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The Best Job Apps For Career Aspirants in 2024

A lot of students search for the best job apps on the web, so here are the best job apps for career aspirants in 2024.


The Best Job Apps For Career Aspirants



Looking for the best job apps to start fresh? 

The World of the Internet has become a new home for all of us. No one is excluded or side-lined from this “Next Gen”. The online world presents us with numerous opportunities to look for things, order food, shop for shoes, learn about typhoid, know the temperature of Hawaii, search for the best job apps, and so on. As they say, the Sky’s the limit. In the case of the internet, we have even gone beyond the sky.


The extent is not limited to the internet, especially with the latest search engines, where they provide you with countless options for one simple search. In the same way, if one is looking for the apps for their phones or tablets, the first search which application to download. As everything is available in the palm of our hands. Our phones or tablets have become everything. From games for boredom to taking selfies to apps for searching jobs and so on. But with so much competition and so much variety out there, every application on the phone comes in a diversified variety.


To narrow down which app to download, can get tricky and time-consuming. There are so many factors to look out for before hitting the button download.


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Factors to keep in mind for downloading an app: 

Privacy: Once an app is downloaded, it asks for several things like, permission to access photos on your phone, to access the camera, to access the phonebook, to access the microphone, to access the Bluetooth, the mobile data, and so on. By accepting them, you are permitting the particular app to access and go through your life. Hence, it is always advisable to look out for the secured apps.

  • The Copyright: The apps that get legal copyright always mention it on their app. This really helps and ensures the user trusts the brand.
  • The Developer: The website or the developer makes it a point to mention their name. This is helpful for the users to look out for the apps, designed by the particular designer.
  • In-app purchases (if any): This is an important point as well. As some apps may seem to be free to download but pose in-app purchases after you download them. This is a big turn-off and a bad marketing strategy. This step, in turn, loses the user’s trust.
  • The Privacy Policy: This option directs the user to the web page where the terms and conditions of the app are mentioned. This can ensure the user reads all the terms and then decide to go further with the app or not.


These above-stated points must be looked for, before downloading any app or game, whether you own an expensive iPhone or a normal Oppo one. The same concept goes for job apps or job-finding applications as well.

The best job apps in the market, usually have their copyright and terms and conditions in place to ensure:

  • Not being deleted by the users.
  • Being used for the longest of times.

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The job applications for phones usually have: 

  • Search Tab”: This is the first and most useful tip of any job-hunting application on any phone. As one can type in the desired “keywords” like ‘graphic designer’ or ‘jobs in the BPO sector, etc. The more adequate and definitive your keywords are, the refiner your search will be. The search tab is usually sensitive and aggressive. This means, as soon as you start to type, e.g.; ‘Te…’ the search results will start to show the options they have…like ‘Team leader’ or ‘Teacher’ or ‘Telegu Content Writer’; etc. This helps the user to choose from their pre-decided list and be more precise.


  • Recommended Jobs: This option is available after you have made a couple of searches. The application gets an idea of what you are looking for, as per your recent search history. Also, the employers who post their ads or vacancies here, get the option of getting their job ad on the top by choosing paid services. Then, their job ads will come on top and can catch the employee’s eye. This option also helps to save time and quickly click on the most recent one. Otherwise, at times, one may apply for a job that was posted a couple of weeks ago, and the job seeker ends up applying for the same only to find out that this position has been filled.


  • Inbox: This feature helps a lot by providing job seekers to connect with employers and companies. The employer can message and ask about the qualifications and salary expectations then and there. This helps both parties by saving time and being precise about the requirements.


  • Paid services: Most of the famous and user-friendly and best job apps come free. One can search and apply for several jobs in the free section, as well. But most of them also offer paid services. These, too, help a lot and can especially help those who need a little help in the area. The paid services offer to: get your profile on the top when the employer search for the desired profile. Also, can create resumes or profiles in a professional manner, which most companies prefer.


  • The Profile: This section can be edited by the user at any time. Here the user can upload his personal details, photograph, resume, past work experiences, educational qualifications, and so on. This helps the employer to know about the candidate.

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After one has understood the app and has entrusted it with his details, the app does the rest. As they say, the internet never sleeps. It’s a 24/7 working station, where all the information is always available.


