the press of a button.

Business analytics has made significant inroads into the business world. Though middle and small firms are progressively realizing the benefits of business analytics, major corporations are already hiring business analytics professionals and purchasing or continuing to invest in the creation of business analytics tools to help them make choices.

Elements of Business Analytics

There are several elements to business analytics tools, technology, and procedures. Each element is like an essential piece in the machinery, and the proper operation of analytics necessitates the flawless operation of each component. The following represent the various elements of business analytics.

  • Data Collection:

Data is gathered and sent to a single, central place where sorting may commence. Incorrect and partial data is deleted, leaving just usable data. Even duplicate data is searched for and eliminated. Voluntary data is one type. This information is derived from both electronic and physical forms completed by users. This paperwork is obtained directly or through a third party. Tractional data is another type of data source. Organizations exchange this data, which is derived from financial transactions, transaction data, and shipping information.

  • Data Mining:

Data Mining is the next stage in delving deeper into the data to hunt for unknown patterns and trends. This requires mining through massive amounts of data using mining models. Several statistical models are employed. One of these models is categorization demographics, and other factors of this kind are used to sort data.

You may forecast numerical values in the regression model based on previous trends. Another prominent strategy is clustering, in which classification criteria are anticipated to choose which variables to employ.

  • Sequence and Association Recognition:

These elements constitute a customer behavior pattern. Consumers buy things that are related to each other in the association section of their behavior. The sequence of purchasing is retrieved in the sequence identification process, just like the sequencing of a flight ticket, airport cab trip, and hotel room.

This type of analytics component makes it simpler to predict what the consumer will buy next and to understand their purchasing habits and tendencies.

  • Text Mining:

The text mining component includes what consumers type or say on blogs as well as other comments on social media, as well as their interactions with customer care call centers. This information is critical for enhancing customer service. Customer service is a major reason why consumers are loyal to a business or product.

Text mining also contributes to the creation of new goods based on acquired data. They also aid in the monitoring of competitors and the advancements they are making.

  • Forecasting:

History, as they say, replicates itself, and this is certainly correct when it comes to predicting components. Consumers have been shown to engage in particular behaviors throughout specific seasons or periods. Forecasting allows us to notice and plan for this recurrent behavior.

Purchasing warm weather clothing a few days or weeks before the cold season, purchasing sporting goods before the sporting season, or increasing searches for a certain phrase based on current events are all instances of forecasting.

  • Predictive Analytics:

The data suggests that predictive analytics may be created to properly forecast specific events. This aspect of analytics assists businesses in understanding what may occur in the coming days and preparing for it.

When equipment is subjected to extreme circumstances or operated for an extended period, predictive analytics can predict when it may fail or wear and tear. It also aids in the detailed classification of clients and making choices based on future trends.

  • Optimization:

The optimization component is greatly aided by business analytics. Businesses may make excellent use of analytics to improve their operations. They can predict peaks in demand and adjust output to keep supply constant. When there is projected to be a peak or shortage, they can price their items competitively. Businesses may also use business analytics to produce sales, offers, and discounts.

  • Data Visualization:

Data visualization represents one of the most efficient methods of displaying data, and business analytics may be quite beneficial. This visual data format assists businesses in creating reports and setting new targets. The visual format allows for much easier exploration, modeling, and analysis.

Professional Courses To Consider

The Purpose of Business Analytics

  • Business analytics is constantly concerned with the applications of previous and present data. A predictive analysis will be performed to focus on the efficacy of the firm. The technique relies heavily on prescriptive analysis to maximize corporate success.
  • Financial ratios, marketing research, and other informative materials are provided from three separate sources.
  • There are perspectives and difficulties accessible to interpreting the vast volume of data. The challenge level will climb as some solid business success will be optimized to reap the advantages.

Business Analytics in the Future

To say that business analytics has a bright future is an understatement. The prospect of business analytics is analytics. Business analytics will be used by everyone shortly, from tiny, new businesses to multibillion-dollar corporations. Business analytics is getting more accessible, as well as simpler to use and implement.

Business analytics courses are among the most popular. Even those who have completed their schooling are enrolling in extra business analytics courses to better their status and grasp the future of the company. Now is also an excellent moment to be a participant in business analytics, which is continually evolving and improving.

Business Analytics vs. Business Intelligence

Business analytics is a subset of business intelligence, although they are distinct concepts. Both are the most effective methods for managing and processing massive volumes of data for the sole goal of developing your business. They work similarly, but there are a few variations that might influence whether you employ business analytics or business intelligence.

Business intelligence outperforms business analytics in descriptive and diagnostic analysis because it gives a more comprehensive view of your company’s past and present state. Business analytics, on the other hand, outperforms business intelligence in both predictive and prescriptive analysis, which offers you the path forward.

Business Analytics Applications and Uses

Business analytics has several applications and purposes. It is one of the most significant game changers in recent history, and corporations must recognize its significance. Students, too, have awakened and shown a want to learn more about it. Here are several applications for business analytics.

