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8 Best Online Courses In India You Can Take From Home

Education is an ocean of knowledge. We have so many institutions and digital platforms to study and help ourselves to be never stopping from grasping. There are many Online Courses but I will tell you only the 8 best online courses here, helping you to make wise decisions ceaseless.


here is a list of best online courses to take from home


Many things have revolved around us. First- we used to be very particular about ourselves, our study concept, our learning. Going to school, college was a valuable asset over staying home and doing nothing. We all used to believe that school and colleges are the only sources of getting graduated and earning a job.


Time has changed, we need to understand, not only college or school helps us to be educated, but learning from our place can also make us earn more than we desire. Online Courses are at their peak these days; I have decided by noticing such good outstanding opportunities are getting in trend.


Who said we cannot achieve our targets by doing online courses?


Education is a process of making us learn, revise, play games on digital assessment, making our future bright, and making us a successful person is a priority. For Education, It’s not written anywhere that we have to be attentive physically in class. Sometimes virtually also just by listening on zoom call attending class through apps can also make your dreams come true.


After examining all the Barriers and Positive aspects in the education field, the motive is to get a good result, and to be good with career-making is what we crave; we should be masters in our fields.


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Why are Online Classes booming? What exactly is it?


All of us must understand the real meaning of these types of studies. A certified institution with a different education field is the real booming for teenagers these days. Not only for teenagers but for those who are married and still want to peruse in their career can be a part of it.


In our hush life, we have many tasks and targets to achieve. Stick with our jobs is a huddle to tackle all these together. It is somewhere necessary we are getting a good advantage of studying and completing our stream.




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IIM Skill is the best education onscreen institution. I can guarantee you this, as I have personally experienced it. IIM SKILL is best for digital studies and has different best online courses available to the learner to continue. I have enrolled in Content writing. Professors are best with full acknowledgment and guidance throughout the syllabus.



Zoom meeting was the best plan to continue with the session and a source connection with batch mates and teachers. Full training has been throughout the session. IIM SKILL has good internal management to help each and everyone facing different problems. A loop is, have to follow as students. Best internet session as everything is systematic before it starts, demo classes organized to tell us prior what it’s all about.


All the recordings for all the batches have been. Students have access to check all recoding by inserting a password for all IIM students. Through LMS access, they will get a chance to listen to the recording, what’ve all information taught by teachers.  They will get to know everything in detail. Students can use this recording to assess after the completion of the course in the future also.


Placement offers are given and have a trio with good repudiated media companies.  Owner Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar is a Trainer with his entire team who works hard to make every student learn positively. Internships are given for three months also, along with it you can get a chance to work with this institute in future as job placement. Isn’t it interesting?


Exams will be set first before the internship will begin if you clear your exam after then the beginning of set-up for career opportunities.


  • Fee Structure:
  • For Content Writing: 15000 around
  • For Digital Marketing plus content: 35000
  • So for different courses, they have a fee structure.
  • Companies after completing the courses you can link with:
  • Hindustan Times
  • Times of India
  • All the Pr and Media Firms.
  • The scope for getting a job is in high demand- as IIM SKILL is one of the repudiated institutes to learn and explore without doubting spending.


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2) BYJU’S:


Byju’s one of the best online courses for kids from class 4 to 10th. One of the best online tuition with the best top-ranking teachers for Maths and Science subjects. The best trainers involved will take care of kids and students. Different timings are for courses.


Trial classes will be there for one month. If students like the method then, pay the fee and be associated with Byju’s. There is something good about Byju’s classes -parents have faith in it. The payment is refunded in 15 days if your kid could not attend the course for any reason.


The schedule has been set by Byju’s, Also; extra classes will be there for any student required. In one month, sixteen digital classes will be online by the institute, four classes per week. Along with it, you will be allowed for Byju’s Premium app.


Preparation for JEE/NEET Crash syllabus can be prepared online with Byju’s classes. One mentor will be there with students; with different perspectives to solve queries and give you the best result. Easy to Peruse and have a good time to stay at home learns and practice for your particular course easily.


All the email IDs and contact numbers have been with the management. To sure no one has a  problem in assessing the program. More Courses are available for online classes to depend on your field where you want to try easy for you to complete the task online.


The fee structure ranges from 15,000 to 26,000.

Depending: More Courses are available for online classes to specific on your field where you want to try easy for you to complete the task online.

The fee structure ranges from 15,000 to 26,000.

Depending on the course you chose and the availability of months of completing the course.

