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Best Online Course For CAT Preparation – Fee, Reviews & Details

Best Online Course For CAT IIM SKILLS

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An MBA degree from a top-ranked B-school is essential for your management career. That is why it is important for you to choose the right course for CAT.


MBA is one of the most sought-after courses in India and throughout the world. The benefits of this business degree for your career are unmatched by any other degree. But to enter a great business school you need a good course for CAT.


An MBA degree from a top-ranked B-school is essential for your management career. This is because an MBA is as much about the theory as it is about the environment you learn in. A top B-school provides you the most talented classmates who eventually become your team. It also provides you with world-class faculty with practical industry experience.


An MBA is not about the books you study in college. If that was the case, every management college would produce the same quality of managers. But we know that is not it.


The name of your B-school is a brand that you carry throughout your life. It symbolizes the tradition of excellence and the values of your school that you uphold throughout your career. It is not just an achievement. It is a responsibility. One that keeps you working towards your mission.


In this article we are going to discuss the following topics:


  1. Why is an MBA important?
  2. Why CAT?
  3. Why do you need a course for CAT?
  4. Why online coaching?
  5. Why IIM Skills?


Why is an MBA important?


MBA has many benefits. It is not just for your career but also for you as a person. Let’s discuss them one by one.


  • It enhances your personality:  An MBA improves many parts of your personality. As you work on projects with great teams, inside the college and outside, you develop confidence that only comes from great work. You learn that you are valuable and you are an important part of a team. You become a professional. A highly sought-after degree, that you possess, gives you great respect in society and the business world as well. 
  • It provides credibility: An MBA from a top B-school provides you credibility in the industry. As you start working, people trust your skills more when you are from a great institution that has a legacy of producing and nurturing great talent.
  • Many skills that you learn in a B-school are the soft and transferrable skills that come from other skillful people. Inside a team, everyone learns something from the other member. This is why it is important to be in a good team. 
  • These skills are relevant in any industry you choose to work in. That also makes one of the most versatile degrees which are useful in every sector of industry be it medical, automobile, media, politics, or sports.
  • Strategy is another important skill that you learn in a B-school. This skill is valuable not just in your career but also in your personal life. You learn to analyze the pros and cons of any decision you make. You learn to think about the short-term and long-term implications of decisions. You’ll be able to plan wisely. This is much needed for businesses. To foresee a trend and make informed decisions is a quality in demand.
  • You become better at communication. Management is all about communication. Communication with colleagues. Communication with superiors. Communication with juniors. Effective communication is simple and clear. It gets the job done. As a manager, you will learn what is the purpose of communication at every point. And then act accordingly.
  • Discipline. To complete your MBA, you need to attend important classes, complete assignments on time, do the projects, join the study sessions. All the activities require hard work and discipline. 
  • You learn time management. There’s so much stuff to do inside a business school you automatically learn to optimize your time and routine and become more productive and efficient. There is no time to waste in those 2 years. Like in your career. If you want to become the best.
  • Broaden your horizons. MBA provides you a window to the real business world out there. You learn so much about issues in the world. You learn how small pieces fit together to make a complex working business. You understand the social, political, economic issues that affect our society. What you choose to deal with depends on your preference.
  • Besides all these skills, an MBA from a top business school gives you an asset of your lifetime in the form of a great network. You meet so many industry leaders and professors who are renowned economists and policymakers. Even the classmates you study with are going to end up in great positions in big roles. There is no better place to network. Your career has no limits if you have a great network.
  • Job opportunities are the most if you graduate from a top business school. Because the name of the institute carries with it trust and credibility. You are associated with all those people before you who have done great work and are in great positions in the industry.
  • MBA sometimes can revive your stuck career. It happens often that a company does not promote people to a higher managerial role, with a higher salary, because they lack the MBA. A stuck career is no good because your work is not taking you anywhere. After an MBA you’ll have many new possibilities in your career.
  • You’ll get better at personal finances. You will know what commodity is necessary and what is not. What gives you returns over time and what turns into a loss.
  • Thinking outside the box and innovation is another skill you’ll develop here. Creative thinking is necessary not just in the arts but also in the business world. Many business solutions that we apply today were once applied for the first time. There was no track record of its success. 


Now you know why an MBA is so important for your career.


Now we will talk about how you can get into a top business school.


Why CAT?


CAT is the most important management entrance exam in India. CAT is designed to test the candidates in many areas and measure how suitable they can be as managers. Almost all MBA schools in India take admissions based on a student’s CAT score. If an MBA is your goal, CAT is the most important exam you should focus your preparation on.


