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An Interview With Archana Gune CWMC Student


  • How was your learning Experience with IIMSKILLS for Content Writing Training?


My learning experience with IIMSkills for content writing training was an amazing one. The whole course opened my eyes to realize career opportunities not only as a content writer but content marketer as well. It also boosted confidence in me to use various tools that would help in creating a website and organizing a data. The course also helped me to better understand and capable of reading the data provided in the various tools


  • What made you go with IIM SKILLS Master Content Writing Skills?


I had been searching for a Content Writing course and landed up with an offline course in Pune which I did not find very informative and professional. As still, content writing was on my mind I searched the internet and looked up Quora which provided me great views on IIM Skills. I went to their website and called on the other side was Mentor Vaibhav, he provided a full outline of the course that they were offering in a very effective manner that I decided to join them


  • How has our Content Writing Master Course Contributed to your Career/Business Growth?


Though at the moment I have not worked on my Business or Career, however, this course has given me a very clear outlook on how to go about my career or increase business. It has laid the foundation for what I should be doing successfully. It has provided me with minute details of the field that will benefit in the long run


  • Why do you think Content Writing is a must-have skill in Digital World?


Yes, it is a very important skill not only in the Digital World but other sectors and fields as it helps to inform the end customers about various goods and services. It also helps indirectly speaking with a certain set of audience. It allows a business to put-forth their information, nature of their business, answers how and where customer can get their particular products and services


  • As per your what are the Top Benefits of Content Writing Career?


The content writing career has several benefits

  1. An Individual can work from anywhere around the world
  2. Get to work as a Freelancer or as an Entrepreneur
  3. Can work on various clients at a time
  4. Write on different and interesting subjects
  5. Knowledge increases and becomes stronger
  6. Good command on languages



  • What’re the Top Recommended Sides To Stay Updated about Latest Trends in Content Writing?


As there is an increase in information and its dynamic nature it is very important to stay updated in content writing. To my mind Quora, all Social Media, Medium, Blogs, Feedly, Buzzsumo, Reddit, BuzzFeed


  • Which are your Favorite Content Distribution Channels (Eg: Quora) & Why?


My Favorite content distribution channels are of course Quora. Whether it be content writing or my IT background as a Business Analyst, Technology, Classes, and Courses name it you find information on what you can make decisions on and most of the time I have taken the correct decision. Another favorite is Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where the exchange of information and connecting to the outside world is done


  • Which are the Top Content Writing Tools Which you use regularly?

A few projects on content writing helped to learn different tools like Grammarly, Calmly writer, and Hemingway


  • Who was your Trainer & Your Feedback about him/her?


My mentor was Mr. Vaibhav, he has a great in-depth knowledge of this field with a great command on English Language. He has a lot of patience when asked several questions in between the lessons. He also provides extra information and some out of the box thoughts that actually helps in thinking in various and new angles of this field. The best part of my mentor he has an excellent voice which helps in convincing students about doing something that they thought was not possible.



  • What are the Top Challenges for New Digital Writer? Would you like to give me any advice about them?


In any field that a person starts, his / her career challenges always follow and digital writing is no exception to this. To my knowledge and understanding so far about this field the challenges that a new writer would face


  1. Whatever topic is given or a person decides to write he/she first needs to find about what others have written. They need to thoroughly go through other write-ups on the same topic and then decide how to put forth more information in front of the targeted audience with a different style and tone. Hence, it is very important for New Digital writers to study seriously their competitors
  2. The topics that a new digital writer takes up should continuously engage his/her readers. They should keep waiting for “Next to what” from the writer which will help in sustaining their interest. This is the biggest challenge that a new digital writer would face. Hence, while deciding on a topic they should keep in mind the targeted audiences, read about the topic and do a lot of research before plunging into writing.
  3. As information has become dynamic to handle and organize it, various tools have been introduced and will continue to be so. Though a digital writer can be non-technical they need to get familiar with the writing tools. It is mandatory so instead of being skeptical about this techie stuff just try to work around them and enjoy. This will help them to write more efficiently and effectively.



  • How do you see Career in Content Writing in the Future?


A career in content writing is very bright. People who have a flair of writing and now I can say people who do not can still try their hands at content writing. In each and every field that people work, there is some sort of writing to be done all that is content but if one seriously looks at what they might land up being a successful content writer in the future. I would suggest all of them not to miss the chance


  • Would you like to share a few words about our work at IIMSKILLS in educating People about Content Writing Courses?


IIMSkills open a new world to a person who joins their course in Content Writing. They not only introduce students to content writing but guide on how one can become a content marketer. The courses are conducted online and though some of the students are not very familiar with the technical part still they sail easily through the course. On each and every step of the course, the mentor guides and gives weekly tasks so that students have hands-on experience in the field. Queries are answered immediately online and also offline. They are open to various means of communication.

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