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Best Copywriting Services in India In 2024 (Updated)

Marketing is an important part of running a business as brand visibility and sales, and consequently, profitability and survival of a business depend on it. The best businesses and products can fail without proper marketing and need to hire marketing companies that try to influence the buying process of potential customers. We are going to talk about the top copywriting services in India that help to bring in leads and facilitate sales. 

Best Copywriting Services in India


The process, popularly known as the buyer’s journey essentially involves stages of identification of a problem by the buyer, researching possible solutions, and making a decision to purchase. Effective marketing helps to direct buyers towards specific products and services, by showing them the benefits and ways in which the product or service can address their problem, and thus persuading them into making a purchase.

To inform and persuade the customer marketing efforts have to include content that would provide requisite information to the potential customers and use techniques like publishing well-written content ending in a call to action. The best content would, however, fail to serve its purpose if it is not published on a suitable medium.

To maximize reach, the content is required to be published through media where it would have more visibility and, thus, more reach. It also needs to be customized according to the medium, as each medium has specific requirements based on users’ habits. The best copywriting services generally craft content customized according to the medium and audience.

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Conventionally products were marketed using print media or electronic media like television, radio, or films. However, in recent times the digital medium has emerged as a more popular electronic medium for marketing with most businesses and a large number of them have gone online with their marketing campaigns and promotions and use content marketing extensively for the promotion of products and services.

Content marketing is essential to increase brand visibility and improve the reach of the audience, and digital marketing has become a popular way for businesses to reach out to potential customers. An increasing number of people spend time online using mobiles and computers leading to greater exposure for businesses using digital marketing. In addition to increasing reach, digital marketing has the following advantages:

  • Affordability   
  • Access to global customers   
  • Tracking of results   
  • Increased brand visibility   
  • Better conversion rates    
  • Better return on investment   
  • Higher conversion rate   
  • Suitable for all sizes of businesses   

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The effectiveness of digital marketing efforts affects the ability to attract customers and ultimately the profitability of a business. They need to continuously modify their strategies and digital marketing channels and need to hire the best copywriting services to do so. Various digital marketing channels, available to marketers, are:

  • Websites   
  • Social media   
  • Organic search   
  • Paid search   
  • Mobile   
  • Display ads   
  • Email   

The variety of marketing channels helps businesses develop and support strategies based on the effectiveness of the channel and reach of the channel, and marketing agencies can customize their messages according to the channel and ensure brand visibility. Channels like email also help businesses address customer needs through interaction, helping them to increase customer base and credibility.

To obtain benefits, however, marketing agencies are also required to be proactive in modifying the strategies to match the rapid developments and changes in digital technology. The recent pandemic has also revealed the importance of the use of digital technology as eCommerce and other digital services thrived when the offline channels had to be closed

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Copywriting is an important part of content marketing and is described as an act of writing the text for advertising or other forms of marketing. The aim of copywriting is to increase brand visibility and persuade potential customers to take action like make a purchase, follow them on social media or donate to a cause.

The best copywriting services integrate persuasive elements in their copy to achieve the objective. The term “copywriting” is derived from the word ”copy” which means the text in the promotional materials. It needs to be understood that copywriting is different from the word copyright which means the legal right of an owner to intellectual property.

The text, in copywriting, can be written for printing online or offline or for speaking in promotional video content. Copywriting and content writing is often confused as the same. However, it needs to be understood that though they are similar and have areas of overlap their purpose is different. Copywriting aims to sell a product or service whereas a content writer aims to inform a buyer about the brand, product, or service and generate interest in it.

Copywriting and content writing thus address different stages of a buyer’s journey, with content writing addressing the needs in the research stage and copywriting addressing the needs of problem identification or the buying stage. The length and nature of contents may also vary for the two types of writing, and the best copywriting services address this difference in their work. Various forms of copywriting are as under:  

  • Brochures  
  • Email campaigns   
  • Catalogs   
  • Press releases   
  • Social media posts   
  • Text for online and offline advertisements   
  • Brochures   
  • Sales letters   
  • Scripts for video or audio advertisements   

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The Above List is Indicative and There Are Many Other Examples of Copywriting. Examples of Content Writing Are as Follows:   

  • Blogs   
  • Articles   
  • White papers   
  • Ebooks   
  • Newsletters   

A detailed study of content and copywriting examples will reveal that there is a wide area of overlap between the two, leading to confusion in terminology, but the different purpose of each form of writing needs to be remembered to understand the difference between the two.   

There are certain essential elements of a copy that need to be written properly for impact.

Major Elements of Copy Are as Under:  


A headline is the most important of a copy and needs to catch a potential customer’s attention. The headline can also contain the name of a company or a brand. The color, size, and alignment, in addition to words used in the headline help to catch a reader’s attention.    


Following the headline, it can help to convey some important information to the reader. It is written in smaller font size than the headline, but may not be there in all advertisements.   

The Body Copy   

The body copy refers to the text in the copy which gives details of the product or service and benefits from it. Depending on the type of copy, the medium where it is published, and strategy, it can be long or short. After reading the headline a customer would look at the body copy for information on the product and service to help him make a decision.   