  • Launch a Business:

Based on all of the reliable data and projections of any sector, you may truly launch a company using the most prepared way, with the highest possibility of success.

  • Expand Your Business:

Organization analytics is the finest and safest strategy to build your business while eliminating all risks. Analytics-based decisions have the highest likelihood of success.

  • Analyze Data:

Tons of data are created, yet there are few tools for efficiently analyzing this data. Business analytics is the most effective technique to process this data and extract the information you want.

  • Develop Business Strategies:

Prescriptive analysis is used by the greatest business analytics solutions to help you develop company strategy. All you have to do now is put those strategies into action.

  • Keep up with Business Trends:

Trends shift at the drop of a hat, but contemporary business analytics tools let you keep on top of the newest trends and incorporate them into your operations.

List of Top 4 Business Analytics Courses in Raipur

Let’s have a look at the list of top business analytics courses in Raipur:

1. QuickXpert Infotech

QuickXpert Infotech offers one of the best Business analytics courses in Raipur. They will provide you with all of the information you need to clean and convert data. Some information can be provided differently. Even basic technological knowledge might be beneficial. Business analytics courses in Raipur will provide you with all of the information you need to contact them. You may also read reviews if you plan on joining in the future. Trainers constantly provide practical examples to help you comprehend the concepts thoroughly. When considering joining them, consider each course module.

Key Features:

  • Extremely skilled Training
  • Reasonable Fees
  • Start with the fundamentals.
  • 80% are practical.
  • Job-Oriented Training – Learn from the Ground Up.
  • Check out the most recently placed students on the site.
  • A session for Interview Preparation
  • Experts will advise you on how to work on various sorts of industry-related initiatives.
  • They will assist you in preparing resumes.
  • They will advise you on how to cover interview sessions.
  • Live projects, study materials, and so forth are available.
  • Free Demo

Course Curriculum:

Oracle SQL

  • Configuration and installation. 
  • Design database. 
  • Constraints. 
  • Indexes. 
  • CRUD operations. 
  • Select queries.
  • Functions. 
  • Groups. 
  • Joins. 
  • Views and inline views. 
  • Subquery. 
  • Create complex queries. 
  • Project. 


  • Introduction to the tableau. 
  • Tableau interface. 
  • Data aggregations and date parts. 
  • Chart types. 
  • Data visualization. 
  • Run time columns.
  • Data formatting. 
  • Advanced functionalities. 
  • Filters. 
  • Advanced charts. 
  • Dashboards. 
  • Projects. 


  • Python programming. 
  • Data analytics in python. 
  • Data visualization in python.

Excel Analytics:

  • Working with spreadsheets. 
  • Excel common functions. 
  • Pivot tables.
  • Charts.
  • Excel dashboard. 

Power BI:

  • Introduction to Power BI.
  • Transforming data with Power BI. 
  • Modeling with Power BI.
  • DAX 
  • Visualizing data with reports. 
  • Introduction to Power BI services. 
  • Collaboration tools and share in power BI services. 
  • Power BI gateway and new datasets.
  • Best practices. 
  • Projects. 

Interview Preparation:

  • Mock interviews. 
  • Interview preparation. 
  • Resume building. 
  • Placement Process.

Other Courses Available in Raipur:

2. Kalinga University

Kalinga University is one of the best universities in Raipur which offers an MBA in Business Analytics. This is among the best business analytics courses in Raipur. MBA Business Analytics is a comprehensive data examination for corporations or organizations.

Course Curriculum:

Year 1

  • Quantitative Methods
  • Financial Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Analytics
  • Marketing Management
  • Optimization Analytics           
  • Organizational Behaviour   
  • Stochastic Modeling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Business Intelligence                          
  • Data Modeling
  • Research Methods  

Year 2:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Strategic Management                                                                
  • Risk Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Analytics
  • Marketing Analysis
  • HR Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Simulation Modeling
  • Ethical and Legal Aspects of Analytics
  • Analytics Systems Analysis & Design
  • Project Management
  • Industry Internship Programme
  • Professional Development

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3. ExcelR

This school provides business analytics courses in Raipur. Their business analytics course focuses on Power BI, Excel, Tableau, and other tools. It will be beneficial to grasp business analytics abilities, and they will even cover Agile to ensure a thorough comprehension. The training is also accessible in Hindi. If you are seeking Hindi-language business analytics courses in Raipur. You may learn more about them by taking their course.

Key Features:

  • Any applicant can enrol in their program. Having a certain background, such as science or engineering.
  • You will receive training from leading MNCs.
  • There will be several case studies and homework to complete to gain experience.
  • Developing your capstone projects.
  • You will be assisted in obtaining a secure placement.
  • You will form a network with several business companies.
  • For one year, you can take live online classes.
  • There is another certificate called Steinbeis certification, and it will cost extra.

Course Curriculum:

Business Statistics 

  • Descriptive statistics. 
  • Normal and probability distribution. 
  • Inferential statistics.
  • Data cleaning and insights. 