CAT is an online test. It has 3 different sections of 


  1. Quantitative Ability (QA)
  2. Verbal Ability (VA) & Reading Comprehension (RC)
  3. Data Interpretation(DI) & Logical Reasoning (LR)


The Quantitative Aptitude(QA)  section consists of basic mathematics, based upon a 10 + 2 difficulty level. Questions come from various topics such as Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, and Commercial Mathematics (Word Problems). The questions are largely based on the application of maths to find solutions to real-world problems.


The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI-LR)  section consist of questions that are asked based on a given set of data. The data given could be in any form like graphs, charts, tables, or paragraphs. Data Interpretation problems test how the candidate makes sense of the data and their ability to solve questions accurately. Logical Reasoning problems check the candidate’s ability to use logic and evaluate problems.


The Verbal Ability (VA)  section consists of problems on understanding and usage of standard English language and grammar. Verbal Ability questions test skills like the candidate’s knowledge of arranging paragraphs in an order that makes sense, determining the type of given statements, completing the paragraphs appropriately. In general, it is found that all the sections share an equal weightage. But that should not be taken as a rule.


The test was started by the Indian Institutes of Management(IIMs) to grade candidates seeking admission. All the IIMs take turns to prepare the question paper every year. Today CAT scores are used by almost every management college including management schools in IITs and IISc.


CAT used to be a pen and paper test before 2009. It was decided that starting in 2009, CAT would be a computer-based test. Each correct answer awards 3 marks to the candidate. A wrong answer deducts 1 point. The test has different sets of question papers. This is why all the scores are equated later.


In order to be eligible for writing CAT, a candidate must hold or expect to hold a bachelor’s degree by the time of admission.


A good score in CAT is necessary for a seat in the best management colleges in India. CAT is like a gateway to the best B-schools. Why you want to be in the best B-school has already been discussed. 


A great CAT score basically ensures a great learning atmosphere whichever college you choose to go to. You get a great corporate network of a lifetime. You get to meet industry leaders and renowned economists. You get a great start to your management career at the end of the course. Some top B-schools even have a 100% placement record.


Why do you need a course for CAT preparation?


Every year about 2.2 lac candidates register for CAT. The competition in the CAT is very high. CAT requires students to score well in many areas that show they can become great managers. It is very hard to demonstrate these skills in an exam when you did not have specialized CAT coaching for preparation.


  • A good course for CAT prepares you not just for the exam but also for the course you are going to take. Coaching centers have years of experience in the exam as well as in teaching. They understand the exam because they have seen the papers and the trends year after year.
  • The teachers in the best course for CAT have been teaching for years. They have mastery over their subjects. They can solve any problem that is presented to them. They know the best strategies to solve a problem fast. They have special tricks and techniques for many scenarios. They offer a different way of thinking to the students. There is no substitute for a good teacher.
  • In your CAT preparation, you are going to solve many questions, obviously, and there will always be times when you’d need a teacher to explain to you a topic. Good teachers always take out time for their students and take responsibility to explain the student everything until he/she understands.
  • They always know which areas are more important so that they focus on them more until everybody understands it. Teachers at a good course for CAT have seen the papers so many times that they have an intuition about which questions are going to come this time. And they are surprisingly right many times. You simply cannot match their experience.
  • A good course for CAT specializes in effective teaching. Teaching is an important skill that often goes unnoticed because of a few bad teachers at school. It takes a lot of effort to be a good teacher. To learn and understand a concept is one thing but to explain it to others, who happen to be very smart people in their own right, requires whole another deal of effort.
  • Good CAT coaching provides you personalized attention. Because every student is different. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses that need special focus.
  • Good coaching not only teaches you subjects in the syllabus but also prepares you with the best strategy to score more in the CAT. They tell you when to avoid questions, what to attempt first. A student can be good at all topics but scoring in CAT also requires an effective time-tested strategy to attempt the paper. It is not only limited to the exam paper but starts way earlier than the exam itself. You need to go to the exam center with the right mindset. These things can be taught only at good coaching.
  • You need a course for CAT because it is a sure way to get a good percentile in the minimum number of attempts. Since you are allowed only one attempt each year, you really don’t want to waste time when you can join coaching and score higher in the same duration.
  • A course for CAT provides a structured environment for learning. Topics are covered in fixed duration. Learning in a class is the fastest way to learn a topic. It is much faster than reading and learning from a book.
  • A good course for CAT also teaches you personality skills along with helpful during GD and Interview sessions. You cannot practice that alone.


