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An Interview With Aarti Kalra CWMC Student

1. How was your learning Experience with IIMSKILLS for Content Writing Training?


The journey of my content writing training at IIMSKILLS went from exciting (make your website), too intimidating (digital marketing bit) to exhilarating (Wow! I sure learned LOTS!).


2. What made you go with IIM SKILLS to Master Content Writing Skills?


The IIM SKILLS course was the ideal choice given the great reviews, as well as the flexibility it offers in terms of weekend classes and that too online. It gave me the comfort of sitting at my desk and learning a new skill.


3. How has our Content Writing Master Course Contributed to your Career/Business Growth?


I took up the course as a value addition to my skill set. It gives me the versatility of venturing into new careers in the writing field. With a boom in web development, and everything digital, the potential for a content writer is huge. The newfound knowledge base of content writing motivates me to explore the various types of content writing and eventually find a niche.


4. Why do you think Content Writing is a must-have skill in Digital World?


As I said, there is a boom in the digital marketing sector, and a transition and transformation in everything, onto the digital platform. Be it increased use of social media or the necessity of businesses having their websites and digital marketing; good content writing skills can sail you through it all. Being tech-savvy but not having good content writing skills can set you back. So, content writing and digitization undoubtedly go hand in hand.


5. As per you, what are the Top Benefits of Content Writing Career?


The biggest plus of content writing according to me, is the variety. You can never ever feel the boredom. Sometimes it’s web content, at times it’s a brochure, yet other times it’s a listicle or a blog. Within content writing itself, the variation and choices are mind-boggling.

Each set requires different approaches. Each new project teaches you something new, reveals new facets that you might never have explored. Of course, there are other plus points such as a freelance career, a career in the international market once you have established your name, and the freedom to work from home as well.


6. What’re the Top Recommended Sites to Stay Updated about Latest Trends in Content Writing?


Many sites act as a fund of knowledge for content writers and it is a good habit to keep yourself updated with current trends. The sites that I frequent are:

• Neil Patel
• SEJ or Search Engine Journal
• Content Marketing Institute


7. Which are your Favorite Content Distribution Channels (Eg: Quora) & Why?


Quora is the best platform to get answers as well as to share your experiences. Quora is akin to Google. Any query and you have real people with relevant answers. The best part is the answer varies as per the experience of the person who replies and hence, you know it is authentic and not fabricated.


8. Which are the Top Content Writing Tools Which you use regularly?


The IIM SKILLS content writing course taught me to use several tools that I was previously unaware of. The ones I use most often include:

• Ubersuggest.
• LSI Graph.
• CoSchedule.
• Grammarly.
• Hemingway
• Wordcounter
• Small SEO Tools
• WordPress (With Yoast SEO).
• Google Analytics.


9. Who was your Trainer & Your Feedback about him/her?


Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar was my trainer. He is a storehouse of knowledge, yet does not make you feel overwhelmed. He deals patiently with all queries. He gives liberty to every student to learn and grasp things at their pace, clearing all doubts, repeatedly if required, all along the way.


He is particular about his students learning all that he has to teach and providing a value for money module. With the kind of experience that he has and the industry expert that he is, it was a pleasure to learn from him.


10. What are the Top Challenges for New Digital Writer? Would you like to give them any advice?


Every job has its pros and cons. With a content writer, the initial struggle is real. I am very fortunate to have been associated with IIM SKILLS and be able to do an internship with them.


The challenges are low pay, sometimes no pay since you are a fresher, finding real clients, and finding a mentor to guide you through the forest of freelance work.


My advice based on my experience is to take it slow and steady. Do not expect the moon at your very first project. Keep writing. Practice daily. Don’t lose the spirit and freedom of expression that writing offers. Writing is therapeutic!


11. How do you see Career in Content Writing in the Future?


Though there is enormous scope in content writing, a career can take some time unless you are exceptionally talented. It is undoubtedly a great career option now and in the near future.


12. Would you like to share a few words about our work at IIMSKILLS in educating People about Content Writing Courses?


IIM SKILLS is a reputed name in the content writing industry. The training module is very well fabricated and opens the door to new avenues. I am extremely delighted to have taken up the course at IIM SKILLS and to have been able to do an internship here.

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