From training, one month to the types of courses is available in Byju’s.


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3) Swayam Institute: 


Best Online Courses can be acquired through this institute -Swayam. Set-up by the Government of India. Swayam is the best for your personality skills and has a great unique style of knowing your better version.


Sitting back home and learning to explore is good, but taking out time and knowing your body language is something we all should explore. We hardly get time to think about our body language skills. Swayam is a platform to give some time and know about your knowledge and skills.


Online Degree Available for Courses:  


  • Internet classes
  •  Puzzles
  • Scrutiny


For all the queries and any doubts,  /Teachers will be available for all the students living out. The Swayam about this institute is, they want every student to learn digitally. The distance between online classes and degrees they want to make students learn about it.

And, enrollment will be through the repudiated company.


Skill development Swayam the best, for a degree that will help us in our future achievements. This degree will not only help us in our professional life but also our personal life.


The fee structure of courses available is also low so all the middle class, the below the line can study too. Isn’t it great to learn something at fewer fees?


You may also want to check out the online GST Course from IIM SKILLS


4) Mumbai Digital Film Academy


The best academy for those students who are best in BMM ‘BACHELOR’S IN MASS MEDIA’.  This academy is best for Media students who want to learn about the best online courses in the Media Industry. Like Script Writing, Ad Making, Film –Making, Cinematography, Direction, etc.


I know about this academy institute as my very close has done through this institute for scriptwriting.


There are several courses, but the online available here is only for, Script Writing as this course is the only one where practical fieldwork Is not required. The online class will be available, where lots of creativity is required for students to make a script for a film, even for short-film scriptwriter has to work hard. It’s a six-month course for basic training, and then an internship will be provided where placement offers are in a media firm can be done through the academy.


Scriptwriting is way too good an opportunity for a student to write a story and be creative. The job opportunity is in high demand. Also, you will get a name as a scriptwriter that will help in the Bollywood industry too.


You can write about any celebrity or also for any celebrity books, And Acknowledgment will be there. Also, based on the draft, you will get money.  It’s in your hand to continue with scriptwriting or, you can earn as a freelancer, aside from business.


It’s a good study and something innovative, for which you will have to learn and use your mind every day to make a new story, new suspense, and good writing. Along with its syllabus for direction course will be there, done.


These best online courses vary from one to one. All have different months and duration to complete. Its ranges from one month course to one year too. Certificate /Degree will handle by every student after completion of the course. Also, a workshop will be for one month.


Scriptwriting and Direction will be taught together. You have a good scope to choose your field in scriptwriting or Direction. Both have a job in the industry.



  • CNBC
  • NDTD
  • D News


Also, about fee structure online, it’s not that costly. It’s in the range. Ranging from 10,000 to 50,000/It’s an important and something really in budget to learn and start and opportunity to start this job.


5) Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune


This organization has many best online courses available for studying. Have the option to choose between visiting the institute to attending classes there. Symbiosis also provides online courses depending on your choice.


Certificate courses in this institute are good and have a scope of learning, studying, and growing business. Sitting at home and expanding business is a fantastic idea ., as well as earning good, but think have you ever explored online business. Creating an online business and expanding it.


No traveling, no office, your timing, your creativity, and the most important part will be the owner of your own.  The business will run speedily and rapidly as online products will be launched. Start-up business online, blogs will be written by you. You can promote your website online and create connections.


Nurturing an online business is the best thing to work on and study. The professors make us teach small -small tools available on online marketing, which will help us in the future to make an amount in online business. Professors who taught us are those who already have their business on a good platform. And will tell about small tools to promote and make a brand building.


It’s a certified course available online, can be easily ranked, and gets a chance to open your own business with some well-hidden tools, helping to set –up the career. The fee structure of such type of course available in this institute is not much.


I think it’s a good deal to start with this course, timing and availability will be in your hand as a student with no time foundation comfortably you can sit, at your place and can enjoy grasping something new.


6) Key Stone Online Studio


Certificate Program –Graphic Designing: Based in Delhi, an online service is available.


Certified programs are engaging subjects to deal in. Graphic Designing is the most efficient to create something unique and classy. A graphic designer hires in the media companies, especially in advertising companies; graphic designers are the utmost required.


The graphic designer should always be aware of the history of designing, tools to use, what measures should be kept in mind to create a design so that no mark of copyright should be available.


Graphic Designing has a big task to achieve. If you are a designer, you will have the responsibilities of making pamphlets, broachers, hoarding, creating online ads posters.


