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Best Options For Advanced Computer Courses in Bangalore

Hello, beautiful people out there! If you are wondering as a student, what are those advanced computer courses in Bangalore that you may pursue to get a job? Or are you a professional who has hit a roadblock due to the current pandemic and plans on pursuing a new course that would add value to your resume? You have landed at the right place!


The image states the best options for advanced computer courses in Bangalore

We would be discussing the various advanced computer courses in Bangalore, that would help you analyze and figure out which one suits you best. The selection will matter from the point of view of your education, career growth, professional experience, and expertise.


When it is about being tech-savvy and considering you are in the Silicon Valley of India, it becomes all the more important to be known to use a desktop, computer, or laptop. It is essential in today’s age to be computer literate.


Nowadays, there are so many options you have online for pursuing a course, you would be spoilt for choices. They seem cool and fancy. But it is important to choose which one would help you get a job because jobs are less and you may land one, only if you are best suited for it.


India is a growing country and it is developing momentum in the IT (Information Technology) industry. Many believe that you can work in an IT firm only if you have a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in the field. However, you should know that there are many courses one may pursue, to get a job in this stream.


There are many online courses as well, as short as 6 months, that you may go for and land a decent job out of it, provided you can make good application of the same. Therefore, the advanced computer courses in Bangalore offer and prove an edge above others, as compared to other myriads of traditional courses, available.


In a country like India, the use of computers and the internet has increased tremendously each year, it is a wise decision to learn computer courses if you have an inclination towards it and build a stable career out of it.


So for all those who are looking out for better opportunities, here I am listing a bunch of computer courses, right from beginner to advanced, for you.


Beginner courses help you to get a hold of handling and using the computer in a user-friendly way. Once you know about the basic courses, you may then proceed with the choice of advanced courses as well.


Lets, take a look at some of the most useful basic computer courses, to get started with:


  1. Keyboarding:


This is usually called typing knowledge. Well, most of us today, know typing. But do you know there are so many jobs you may land up if your typing speed exceeds 40 words per minute? However, if you are a personal assistant, where the whole scheduling has to be done by you, then your typing speed should be above 60 words per minute. So yes, this basic keyboarding course can be very beneficial to you, to get started.


  1. MS Office:


Though it is included in the basic courses, Microsoft Office Suite is an important software for being computer literate. It has got many programs in it, like MS Word, MS Office, MS Powerpoint, MS Access, and MS Outlook.


  • MS Excel: If you are looking out for a job, then learning MS Excel is a must. It is a vast software, needs time to grasp all the detailed functioning of it, but it is very useful. Remember, you might not be able to learn all of it, but try to know the basics.
  • MS Word: It is easier as compared to MS Excel. Let us say it is a better version of Notepad. You may use MS Word to make documents that you can store for better productivity. You may use it for your office, organize listings effectively, or for your personal growth.
  • MS Powerpoint: This is again important in your work-front. Whether you are giving a presentation in your company, and presenting your work in a slideshow, depicting your finesse in the project. Or you might be an Educator, who is using the software to deliver the lectures in a more visually appealing manner, this MS Powerpoint helps.
  • MS Access: It allows you to create tables, questions, queries, forms, and reports while connecting with the help of Macros. This is not too basic and you need the expertise to learn this.
  • MS Outlook: It is more like personalized e-mailing software.


  1. Crisp Web surfing:

While most of us know how to search on google, but Web surfing and navigation is an art, which if learned the right way, can save you, a lot of time. It is not about casual surfing, it is about the keyword-specific search, that allows you better search results, narrowed down to limited results, and better output.


  1. Data Entry Operator course


It is all about typing skills and entering the data in the correct format.  This deals with entry-level jobs where the skill set required is of good typing speed and sound knowledge of software where you may enter the data in the required format. Even though you may not have advanced knowledge about computers, you may still land a good job at the entry level.


So all this was about the basic courses, Let us now move to the advanced computer courses in Bangalore, that have the potential to land you a job.


But before that, a note of advice: Advanced courses need you to be dedicated and consistent towards learning. It needs you to be accustomed to coding. Know a few languages that might add up to your benefit!


You must check out these professional courses for career advancement

Online Technical Writing Course

SEO Course


There are many Advanced computer courses in Bangalore that you may pursue based on the career path you choose:


  1. Designing and Publishing Web Pages:


If you want to work as a freelancer and manage projects independently, this is a promising opportunity for you. This is one of the advanced computer courses in Bangalore that deals with different elements for making and maintaining a website. This curriculum includes programming languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SAS, SAP, and many more. Many private institutes do offer this course.


The duration of this course is usually 1 year for learning Professional Web Designing. You receive a Diploma certificate in Web designing. Following this, you are eligible to work either as a freelancer with multiple projects, or you may also work in a company.


In the domain of freelancing, another lucrative option is to go for the Content Writing Course. Writing is a fantastic way to articulate your thoughts, views, and perceptions. Earning money through what you love doing is the icing on the cake. Do explore this option if writing is your thing.


If you have perceived content writing as a considerate option for yourself, then dive in to know about the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


Remember, your skills matter much more than just your certificates.


