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Top 8 Business Analytics Courses In Bangladesh With Placements

Business analytics use technology, computer know-how, descriptive methodologies, and assumptive models to get key insights into historical business performance. Business analysts employ data and statistical methodologies to evaluate the efficacy and performance of a business organization. He makes great use of his analytical modeling, numerical analysis, and predictive modeling skills to make business judgments. In India, business analysis is one of the most in-demand occupations. Bangladesh’s technology industry is rapidly increasing, and many firms are looking for competent Business Analytics professionals. We have compiled a list of the top 8 Business Analytics Courses in Bangladesh.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is South Asia’s second-biggest economy. It has the third-largest military in the area and contributes significantly to UN peacekeeping operations. Bangladesh is the third-largest Muslim-majority country in the world, thanks to its enormous Muslim population. The Parliamentary constitution republic of Bangladesh is Westminster-style unitary. Bengalis account for more than 98% of Bangladesh’s overall population. The nation is divided into eight divisions, around 63 districts, and 490 subdistricts. Due to the cause of Rohingya genocide, it has one of the world’s biggest refugee populations. Bangladesh confronts several problems, including the consequences of climate change. Bangladesh has been an active participant in the Climate Vulnerable Forum. It is the home of BIMSTEC’s headquarters.

Bangladesh is South Asia’s second-largest economy after India. In terms of per capita income, the country has surpassed both India and Pakistan. According to accounts, when Bangladesh gained independence on December 16, 1971, it was the world’s second poorest country, making the country’s transformation over the next 50 years one of the great development tales. Poverty has decreased in half at a breakneck pace since then. Primary school enrollment is currently almost ubiquitous. Thousands of women have entered the labor force. Maternal and child health have made steady improvements.

There Are Different Branches of Business Analytics

  • Descriptive Analytics – Analytics that examines current and historic trends.
  • Diagnostic Analytics- Analytics that determines the cause of certain trends. 
  • Predictive Analytics- Analytics that predicts possible upcoming event trends.
  • Prescriptive Analytics- Analytics that recommends the necessary actions taken.

Top 8 Business Analytics Courses in Bangladesh

1. Encrobytes Training Solutions – Business Science & Analytics 

It was founded in 2010 and is now one of Bangladesh’s top training centers for business analysis and information technology. The institution is committed to offering high-quality information technology training and assisting registered students in earning certification for their desired careers. The Business Analysis course provides comprehensive instruction in highly sought-after sectors such as marketing analytics, price analytics, and other relevant topics. Python, R, Tableau, and other vital tools and technologies are taught via practical education.

A business analyst’s task is to convert the statistical data generated by a wide range of firms’ yearly launches into usable knowledge. To extract a predictable pattern, a business analyst must go through several procedures such as competition analysis, fraud analysis, enterprise optimization, cyber analysis, health care analysis, internet analytics processing, and so on. Decisions are made based on the outcomes obtained. The course, which is one of the best business analytics courses in Bangladesh, offers all of the necessary information to become a business analytics specialist. Business analytics issues are explained easily, from their fundamentals to their advanced forms. 

The course curriculum teaches students how to run a firm, develop patterns to help in decision-making, and develop long-term objectives and missions. You will go from having no experience to being a highly sought-after business analyst after completing the course. Students who complete the course will obtain a highly regarded degree and have excellent job opportunities.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. Dreamer Infotech 

Dreamer Infotech, a global leader in education and training, offers the best business analytics training. This platform has taught many people how to distinguish themselves from the throng, which has transformed their jobs and lives. The institute was founded in 2013, with administrative offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. Several subsidiaries have been founded in Bangladesh, the United States, East Asia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the Middle East as a result of the institute’s success. In response to changing commercial and technological trends, the most recent curriculum has been revised. Furthermore, this institution partners with well-known, elite industries, and its certification programs expose students to real-world difficulties.

Dreamer Infotech provides all work options, pushes students to acquire their dream occupations, and supports them throughout their careers through professional teachers. Dreamer Infotech offers the best Business Analytics Courses in Bangladesh. The course teaches the fundamentals of business processing tools like Excel, as well as business visualization technologies such as SQL/NoSQL, Tableau, and Power BI.

The course prepares you to handle and organize large amounts of data using cutting-edge technology and methodologies. Because of the resources available to them, students can manage and store business data. The structure of a corporation may be intimidating to novice applicants, but specialists will provide you with simple ways. The provided three-month course is appropriate for anyone seeking a solid understanding of business analytics. A six-month period is also available for novices. Important technologies such as SQL, NoSQL, Tableau, and Power BI are covered in the Business Analytics course.


3. Aptech Learning – Business Science, Analytics & Machine Learning Course

It was founded in 2011 and is widely regarded as Bangladesh’s top-ranked and most reputable university for business science and artificial intelligence programs. The courses on offer are specifically intended to provide practical instruction and hands-on training. With this, you will be ready for the workforce. Their courses are well worth the money since they provide a current curriculum, well-developed projects, simple access to their materials, and well-organized sessions. Aptech Learning, a well-established organization, is well-known for delivering high-quality training programs and courses taught by industry specialists. Every year, many registered students get employed by their dream employer. 

