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Top 8 Business Analytics Courses In Guwahati With Placements

Business analytics is a field that uses talents, technology, computer skills, descriptive approaches, and assumptive models to get valuable insights into past business performance. The purpose of a business analyst at a company is to use data and statistical approaches to examine the efficiency and performance of a business organization. To make business decisions, he relies heavily on his analytical modeling and numerical analysis skills, as well as predictive modeling. Among all the most in-demand jobs in India, Business Analytics is placed on top. Guwahati’s technology sector is quickly expanding, and many firms are searching for competent Business Analytics employees. Business Analytics is one of the sought-after jobs in India. People from the IT sector as well as the non-IT sector are shifting their profession to this field.  Here is a compiled list of the top eight Business Analytics Courses in Guwahati. 

Top Business Analytics Courses In Guwahati

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There Are Different Branches of Business Analytics

  • Descriptive Analytics – A type of analytics that examines current and historic trends.
  • Diagnostic Analytics- A type of analytics that determines the cause of certain trends. 
  • Predictive Analytics- A type of analytics that predicts possible upcoming event trends.
  • Prescriptive Analytics- A type of analytics that recommends the necessary actions taken.

Top 8 Business Analytics Courses in Guwahati

1. Badatya – Training Institute for Business Science & Analytics 

It was established in 2010 and is now one of Guwahati’s leading training colleges for information technology and business analysis. The institute is dedicated to providing advanced-level information technology training and aiding its students in gaining certification for their selected vocations. The Business Analysis course offers intense training in high-demand subjects such as marketing analytics and price analytics, among others. Python, R, Tableau, and other key tools and technologies are taught realistically. The course content contains knowledge on how to operate a business, create patterns that will aid decision-making, and develop long-term goals and missions. After completing the course, you will go from being nothing to being a sought-after business analyst. After completing the course, a highly valuable certificate will be awarded, as well as outstanding employment opportunities.

Every year, a wide range of businesses are founded, creating statistical data; a Business Analyst’s job is to translate that statistical data into usable knowledge. A business analyst must go through numerous phases to extract a predictable pattern, such as competitor analysis, fraud analysis, enterprise optimization, cyber analysis, health care analysis, internet analytics processing, and so on. The outcomes are utilized to make decisions. As one of the best business analytics courses in Guwahati, the course provided covers all of the topics required to become a business analytics specialist. Business Analytics foundations to sophisticated ideas are presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

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2. 360DigiTMG 

360Digi TMG, a leading education and training firm globally, provides the best business analytics training. Many people’s careers and lives have been altered as a result of this platform, which has taught them how to stand out from the throng. The institute was created in 2013, and its main administrative centres are in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. The success of the institute led to the development of other subsidiaries in Guwahati, the United States, East Asia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the Middle East. The most recent curriculum was updated to reflect technical and commercial advancements. This institute also collaborates with prominent and top-tier industries, and its certification programs expose students to real-world difficulties.

360DigiTMG provides the finest Business Analytics Training in Guwahati. The course teaches the principles of business visualization tools like SQL/NoSQL, Tableau, and Power BI, as well as business processing tools such as Excel. The course teaches you how to handle and organize large amounts of data using cutting-edge technology and approaches. Students can process and save business data thanks to the resources available to them. The organization of a corporation might be scary to new candidates, but pros will offer you basic ways. The three-month course presented is the finest alternative for those seeking an in-depth grasp of business analytics. A 6-month course is also available for beginners. SQL, NoSQL, Tableau, and Power BI are among the technologies covered.

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3. Analytix Labs – Business Science, Analytics & Machine Learning Course

Analytics Labs is one of the top IT training centres in Guwahati. It is one of the top Business Analytics Courses in Guwahati, offering a variety of business growth, business communication, and business analytics courses. These prestigious programs are also available in Bangalore, Noida, and Gurugram. Students at this school obtain the best online education possible. A business analytics course completion certificate is valuable and may help you stand out from the crowd and acquire a good job. The course teaches you how to make exact sales estimates to boost the productivity and development of any firm. Every year, they offer placement opportunities to registered participants through their network of approximately 400 placement partners. Hundreds of Imarticus students have been employed in their ideal jobs.

It was established in 2011 and is widely considered Guwahati’s top-ranked and premier institution for business science and artificial intelligence courses. The courses offered are specifically designed to give hands-on training and practical teaching. This will prepare you for the workforce. They provide a current curriculum, well-developed projects, easy access to their materials, and well-organized sessions, making their courses well worth the money. AnalytixLabs is a well-known institution known for its exceptional training programs and courses taught by specialists at the top of their areas. Every year, a large number of enrolled students get employed by their dream companies. 