If you are serious about CAT preparation and your management career, there is no way you can prepare without a course for CAT. Time is crucial and competition is very high for the top colleges. It is a naive idea to think that you can perform your best without the right guidance. If you think you can do good without coaching, you can do great with coaching.


Why online CAT coaching?


Online CAT coaching is getting increasingly popular. This is because many CAT candidates are working professionals or college students in their final year.


They do not have time to attend classes every day and they want to make an attempt at the exam without taking a drop year. It’s a perfectly smart thing to do. It’s better if you can get into a good business school without sacrificing a year.


There are many benefits to an online course for CAT. You can go through the course material at your own pace. You can study anytime you want. Whenever you are free, late evenings or weekends. 


Now Let’s Talk About Why IIM SKILLS Is The Best Online Cat Coaching


IIM Skills is regarded as one of the best online CAT Coaching Institutes. Their coursework is designed by experts with years of teaching and industry experience. They not only prepare you for the exam but also for the management school curriculum. The course is actually customized for each student.


This format of personalized coaching ensures that every student can learn at their own pace. He/she can focus more on the topic that needs more practice rather than spending time on topics that are not getting any better.


The admission procedure at IIM Skills is unique. Before admission, the admission test you take is designed to give our experts an idea about your strengths and weaknesses. This is used to design and prepare personalized course material just for you.


Every student who enrolls at IIM SKILLS has a unique course for CAT made just for them. Everybody has different strengths, weaknesses, and different speeds of thinking.


Before starting the course, our experts communicate with you about your performance in the entrance test. Your learning process starts right when you give that entrance test.


Our coursework is also free of unnecessary topics that many other coaching courses fill up to make students feel like their coaching is offering them extra value. The only focus for IIM Skills is to get the student a great CAT score on their first attempt.


The coursework of IIM Skills is unlike any other. The first thing it does is to evaluate the student’s weak and strong areas. This lets us know which areas need more focus depending upon their weightage in CAT. This is important to direct the efforts of the student in the right direction. Just like classroom coaching. But better.


IIM Skills provides the right combination of video tutorials, study material, and mock tests, based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, If a student is strong in Verbal ability(VA) but their quantitative ability(QA) part has some scope for improvement, the coursework focuses on more practice on the QA. This is done during the preparation time way before the exam so there’s enough time for the student to work upon their weakness.


There is no substitute for industry experience especially when the competition in the exam is so high. IIM Skills trains a student to compete with the best and the smartest talent of the country who will become great leaders one day.


The online course from IIM Skills is specially designed around the individual student. There are no other obligations to worry, for example, other classmates. Many times it happens in a classroom that teachers teach at the level of the average student and if the majority of students understand a topic, they move on to the next topic. This puts someone weak at a topic unable to work on their weakness. It also puts a smart student at a disadvantage because this reduces their speed and is a waste of time for them.


There is no use of working hard at a subject someone is already good at. It’s much more useful to spend that time making weak topics better. Time is a valuable thing when it comes to CAT preparation. Time management is one of the most important qualities any manager must possess.


In case of any doubts that are not cleared during the coursework, IIM SKILLS provides you a personal coach. The interactive sessions with the coach are one-on-one sessions. It is designed for a specific student. 


Another important quality in our course is that all the course material you get at IIM SKILLS comes with lifetime access. Almost no other coaching institute provides this facility to any student. This is because if any student does not get the percentile he/she thought of and wants to make one more attempt to increase their percentile, they can use the course material again without even paying. The coursework once bought is theirs forever.


It’s a great thing because a student has a strength-weakness analysis that stays relevant even after the course. They can use it to compare their preparation. They can watch and study again all the recorded sessions whenever they need it. 


Another advantage of the IIM Skills course for CAT is an important one for working professionals or college students who are in their final year. They can go through the course at their own pace, in their free time. 


Working professionals have a lot of responsibilities and obligations to attend to. We all know how hard it is to work and prepare for an exam like CAT at the same time. The good news is that they can go through the course material whenever they find the time. The course is perfect for them as they can go through it after work in the evenings or on the weekends, whatever time or place suits them.


IIM Skills is a CAT coaching that has many dynamic experts who quickly adapt to the changing needs and requirements of the CAT. We feel the responsibility when a student depends upon us for their career and take our work with serious dedication.


A student can talk to us not just about the exam but about their whole management career, their aspirations, their reasons, and their source for inspiration. We at IIM Skills believe that lack of motivation and disappointments are a part of the exam preparation process and the right guidance is absolutely necessary at the right time.


Find out more about IIM Skills CAT coaching.

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