Aptech Learning is a leading provider of IT training in Bangladesh. It offers a wide range of company development, communication, and analytics courses and is one of the best business analytics programs in Bangladesh. These well-known programs are also available in Bangalore, Noida, and Gurugram. Students receive the greatest online education available. Having a certificate of completion for a business analytics course may help you stand out from the crowd and land a decent job. The school offers the best business analytics courses in Bangladesh.

Other Courses Available in Bangladesh:

4. MTas Technologies

The greatest training is provided by MTas Technologies, a prominent educational platform. The best positioning alternatives are provided. The course curriculum emphasizes academic and practical training so that it is straightforward to complete. The most modern and effective learning techniques are taught. The practical component, on the other hand, is emphasized more, equipping students with the skills they need to maximize their employment chances.

The organization delivers real-world activities, case studies, and practical principles. Each individual will be given a work profile, and numerous new talents will be taught to help them become authorities in their particular businesses. The applicant’s work will be assessed as needed, and constructive feedback will be supplied regularly.

Business Analytics with R Programming is one of the most popular business analytics courses offered by MTas Technologies in Bangladesh. They have practical knowledge of business science and analytics as a result of their R programming instruction.

The R programming language is widely utilized in the business analytics industry. R programming language has been dubbed the “Lingua Franca” of business research. R is a fast-growing computer language that is frequently used in statistics and business science. For business scientists, R is the chosen programming language. According to recent surveys, the R language is mostly used for business analysis and structural computing. As a result, these Business Analytics courses in Bangladesh are taught by native speakers 

After completing the course, one will find working in the R language to be extremely pleasant, and program solving in the R language to be relatively simple. Students will also learn how to use R to tackle real-world business challenges. In addition to practical applications and models, the course covers the basics of machine learning and business analytics. It also provides entire placement aid as long as applicants are willing to follow the guidelines. Furthermore, the training professionals will give ongoing career assistance.


5. CTC SAS Training in Bangladesh- Python, Business Science, Tableau & Analytics Training Institute 

CTC was established in 2009 by corporate IT specialists. Their goal was to give students the information and training they required to succeed in successful in the field of business analytics. Many fresh graduates and working professionals have found their ideal careers thanks to CTC.

The top business analytics courses in Bangladesh are provided by CTC, a business analytics training centre that offers both online and offline courses. Experts in the field of business analytics teach the courses. Students, job seekers, professionals in the workforce, engineers from all departments, and engineers, in general, should all attend the course if they want to gain this frequently utilized skill. The school’s major goal is to provide students with the greatest business analytics and business science education available.

CTC trains company leaders and professionals in cutting-edge analytics tools and approaches to produce exceptional analysts. This course is open to any serious learner, although programmers of all skill levels are welcome. The mentors are qualified and knowledgeable enough to help students of all skill levels. The software has both basic and higher levels.  

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6. Excel-R – Business Science, Business Analytics Course

Excel-R offers one of the most comprehensive business analytics courses in Bangladesh. The fundamental ideas of business analytics are addressed throughout the course. The difficulty of the programs varies from placement to training. In addition to enrolling, major MNCs such as Accenture, Zoho, and Infosys have hired over 400 people.

The world’s top organization for delivering technical and management training courses in Excel R. Excel R’s experienced and skilled business analysts have taught over 150,000 candidates. The institute provides both theoretical and hands-on training. Because of the great training provided, both beginners and struggling professionals will be able to obtain their ideal job. Excel R promises to provide individuals with the confidence-building training they need to live successful lives.

In this fast-changing digital landscape, Excel R makes it much easier for learners to master the complexity of programming languages and machine learning. The courses are taught and created by the requirements and standards of IT organizations. The curriculum is divided into basic and advanced levels, with the basic level being the first. Both new and experienced applicants may simply enroll in the course and study business analytics.


7. Imarticus 

Imarticus has subsequently become an excellent instructor and believes that learning is a lifetime endeavor. All learners may now study more efficiently thanks to improved technology and organized information. Its goal is to create advanced technological civilizations in the future. Top-tier instruction, which is frequently only available at elite, high-priced universities, is available here at a reasonable cost. Hands-on training and experimental comprehension of difficult subjects are provided in the classes. Imarticus wishes to create a more prosperous society with educated and employed citizens. Candidates who complete the program receive ongoing support and assistance for the rest of their life. These best business analytics courses in Bangladesh are open to both individuals and organizations.

They will be appropriately trained and treated. Imarticus has been providing 100% placement for many years. Imarticus, which is well-known for this, provides the top postgraduate business analytics programs. They collaborate with the leading business science and analytics industries to deliver their courses. Students who desire to work in business science will benefit from this course. The training will give you valuable business analytics abilities. The curriculum includes capstone projects, real-world activities, and case studies, and it is supervised by highly trained industry professionals. 