Call to Action   

A call to action mentions the action that the advertising company wants the potential customer to take. Asking customers to buy, donate, follow, join, visit are all examples of a call to action. It is the purpose for which the copy has been written.   

In addition to the above elements, captions and blurbs can be included to add elements of interest and to provide additional information like special offers. The purpose is to grab the attention of the customer in the shortest possible time and to help him make a buying decision in Favour of the advertising brand or company. Competition, buyer persona, cost of publishing, and purpose of writing the copy decide on the planning of elements in the copy.   

A well-written copy needs to plan the above elements in such a way that it can have maximum impact on a potential customer and prompt him to make a buying decision. The planning of the elements shows the experience and creativity of the copywriter.

The Features That Contribute Towards the Writing of a Good Copy Are as Under:  

1. An interesting Headline   

Since the headline is the first and most prominent element of the copy that grabs a reader’s attention and draws him to the copy it has to be unique, clear, and convey a sense of urgency. Uniqueness refers to something being the only one of its kind and implies that it should be different from the headlines of other copies.

To create a unique copy, one would need to think creatively and work on alternatives instead of copying the existing headlines. A new way of usage and placement of words, using specific phrases and keywords can help to make a headline unique. Considering its importance, all efforts should be made to craft a unique headline.

Well-planned headlines can draw the customers away from the copies written for competing products and services. In addition to being unique, the headline also has to convey information. If it contains a message instead of a brand or company name, it should help the reader understand the special feature of your product or service.

Last but not least the headline should draw attention to itself through a sense of urgency. The headline thus contributes greatly to attracting potential customers and persuading them to read the copy. 

2. A Well-written Body Copy  

A body copy should have certain features for the desired impact on the readers. First and foremost, it should be grammatically correct. Grammatical accuracy can make a difference between customers being drawn to a copy or repelled from it.

They may also make judgments on the brand for grammatical mistakes. The second consideration while writing a good body copy is the structure of the text. All facts should be arranged sequentially and there should be a logical flow between points. In the case of long-form content, the sequence of introduction, body, and conclusion should be clear.

The third consideration is the clarity of the purpose of the text. Clarity of purpose, highlighting product quality, making an appeal, or some other reason, should be clear from the text. Lack of clarity can defeat the purpose of writing the copy as it would not be able to persuade the customer to take action. Another related quality that the body copy should have, particularly for content to be published online, is that it should be succinct.

Readability of content should never be sacrificed for word count, which might be a consideration for content written for the online medium. Similar to the writing of headlines, originality of content is important for body copy also as customers are unlikely to read plagiarized content or one that uses uninteresting words or phrases. Thus, the writer needs to exercise creativity while writing body content.

Lastly, the content should have a conversational style and avoid complex words and jargon to prevent repelling potential customers by its complexity. Writing a proper body copy is thus a skill that needs to be developed through the study of content and its ability to connect.   

3. An Effective Call to Action   

A well-written copy culminates in an effective call to action. To be effective a call-to-action statement has to have certain attributes. The first attribute is starting with a strong command verb like buy, order, subscribe, or a similar word. Another feature that a persuasive call to action should have is the ability to enthuse the reader.

A call to action with discount offers or one offering a better user experience. The special offer provides the customer with a purpose to act immediately on the call to action and pushes him towards a decision. Besides, the special offer may also offer an edge over other competing products.

Lastly, an effective call to action should play on the reader’s fear of missing out. Putting a timeframe to time offer would prompt the reader to act quickly to ensure that he does not miss out on the offer. 

 A call to action is an important part of a copy and can help to ensure that the reader of a copy takes action on the content of the copy. Thus, a copy is simply a piece of content without an effective call to action.   

The liberalization of the economy resulted in the growth of businesses and increased competition among them. Many multinational companies also set up operations in India and the competition intensified. In recent times development of the startup ecosystem in the country has led to many new businesses starting up.

The intense competition amongst the businesses has resulted in a demand for advertising services in the country, and consequently copywriting services. In response to the demand several advertising firms, offering copywriting services in addition to other services have come up in the country. Many institutes in the country also offer advertising courses that cover copywriting also.

The copywriting expertise in the country and demand for such services has led to the growth of several companies in India that offer copywriting services in the country.

Some of the Reputed Companies Offering the Best Copywriting Services in the Country Are as Under:

1. Write Right

Write Right is one of the coveted names for copywriting services in India. They are aware of the tremendous benefits of good copywriting, hence, they pull out all stops to ensure that your copy disseminates relevant information while retaining the principles of writing sales copies.  With a team of astute copywriters, Write Right creates impeccable copy to fulfill all your business objectives and goals.

Write Right creates effective copies after thorough market research which helps them to weave customer-centric focussed copy to make the most favorable impact on the minds of the target consumers. They incorporate the best practices of SEO as well to help you gain visibility with SERP so that your business gets due recognition. Search engine ranking coupled with an exemplary copy from Write Right is the perfect combination to propel your business to the zenith.    

2. Copyboom   

Copyboom is a professional copywriting agency with more than a hundred creative thinkers and copywriters. The company helps businesses stand out through its services. They aim to help 100000+ services scale online with a persuasive copy by 2024.