In the market, there is a large number of hiring for graphic designers. At any amount, graphic designers are higher. Especially in media firms, it’s way too important to have at least two three designers to run the ad.


Reach for such type of job is in demand and have an income in companies. Graphic designing will not only help in reaching heights but will also sharpen the mind and have a bright future.


Best Online Courses are available to complete a degree in graphic designing and start with own creating some unique pieces and show creativity to make an ad popular. Even, Graphic designers can make animations used for pictures, TV –series, web series.


Courses to learn about:


  • Animation
  • Image editing in Photoshop




The course will help us in the future. Completing this graphic designing, we will have computer knowledge, how to operate it.

Animation work.

How to use adobe,

The right angle and making a clear picture with putting effects.


7) Actor Prepares:


Actor Prepares the institute for teenagers and adults. Everyone wants to be a part of Bollywood.  There are so many teenagers inspired by actors and have a crucial stage in life, where teenagers get inspired by actors and want to peruse an acting course in life.


Actor Prepares Institute is open for all age groups to learn acting. There are Professors, teachers well trained from (National School of Drama).


There was a time when acting used to be performed on stage with full props. Now the time is for a digital world. We have a scope of learning to groom ourselves from home. Actor Prepares Institute eventually has made life easy for us by making us learn acting online. There are several batches ongoing online. With a team of one teacher and ten students, we can do the acting course.


Batches Name:


1) Weekend Course

2) Advance Weekend Course

3) One Month Course

4) Diploma Course


Fee Structure:

Weekend Batch: 20,000/-

 Online Course: 25,000/-


There are many batches within different range courses. Also, the institute is associated with Production Houses and Casting Agencies that are working for Bollywood- Movies, TV Serials, Web series, and Ads. Once you complete your acting course, you will get a certificate.


You will be a Professional Actor. You will get a chance to give auditions, Introduction, to all casting directors. You never know you can be a star too. Timing is also suitable we don’t have to rush for Institute 2 hours of the day is flexible to learn this course.


Actor Prepare has an opportunity for us. Institute will help us in making our connection in Media Companies, especially in Bollywood. The best actors who are from this actor Prepare are working great in Industry. It’s an opportunity to choose this Institute and take advantage to make your dream come true and get name and fame through Industry. Don’t be late for admission. Get the chance today.


8) DigiGrad Digi -Grad located in Mumbai has the best online course for Digital Marketing Master Program.


Digital Marketing is good for today’s business. Digital marketing helps us in promoting our sales and business expansion on another level.


Connections are a key to starting with anything. Through digital marketing, we will make so Many contacts and even many partners to expand our business.  Sales and Business Promotion will go hand in hand with the help of the Digital –Marketing course.


This type, of course, is needed for the future to learn things digitally and explore online. Through this institute -Placement offers are in the great zone:


1) Accenture





Three months online Program placement. Trainers for digital marketing are those who have already worked in the Industry. Brands like Jaguar, Vodafone, and Toppr, etc.


Digital Marketing course is one of the best online courses which should be learned and grasp by all the teenagers these days to make a little use of expanding and growth of the business. Online brands and creating the name graphically digitally using tools and promotion on social networking sites are the best.


There are more courses available for more online classes.

The fee structure of every batch is different:

For Digital Marketing it’s – 48,000/

For Master in Digital -60,000/


There is the best part about Digital Marketing. If you are aware of digital, Digital Marketing, it becomes easy to understand all the small tools and settings of different online available. Also, how to deal with social media platforms will be effective.


Digital Marketing helps us to know about our business development. We will get to know a clear picture of our business products. About our Ads release and also, how much reach we are getting per ad. How many viewers are interested, and which location in the world requires more of our products?


Through Digital assess we will get the help of the Email Marketing tool, Mail chimp we can send our business information to 2000 and above people. We will get to know about all these tools with the help of Digital Marketing.




Best online courses have a vast result compared to going and taking classes. I believe we all should start with Online Courses that will be time-saving and have more comfortable peace. I have experienced and have a great result while sitting back home and gaining advanced knowledge online and graduated is one of the best feelings I could ask.


So, these are the Eight Best Online Courses with the best Institute.  Best certificate courses, and have a name in the Market with giving placement.


Education is not just once to gain good marks for lifetime achievement. We study to memorize it for a lifetime and use our education skills, whatever course we have done in masters and graduation to utilize it for a better future. Hurry up!

Hello, I am Ayushi Sarda.currently Woking in Anupam Kher’s Talent Company. Head of Talent Company.

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