From ordering food to looking for love, there’s an app for everything; so why does the job search be any different. These days, looking for a job doesn’t require spending hours through the newspaper listings or being confined to desktop websites. Instead, several job-search apps can help you stay connected and on top of your job hunt, even if you are on the go. Your smartphone can help you to lock down your next job. Luckily, there are a good number of apps out there that can help you find the right job that will help you fly.


Here is a narrowed-down list of the 10 best job apps:


Here’s one user-friendly website and they have their own easy-to-understand mobile app as well. Once you’ve let LinkedIn know you’re looking for a new role, it will be on the lookout for you and notify you as well, that meet your standards and experience, as well as highlighting your profile, in any employer searches for vacancies.


If you prefer a more practical approach to job probing, then you can always search through the detailed roles, filtered by job titles, pay scale, or company, and you can apply then and there, using your LinkedIn profile. Best of all, LinkedIn will also keep your job hunting secretive, so it won’t tip off your current employer if you’re not ready to disclose your plans!


Note: LinkedIn has extended its platform via LinkedIn Learning that allows users to learn more skills and expand their opportunities to grow in their respective careers.



Naukri.com is one of the leading job websites in India that acquires over 70% share in the Indian job market space. It is one of the first Indian job websites that laid down its route in our country and has successfully become one of the top job search portals in the country.Naukri.com is used to registered job hunters with 15,000 resumes added daily.

Note: Naukri.com has started its new project FirstNaukri.com, a job search portal solely designed for freshers, right out of college or still in studying. One of the features, that makes Naukri.com a Go-to for so many users is its ‘Pan India presence.


3.Monster India:

Monster.com is a global employment search portal that was created back in 1999 and has expanded its roots all over the world, including India. Monster India, has its headquarter in Hyderabad. It is one of the top companies to have a huge database and offers a diversified variety of jobs and has a couple of international brands on its list of employers. Its interface is very familiar to the Tinder Monster one. It offers a job card and one can swipe left or right to choose or reject the job.


This has made the whole searching for jobs option, fun and easy. It has an add-on feature that no other app offers, is a concierge or an expert that can help you in more than one way. He can help you juice up your profile, make it really interesting, narrow down your search options, and also help you with deciding on the salary aspect as well. This feature has allowed many to gain good quality jobs over the years.


Note: Monster is amongst the job portals that enable you to search for jobs under different categories like Government jobs, Contract jobs, Walk-in jobs, and also fresher jobs.



One of the top job search sites in the World, Indeed.com offers applications for both iOS and Android with a database of 16 million jobs across 60 countries and 28 languages. One can upload their resume and just start applying with no frauds or crooks. This is a 15-year-old company which has a USA base and has been called to be “at the top of the heap”.


Indeed.com is amongst those job sites and apps in India that come with a simplified web interface that allows the searcher to narrow down their job search by area or their preferred place of work.

Note: Indeed.com also helps users with the company’s reviews and salary insights.


5. KillerLaunch

As one of the finest job portals in India, Hired allows its users to search for either internships or job opportunities just in a few clicks. There is a ‘company’s review section, which allows the users to browse through the reviews of those registered companies. This section has a little preview of the company and its workings. This can give an idea to the user and what to expect if they choose the said company.


Being at a stage where the user database is huge, KillerLaunch works as a mediator or a common connection between the end-user and the recruiter company.

Why KillerLaunch is at top of its game: 

  • One can search for both internships and jobs.
  • One can create their resume via Hiredd’s in-built free resume maker.
  • Glance through the company reviews.
  • Filter out your job/internship preferences easily.


6. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another popular job-search website that comes with a user-friendly app. This job portal although, differs a bit from the other portals in India, as one can find more information and some hidden facts about the employers, like the company’s reviews, salary offered, other benefits and incentives offered.

Glassdoor is essentially a website that provides information about companies, including reviews, interviews, salary insights, etc.



This is an innovative job portal for individuals trying to get their hands-on independent projects online. Freelancing is a way of working for multiple companies and projects, sententiously. One can earn a pretty penny in their own leisure time.


8. Upwork.com

Upwork is another freelance website where employers post about upcoming projects and individuals having the right skill set to approach the employer.


9. Freshersworld

This is another great job portal in India that aims at providing awesome job opportunities to freshers and recent graduates.


10. Shine

Shine is a popular job portal in India that is owned by the Hindustan Times group. As some Multinational Companies post their vacancies over this portal, the chances of cracking it big are more. Freshers are too, welcomed here.