  1. Adobe Photoshop


If you are a fan of creating stylish patterns and covers for a magazine or website, this is one of the right advanced computer courses in Bangalore for you. Designing the billboards, changing the backgrounds, modifying the color contrasts, making them warm and soothing, visually tempting, this is the basic function of


Adobe Photoshop is about designing different types of stylish covers of a magazine or billboards. You should learn this course as it is quite in demand along with another course Corel draw, and can fetch you a job easily.


Desktop publishing does need years of experience and you can only be better at it with practice. You can design a great cover for the project you are working on, but creativity should be your skill.


  1. Web Coding – HTML, CSS


Coding is the future. So if you already hold a knack for it, Congratulations to you!!


Now, to get started with the same, you need to understand that, there are many programming languages that you have to learn to have a good grip over coding. Coding opens the door to massive opportunities. So you have to learn how to code, it is like, every comma, semi-colon matters!!


HTML, CSS is very basic coding but as you decide to dig deep and learn more languages, you can upgrade yourself to learning SAS, SAP, Python, and many more rigorous types of courses.


  1. Tally Courses


Tally is the short form for ‘Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards’. If you belong in the commerce field, then, this is one of the finest advanced computer courses in Bangalore for you.


Another short-term course that is swaying the nation with its popularity is GST Course. Striking a major thrust in the finance industry, this course has transformed the lives of many students as well as working professionals. Skim through the course to muster details about the same.


It is computer software that is widely used for accounting purposes by almost all industries. If you are looking for accounting jobs, then knowing Tally ups your game. It is an accounting software where all the Banking & Auditing, Accounting works are done with the help of this software. The duration of this course is of 3 months.


This course needs a pre-requisite criterion that you have to be 10+2 qualified with some basic knowledge of business management or belong to the commerce stream with an interest in the accounts section. There are countless job opportunities once you finish the course, you can get openings like Admin executive, Audit Executive, Account executives, and much more.


Those interested in GST course may want to check out the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Bangalore


  1. VFX and Animation


We all are fans of animated movies, aren’t we? Looks like one of the most interesting advanced computer courses in Bangalore.


Fancy a career in the same? This course is just for you. If you want to go ahead with animation as your career, then you must pursue the course diligently.  It includes some of the most exciting topics like; visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics, and so on.


This course is quite expensive, therefore, this course had few takers. But over time, due to its tremendous prospects, the demand has increased. The demand for VFX and Animation professionals will only surge and so will the opportunities.


The icing on the cake? The salary package is also great.


A note of advice: You may decide on working independently. If you have the right skills, work will find you automatically! But, this job is not as easy. It requires a lot of hard work and you will have to slog for long hours continuously. So, choose this course only if you are genuinely interested in animation and arts.


  1. Hardware and Networking courses:


Many of us are aware of these courses that deal with the combination of physical components or parts that makes the computer system as well as using them to network. The hardware includes a monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk drive, graphic card, RAM, motherboard, etc., and networking in the field of computer science that makes the computers exchange data or information as per the need.


These courses do guarantee jobs if you pursue them from a reputed institute. And on completion of the course, you get jobs quite easily as compared to other fields. So all the computer geeks out there, if you like to fiddle with the gadgets and their parts, this can be your best shot.


  1. Cybersecurity courses


This one has its fan base. We all are so intrigued by the idea of cybercrimes. Today, it is one of the most dangerous types of crimes committed globally. So, cybersecurity courses hold special importance.


Where do we need cybersecurity? Well, most of the activities like, banking, shopping, paying the bills, all do these online. Because it is way too convenient and easy to do, for people. But, at the same time, this involves high-security threats online. Many loopholes can be breached and your system can be hacked.


You must have heard of people duped in their own money by asking OTP (one-time-password) and using the transactions. Cybercrimes are increasing daily, hence the requirement for cybersecurity officers. Appears as one of the most exciting advanced computer courses in Bangalore, isn’t it?


So what are these cybersecurity courses? These are the methods to ensure the safety of people and businesses online.


How will it help you? After the completion of this course, you may get hired as a ‘security specialist’ or a ‘Security officer’ of the computer systems. You may work independently as an ethical hacker or a security auditor.


With online fraudsters getting smarter and using innovative methods of cybercrime, organizations and companies are willing to hire able and deserving cybersecurity personnel.


  1. Computer Hardware Maintenance


Probably, many of you know about this one. This course is for those set of people who are not keen on working on the software part of the computer. This deals with the hardware part, meaning the Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Hard drive, laptops, etc. This course mainly focuses on these parts and related complications and problems of the same, leading to repair work.


Students are given training on carrying out repair work related to computer hardware systems. These courses are equally important as per the courses of software. You do get access to jobs easily.


Apart from the different courses noted above, there are many more advanced computer courses in Bangalore that you may go for, like; Game design and development, App design and development, Computer operator course, graphic designing, digital marketing course, DTP course, LAN course, CCNA, Blockchain Technology,  ethical hacking courses, printing technology, and CAD (Computer-Aided Design).


Considering digital marketing as a booming industry, you may want to go through Digital Marketing Course Training in Bangalore


As you might have noticed, there are ample options to choose from the Advanced computer courses in Bangalore. You have different modes of learning: online, offline to select.


Also, have a look at the Top 23 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore


The computers have brought with them, a revolution. This technology has allowed us to soar to greater heights and achieve success. With this, the jobs offered have also increased tremendously. So if you have a knack for computers, and want to make a career out of it, then this is the right time. Go for it!!


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