Advanced Excel:

  • Introduction to excel. 
  • Introduction to functions. 
  • Anchoring data (named ranges, referencing)
  • Referring to data from different sources.
  • Data handling (data restriction, data cleaning)
  • Data handling (filtering and formatting)
  • Data Summarisation.
  • Power pivot and power query. 
  • Use case discussion.
  • Introduction to automation. 
  • VBA.


  • Introduction to software installation. 
  • Types of commands in SQL. 
  • TCL, DDL, and DML command. 
  • Database constraints. 
  • Operators in SQL. 
  • Grouping operations. 
  • Analytical functions and ranking functions. 
  • Joining tables. 
  • Views and triggers. 
  • Introduction to subsqueries. 
  • Sequence objects. 
  • Stored procedures. 


  • Introduction to the tableau tool. 
  • Data pane window, 
  • Sets, parameters, and groups. 
  • Calculated field.
  • Filters in tableau. 
  • Data joins and blending. 
  • Charts in tableau. 
  • Reference lines, distribution and brands. 
  • Introduction to the dashboard. 
  • Creating a dashboard. 
  • Creating an advanced dashboard. 
  • Tableau for a public server. 

Also Check,

Basics of R:

  • Introduction to R. 
  • Decision-making statements, functions, and loops.
  • Built-in functions in R. 

Basics of Python:

  • Installation of anaconda. 
  • Data styles continuation. 
  • Set theory, decision-making statement. 
  • Loops and lambda function. 
  • Seaborn, Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

Power BI:

  • Introduction to Power BI. 
  • Modeling with Power BI. 
  • Power Bi desktop visualization. 
  • DAX expression.
  • Sharing and publishing. 


  • Introduction to Agile. 
  • Agile methodologies. 
  • Agile design and analysis. 
  • Monitoring and planning. 
  • Estimations and agile metrics. 
  • Quality. 
  • Value-based prioritization. 
  • Risk management. 
  • Agile communication. 

4. Simplilearn

This Business Analytics curriculum will teach you how to transform your organization’s data into a strategic asset that generates business value. Simplilearn is partnering with IIT Roorkee and collaboration with IBM-created Business Analytics for Strategic Decision-Making program can assist you in making data-driven important decisions for your organization.

Employ data-driven decisions to help your company expand and remain ahead of the competition. Develop a data mentality as well as the analytical abilities necessary to evaluate and convey data to solve business challenges. Use this Business Analytics curriculum to deconstruct data analysis and empower yourself with the skills necessary for strategic decision-making.

Key Features:

  • Certificate of completion of the program from the reputed IIT Roorkee
  • IIT Roorkee academics devised and provided a cutting-edge curriculum.
  • IIT Roorkee lecturers will offer live online seminars.
  • Masterclasses by IBM professionals will provide you with industry insights.
  • Practical experience is gained through hands-on assignments and a Capstone project.
  • Interactive doubt-clearing sessions to ensure course ideas are understood
  • Simplilearn’s JobAssist service helps you become noticed by leading hiring organizations.

Skills Covered:

  • R Programming
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Linear and Logistics Regression
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Classification and Clustering
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forests
  • Data Visualization

Course Curriculum:

  • Orientation Session
  • Foundations of Business Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis for Business Decision Making
  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization using R
  • Predictive Analytics for Business
  • Prescriptive Analytics for Business
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Business Analytics
  • Strategic Decision-Making Capstone


  • Business Analytics – Academic Masterclass
  • Business Analytics – Industry Masterclass
  • Data Analysis with Python by IBM
  • Mathematical Optimization by IBM
  • Data Visualization with Python by IBM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is business analytics beneficial in the future?

Business analytics has a promising future. More than half of businesses increasingly rely on business analytics for efficient operation and decision-making to achieve their goals. According to the 2022 forecast, business analytics would be critical in the operation of a company.

Q2. What kinds of employment can I get with a Business Analytics MBA?

Is it worthwhile to pursue an MBA in Business Analytics? Definitely. Data has become an essential component of management, from marketing professionals seeking consumer data to financial analysts analyzing investment strategies.

Q3. How broad is the extent of the Business Analytics courses in Raipur?

In recent years, most industries have prioritized Business Analytics. With a plethora of data floating about in all areas of business operations, such as marketing, sale, accounting, social networks, and so on, it is critical to evaluate and comprehend the data to make better business choices and market development.

Q4. Is there a demand for business analysts?

Business analysts are in high demand as firms increasingly rely on data to make critical decisions. These employment growth projections demonstrate that. Although the future cannot be predicted, employment outlook analysts attempt to do so, nevertheless. Various sources show good, if not spectacular, development in business analysis.


Learning business analytics courses in Raipur can enable you to understand the organization and its requirements in a competitive market. Adopting knowledge will assist you in optimizing services to better understand client preferences, and after obtaining feedback, you will be able to reap market benefits. You may learn about the training process by taking a free variant of the business analytics course. Afterward, enroll for just about any four or six-month program that will provide you with decent rewards and placement prospects. You will comprehend the distinctions between online and self-paced instruction.

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