4. CTC SAS Training in Guwahati- Python, Business Science, Tableau & Analytics Training Institute 

CTC was founded in 2009 by corporate professionals from the IT industry. Their purpose was to provide students with the necessary information and training to help them excel in the field of business analytics. CTC has helped many fresh graduates and working professionals find their dream jobs. CTC, a business analytics training centre that offers both online and offline courses, provides the best business analytics courses in Guwahati. The courses are taught by professionals with years of experience in the field of business analytics. They provide you with several opportunities to participate in hackathons and other coding competitions to enhance your skills. After finishing the course, you will be able to confidently make critical corporate choices by assessing and analyzing complex business data and reports.

The course is designed for everyone who wants to learn how to master this widely used skill, including students, job seekers, working professionals, engineers from any department, and engineers in general. The primary purpose of the school is to educate students with the best business analytics and business science education accessible. CTC provides training in modern analytics tools and approaches to corporate leaders and professionals who want to build exceptional analysts. This course is suitable for both rookie and experienced programmers, but any dedicated student is also welcome. The mentors are knowledgeable and qualified to teach students of all ability levels. The curriculum is separated into two levels: basic and advanced.  

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5. Excel-R – Business Science, Business Analytics Course

Excel-R provides one of the business analytics courses in Guwahati. Throughout the course, the main principles of business analytics are presented. The programs progress from training to placement. In addition to enrolling, over 400 employees have been engaged by top MNCs such as Accenture, Zoho, and Infosys. The world’s best institute for providing a wide range of management and technical training courses in Excel R. Excel R’s skilled and talented business analysts have trained over 150,000 applicants.

The institution offers both theoretical and practical training. Both novices and struggling professionals will benefit from the high-quality training given. Excel R claims to provide participants with the confidence training they require to live successful lives. Excel R makes it easier for trainees to understand the complexities of programming languages and machine learning in this fast-changing digital landscape. The courses are taught and structured under the standards and specifications of IT organizations. The curriculum is separated into basic and advanced levels, with the basic level being the lowest. Both novice and expert candidates are welcome to enrol in the course and study business analytics.

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6. Imarticus 

Imarticus has given the best education and thinks that education is a lifelong process. Because of increased technology and structured knowledge, all students can now study more effortlessly. Its long-term objective is to build a technologically superior civilization. High-quality education, which is generally only accessible at the top, pricey colleges, is available at a reasonable cost here. The courses provide hands-on experience and experiential comprehension of challenging subjects. Imarticus wishes to build a wealthier society with individuals who are educated and employed. After participating in the program, candidates get consistent support and help for the rest of their lives. Individuals and organizations alike may enrol in and benefit from these best business analytics courses in Guwahati. They will be instructed and treated fairly.

Imarticus has been providing 100% placement for many years and will continue to do so. Imarticus, a well-known provider of excellent Post Graduate Programs in Business Analytics, provides these. They conduct their courses in collaboration with the best business science and analytics sectors. The course provides the necessary skills for students intending to pursue a career in business science. Through the course, you will get significant knowledge in the field of business analytics. The program, which includes capstone projects, real-business activities, and case studies, is directed by highly qualified industry-level professionals. The Institute guarantees that trainees will be offered job opportunities from linked IT businesses.  


7. Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers one of the best business analytics courses in Guwahati, with a strong emphasis on supporting both beginner and advanced learners in gaining the skills needed to work as business analysts for well-known MNCs. Online business analytics training, as well as a range of other IT courses, are available. The institute focuses on providing IT course teaching and supporting students in obtaining their desired job. The program originated in San Francisco, California, but has since extended around the world due to the excellent quality of its services. Approximately 2 million students throughout the world have benefitted from the institute’s aid in getting the knowledge and skills they require to succeed in life. 

Simplilearn offers Business Analytics courses in Guwahati in collaboration with IBM. According to the course’s claims, you will become a business analytics professional after completing it. They show you how to apply statistics and predictive analytics in addition to teaching you how to use the most up-to-date tools and approaches. The course’s collaborative aspect offers it an advantage over other courses. This course teaches students about an advanced integrated learning technique. After completing this course, you will be a business analysis professional. Using software like Tableau and Power BI will be straightforward after finishing the course. The course content is designed such that both self-paced learning videos and live, online instructor-led courses are available.  

8. EagleFly Solutions 

EagleFly Solutions, a leading educational platform, provides the best training. The optimum placement options are presented. The course curriculum provides both academic and practical instruction with the weight they need to accomplish it quickly. Learning approaches that are cutting-edge and effective are taught. However, the practical side is emphasized more, providing students with the essential experience to grasp the best job opportunities. The organization provides real-world activities, case studies, and helpful examples. Each individual’s job profile will be constructed, and various duties will be taught to assist them in becoming experts in their industries. 