The Institute offers to connect learners with work opportunities in affiliated IT firms. Every year, they give registered participant placement possibilities through its network of over 400 placement partners. Over a thousand Imarticus students have been hired by firms that are a good fit for them. The business analytics course includes case studies, real-world projects, and theoretical lectures.

They provide you with various chances to participate in hackathons and other coding challenges to improve your abilities. After completing the course, you will be able to evaluate and analyze complicated business data and reports to make decisions for the company. The course teaches you how to develop accurate sales predictions to increase the productivity and growth of any firm.

8. Simplilearn

One of the top business analytics courses in Bangladesh is provided by Simplilearn, which focuses on assisting both novice and advanced learners in getting the skills required to work as business analysts for well-known MNCs. Business analytics training, like many other IT courses, is available online. The institute concentrates on teaching IT courses and assisting students in landing their desired profession. The program, which began in San Francisco, California, has now spread around the world due to its high-quality services. Around 2 million students from all over the world have benefited from the institution’s assistance in acquiring the information and skills required to prosper in life.

IBM and Simplilearn have joined together to provide Business Analytics training in Bangladesh. This course says that you will be a business analytics expert after completing it. They illustrate how to utilize statistics and predictive analytics, as well as educate you on how to employ the most up-to-date tools and methodologies. The collaborative nature of the course gives it an advantage over other courses. Students in this course will learn about a complex integrated learning approach. After finishing this course, you will be a professional in business analysis. After completing the course, using technologies like Tableau and Power BI will be second nature. The course materials include alternatives for self-paced study videos as well as live, online instructor-led sessions. Due to its courses, the instate got its place in top business analytics courses in Bangladesh.

What Are the Day-to-day Functions of a Business Analyst

  • In the healthcare industry, the business analyst may be used to administer and manage clinical information systems. It has the potential to convert medical data from a bewildering number of analytical approaches into usable data. Data analysis may also be utilized to create modern reporting systems that incorporate the most recent significant indicators, historical trends, and reference values for the patient.
  • To improve decision-making, business analytics frequently use explanatory and predictive modeling, numerical analysis, fact-based management, and analytical modeling. Analytics can be used to produce automated judgments or to provide data for human decision-making. Reporting, “alerts,” and online analytical processing is all part of business intelligence (OLAP).
  • A substantial volume of high-quality data is required for business analytics. It is difficult to maintain data quality when attempting to integrate and reconcile data from several systems and then deciding which subsets of data to make public.
  • Maintain a wide perspective on the problem while adhering to corporate rules. This may necessitate an examination of specific parts of the organizational structure, issues with employee development, present procedures, and IT systems.
  • Examine the possible performance changes to a business system. Again, an evaluation of the organizational structure and staff development requirements may be required to assure alignment with any suggested process reform and IT system development. Using correct documentation standards to capture the IT system support requirements of the company.

A business analyst’s primary role as an internal consultant is to study business circumstances, uncover and evaluate potential system innovations, describe needs, and ensure that information system is used efficiently to meet business demands. 


At first, glance, finding Business Analytics Courses in Bangladesh may appear challenging, however, this essay goes into great depth about various Business Analytics Courses in Bangladesh. Find the most in-demand business analytics jobs Business analysts that can examine data, identify patterns, and act on their findings are in great demand within the IT business. Outside of the IT industry, a company may boost its growth and productivity by implementing business analytics tools and methodologies. 

One significant distinction: attending these courses will not assist you unless you have a real desire to work as a business analyst. Prepare to think about a career in business analytics. Do you find mathematics and statistics intriguing? If you answered yes, learning business analytics would secure your financial success. If the answer is no, there are still some choices to explore. Other industries, such as content development, technical writing, digital marketing, and many more, are rapidly increasing. Business analytics courses in Bangladesh are in high demand. 

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. What distinguishes business analysts from data scientists? 

A data scientist is an expert in computer programming languages who develops complicated algorithms to manage large amounts of data. A business analyst’s primary tasks include making frequent business decisions as well as preparing and assessing a huge number of reports.

Q2. What Function Do Business Analysts Play? 

Business analysts study analytical modeling, numerical analysis, and predictive modeling to manipulate data and forecast future trends. Working as an analyst is one of the most difficult jobs. To make the best decisions, substantial research and analysis are required.

Q3. How can I begin working as a business analyst? 

Given the state of technology and the future, it makes sense to pursue a career as a business analyst. To begin a career in this field, simply enroll in one of these business analytics courses in Bangladesh that are provided. You can progress by following the advice of your mentors. 

Q4. How long it takes to learn business analytics expertise?

The field of business analysis is quite broad. It necessitates the use of several computer languages, the computation of statistics, and the solution of mathematical issues. What counts is whether or not it makes you happy. You will learn faster if you are committed to becoming a business analyst. But, in the end, it all boils down to how much effort and practice you put in. 

Q5. Do these Business Analytics Courses in Bangladesh seem worthwhile?

Each of the aforementioned training institutes has its own set of terms and conditions. However, the business analytics courses offered here are valuable. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the appropriate institute. Your questions will be kindly answered. The programs given are legitimate. And this piece was made after extensive study on the best Business Analytics Courses in Bangladesh.

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