The website of the company, besides other sections, has an interesting blog section meant to inform the reader about the advantages of copywriting for businesses. The company describes copywriting as a technique for online salesmanship and prides itself on helping companies multiply their sales. Its services have helped the company in being included in the list of best copywriting services. 

3. Thomas and Rad Creative Branding Agency   

Thomas and Rad’s creative branding agency is based in Hyderabad which was founded in 2018. It has a creative branding team with experience from the largest network agencies across the world. They provide services of advertising, branding, web designing, packaging, marketing, digital marketing, and consumer engagement.

They have worked for Apollo hospitals and have a colorful and interesting website that gives details of the agency. The noticeable work by the agency in its short period of existence makes it eligible to be included in the best copywriting services.   

4. Webs Utility Global LLP   

The company, with headquarter in Delhi, has more than fourteen years of experience and employs more than a hundred professionals. They have clients in various countries and impressive testimonials on the website. The website is innovative and worth a visit.

The website of the company says that the company offers an array of innovative digital marketing services that would set a person’s business apart from competitors. They offer a variety of services and have an impressive client list. Though the company has been included in a list of best-copywriting services, it offers many other services to businesses of various kinds. The details are given on their website.   

5. Thestorycart   

Thestorycart prides itself on being the top copywriting agency in Pune.

The Company Provides the Following Services:

  • Copywriting   
  • Website design and development   
  • Search Engine Optimized Blogs and Articles   
  • Social media campaigns   
  • Business Profile- Brochure   
  • Content Management and Strategy   
  • Search engine Optimization 

The company has a team of copywriters, SEO specialists, and social marketers. They provide catchy, crisp, and distinctive content for brochures, catalogs, quotes, and more. The website of the company is clean and easy to navigate and is easy to navigate.

They have worked with prestigious clients from a diverse range of businesses. The dedicated copywriting services provided by the company would prove invaluable for any business and hence the company has been included in the list of best copywriting services.   

6. The Best Copywriting

A company with a great name that speaks for itself the best copywriting is a company based in Ahmedabad and prides itself on generating content that is both SEO friendly and customer-centric. They work with businesses of all kinds, whether they are a solopreneur or billion-dollar enterprises.

The visitor-friendly website of the company is well organized and neat and gives details of the work done by the company and the services offered. The company is headed by a professional with substantial experience in content marketing.

The energy and enthusiasm of the company and its founder come through in the narrative on the website and would attract businesses wanting to hire the services of a professional copywriter. The great website, the experience of the company founder, and the services offered contribute to convincing a visitor that he can expect the best copywriting services from the company.

The Company Offers the Following Services:

  • Copywriting   
  • Search Engine Optimization   
  • Content Marketing   
  • Enterprise Content Management   
  • Writing   
  • Content Strategy   
  • Web Design   

The website of the company also provides a great testimonial from a client. Considering the experience, range of services, and testimonials the company has been included in the list of best copywriting services.   

7. Textuar Communications

The company is based in Mumbai and was set up in 2011 to provide professional writing services to companies across the globe.

The Company Provides Many Services Which Include

  • Copywriting   
  • Mailers   
  • Articles and blogs   
  • Press release white papers   
  • Product descriptions   
  • Brochure content   
  • Newsletters   
  • Ebook   
  • Social media content   
  • Landing page content   
  • Copyediting and proofreading   

The Company Writes Content for the Following Industries:

  • Finance   
  • Travel   
  • Technology   
  • Fitness and healthcare   
  • Real estate   
  • Fashion   

The website of the company, which is well laid out and user-friendly, displays testimonials from clients in India and some other countries. The services offered by the company are quite comprehensive and provide a variety of content solutions to businesses. Considering the services, the company has been included in the list of best-copywriting services.   


The importance of copywriting in helping to attract buyers has led to increasing demand for copywriting services. Companies and professionals providing the best copywriting services can look forward to a financially and creatively fulfilling career.

Despite being an important part of advertising, dedicated courses, required to train copywriting professionals, are not available in the required numbers. To be the best copywriting services, companies need professionals who are not only trained in the craft but also have a good understanding of the impact of words on potential customers.

Those desirous of developing a career in copywriting or those companies desirous of upskilling their staff to become the best copywriting services can take the advertising courses offered by various institutes in the country. The demand and importance of copywriting services will continue to grow with the growth of businesses in the country.

Considering the talent available in the country, India has the potential to offer the best copywriting service to the world at affordable costs. Thus, copywriting has bright career prospects in the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q. How easy is Copywriting?

Copywriting may not be an easy job but it is very challenging and highly rewarding. It demands high creativity, and marketing skills. Copywriting is both hard and soft skill.

Q. What are the qualifications needed to be a copywriter?

There are no specific qualifications required to be a freelance copywriter. But if you want to be a copywriter by profession you can take a course online.

Q. Which is better option for a better career copywriter or content writer?

Both are different and target different career goals. If you are looking to generate leads through sales, then you must opt for copywriting. But if you are aiming to build connections with your customers and wat to become a leader in you field you can opt for content writing.



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