As a result, these Business Analytics courses in Guwahati are taught by experts in the R programming language. After finishing the course, working in the R language will be highly comfortable, as will program solutions in the R language. Students will also learn how to utilize R to solve problems in the real world of business. The course covers the principles of machine learning and business analytics, as well as real-world applications and models. It also provides comprehensive placement assistance to those who are willing to follow the requirements. The training specialists will also provide ongoing career guidance. According to the most recent reports, the R language is widely used primarily for business analysis and business structural computing.

The applicant’s work will be evaluated as needed, and continual feedback will be provided. EagleFly Solution’s Business Analytics with R Programming course is one of the best business analytics courses in Guwahati. Their R programming training provides students with practical knowledge in the disciplines of business science and analytics. R programming is often used by those working in the field of business analytics. The R programming language is sometimes known as the “Lingua Franca” of business science. The R programming language is rapidly gaining popularity and is widely used in business and statistics. R is the programming language of choice for business scientists. 


Responsibilities of Business Analyst

  • Clinical information systems in the healthcare industry may be handled and managed to utilize business analysis. It may transform medical data from a dizzying array of analytical approaches into useful information. Data analysis may also be used to construct modern reporting systems that include the patient’s most current important indicators, historical trends, and reference values.
  • Explanatory and predictive modeling, fact-based management, numerical analysis, and analytical modeling are all commonly used to enhance decision-making in business analytics. As a result, it is closely related to management science. Analytics may be used to generate entirely automated judgments or as input for human decision-making. Business intelligence includes online analytical processing (OLAP), reporting, and “alerts.”
  • A sufficient amount of high-quality data must be available for business analytics. When attempting to maintain data quality, it is challenging to integrate and reconcile data from several systems, followed by selecting which subsets of data to make public.
  • Examine corporate operations while maintaining a big-picture view of the situation. This might involve investigating specific organizational structure components, personnel development challenges, current practices, and IT systems.
  • Evaluate possible enhancements to the performance of a business system. Again, to ensure that they are in line with any recommended process redesign and IT system development, the organizational structure, and personnel development requirements may need to be examined. In addition, adequate documentation standards must be used to record the business demands for IT system maintenance.

A business analyst’s major duty is to act as an internal consultant, investigating business issues, finding and analyzing possible enhancements to business systems, formulating requirements, and ensuring that information systems are used efficiently to satisfy business demands.


Finding Business Analytics Courses in Guwahati might be difficult at first, but this post goes into great depth about all of the accessible Business Analytics Courses in Guwahati. One of the most in-demand jobs in business analytics. All IT organizations are searching for business analysts that can examine data, spot trends, and make sound judgments. Outside of the IT industry, business analytics tools and methodologies may be used to increase a company’s development and efficiency. One critical point: Unless you have a genuine desire to work as a business analyst, taking these courses will be useless. 

You should be interested in a career in business analytics. Are statistics and mathematics topics of interest to you? If you answered yes, studying the skill of business analytics will ensure a profitable future for you. If the answer is no, there are always alternative options to consider. Other businesses, such as content writing, technical writing, digital marketing, and many more, are rapidly expanding. Business Analytics takes a lot of effort to achieve that level. But putting in those efforts will give a fruit full future. So, all the best!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What distinguishes business analysts from data scientists? 

A data scientist designs complicated algorithms and manipulates high-level data and is well-versed in advanced computer programming languages. A business analyst is majorly concerned with producing, developing, and analyzing multiple reports and taking necessary business decisions.

Q2. What Function Do Business Analysts Play? 

Business analysts study analytical modeling, numerical analysis, and predictive modeling to manipulate data and forecast future trends. Becoming a business analyst is one of the most challenging tasks. One needs to do lots of studies, research, and analysis to take proper decisions.   

Q3. How can I begin working as a business analyst? 

According to reports on technology and the future, choosing a job as a business analyst is a wise and profitable decision. Enrolling in one of the business analytics courses in Guwahati is all one needs to start his journey in this field. You can go on by adhering to the mentors’ instructions and building a successful career. 

Q4. How long it takes to learn business analytics expertise?

A broad field exists in business analysis. It involves solving mathematical equations, computing statistics, and using a variety of programming languages. But ultimately, what counts is if it makes you happy or not. You will learn faster if you are serious about becoming a business analyst. However, it all boils down to how much practice and effort you put in. 

Q5. Do these courses seem worthwhile?

Each of the mentioned training institutions has its own set of terms and conditions that one study goes through before enrolling. However, the Business Analytics Courses in Guwahati mentioned here are worthy. Feel free to get in touch with the respective institute in case of any questions or doubts. Your questions will be graciously and patiently answered. The stated programs are legitimate and true. And the article in front of you is written after excessive study on the best Business Analytics Courses in Guwahati. 

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