There are more ways to acquire a job in India:

  • Apply online: Be on a constant lookout for job openings through job portals in India or via company websites, forums, and social media pages like LinkedIn.
  • Walk-In: Another method used by many is that of approaching companies for any potential job openings while submitting your CV at the reception or with HR. This can be a little tricky and risky as at times, this may give out an impression of being too desperate or eager. But at times, this also helps to lock down those openings that appear on the spot.
  • Referrals: If you have any acquaintances in a company you are interested in, you can ask them to refer you whenever a job opening comes up.As some companies, give incentives to their employees for referrals. And by getting hired by a referral, one also has a friend aboard to guide through the company’s workings, rules and regulations and what not to do, and so on.

The big question remains, whether these ‘best job apps’ really help in locking down a job. Even after you make an impressive profile and even opt for the paid services over the online job portals which can make your profile stay on top, does it guarantee that you will get an interview call?


The Consultancy FirmsAnd why not choose them:

Not so long ago, consultancy firms were making it huge in the market. As they used to seek out candidates in the particular field, conduct an informal interview, narrow down the list, and then get them to interview before the companies, after that. The consultancy firms then got their share of the commission. But they only received this share, after their sent employee was firstly hired and then stayed at the position for a minimum of 3 months. But if the employee left or was removed before the said time, then the firms didn’t receive anything.

The drawbacks of going to consultancy firms are:

  • The employer companies know that they have to pay a commission, so at times, to avoid that, they might not even choose the candidate, even if he is worthy.
  • The employer already has a pre-convinced notion about the past candidates of the said consultancy. And if the previous candidates were a disappointment, this impression can carry on.
  • The consultancy firms tend to favor those candidates to offer to pay them up-front or opt for the paid services.

The job portals that offer ‘free services’, also need to put food on their tables. How do they make money for the countless free users: 

  • Sharing their Data: The data that they collect is worth a lot more than imagined. This proves to be more advantageous than it seems. They intend to share the background of the employees, their resumes, their phone numbers, etc. This enables multiple companies by cutting the fat and focusing on the desired profiles. This is one way of earning good.


  • Advertisement: If a new vacancy is open in a company, the said companies contact the job portals for advertising their jobs. Then, the job portal website posts the vacancy on their homepage or highlights it in a place where a good number of users can see it. Along with it, many companies post their advertisements, all this a part of good advertising and gets both the parties to earn well.


  • Email or newsletters: Job portals provide an email directory to all career-seeking applicants. However, this method is not necessarily advantageous for the client, as it is very complicated to locate the right nominee in the middle of a large crowd.


  • Paid Memberships: Job portals may raise revenue by paying a simple sum of fees from both the applicant and the recruiter who recruits on the platform. Portal facilities are typically not safe. Such platforms then charge the employer based on an applicant they decide on.

After you know how to apply and where to apply, there is always that thought that lingers, that which job earns the most, and which jobs have a futurist sight.

  • Teaching jobs.
  • Doctors.
  • Social workers.
  • Choreographers.
  • Frontline Police and Detective Supervisors.
  • Marketing, Communications, and Design professionals.
  • HR managers.
  • Psychiatrists.
  • Data Scientist.


Here’s another list of jobs that have been noted to make employees really contented about their jobs: 

  • Voice Actor.
  • Professional video gamer.
  • Food critic.
  • Interior designer.
  • Personal shoppers.
  • Marine biologist.
  • Ethical computer hacking.
  • Toymakers.


The job portals in India today stay in tough competition with each other. Even the employers who post job vacancies on these portals, also post on more than one. Therefore, it is always advisable to post on more than one portal:

  • To stay ahead in the game.
  • To stay updated.
  • To beware of frauds and touts.
  • To have options and variety.
  • To come into the limelight, if you have chosen to go with the free edition.

The job apps of these portals are made in both formats, the iOS, and Android versions. These apps are usually designed by app designers, as it is a complex job. Thus, a lot of designing, copyright issues, color theming, content, size, security goes into it.

With the ever-so-changing economy and with the new MNCs coming in every day, jobs tend to stay stagnant. These are not the only reason for job changes, these days. Many employees have salary issues, some have location problems, some just don’t get along with their bosses, and so on. The best job apps then, come into the picture and help one to switch with ease.


Conclusion: Choose and pick the best job apps as per qualifications and desired location. One can always start fresh.

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