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7 Most Creative Job Fields in 2024

Creative jobs include fields that are often considered a manifestation of art, skilled work, composition, and literature. Creative professionals are the ones that are skilled in fields such as art and crafts, writing, dancing, and scripting.

Creative Job Fields

A creative expert who is otherwise called an innovative expert is an individual who is utilized for the extraction of abilities in imaginative undertakings. Creative jobs incorporate composition, workmanship, plan, theater, TV, radio, movies, related artworks, just as showcasing, methodology, logical innovative work, item improvement, designing, a few kinds of instructing and educational program plan, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Since numerous innovative experts (entertainers and scholars, for instance) are additionally utilized in optional callings, appraisals of creative experts are regularly mistaken. By certain evaluations, around 10 million US laborers are imaginative experts; contingent on the profundity and expansiveness of the definition, this gauge might be multiplied.

Creative Job choices in India

1. Photography as a creative job

Photography is an associate degree exceptional medium that may give you with associate degree outlet for your creative thinking. This creative job permits you to share your perspective and build visual art by capturing moments. whereas several begin with Photography as a hobby, if you have got a watch for detail and your footage creates people suppose, then with some formal coaching you’ll venture into the sphere of skilled photography.

With the enlargement of E-Commerce, Mobile-Commerce, Media Publications (magazines, newspapers), Advertising, and Mass Communication, there’s an enormous demand for quality Photographers.

Today this field provides ample career choices and specializations, like way Photography, Fashion Photography, Food Photography, life Photography, and also the list goes on! thus, if you’re an associate degree out-of-the-box thinker, have an honest visual imagination, and prefer to pay your spare time capturing moments then you must surely explore this field.

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Career Opportunities in Photography

As a creative job member, you’ll work with newspaper agencies, advertising agencies, and fashion homes. you’ll even freelance and work for the individual comes in fields like life Photography, Wedding Photography, Sports Photography, Food Photography, Fashion Photography, Landscape Photography, subject area Photography, Underwater Photography, etc.

Some prime faculties for Photography

While a career in photography doesn’t imply a degree or credential within the subject, it’s extremely counseled, because it will assist you to polish your skills and learn necessary techniques. Some prime institutes embody Delhi faculty of Photography, Delhi, National Institute of style, Ahmedabad, mutualism faculty of Photography, Pune, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, Delhi, etc.

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2. Designing as a Creative job

The Taj Mahal in India, the amphitheater in Rome, the Leaning Tower|campanile|belfry} of Pisa in the European nation, and also the nice Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, all have one factor in common: their gorgeous design.

Architects area unit professionals United Nations agency use their information of structures, cultural aesthetics, and creative thinking to style and build the planet around the U.S.A. They style new buildings and create alterations to existing buildings and landscapes, like housing complexes, hospitals, parks, monuments, etc. They concentrate on totally different phases of labor like coming up with, planning, construction management, etc., and make certain that the buildings they style area unit safe and practical, to suit the wants of potential users.

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Career Opportunities in design

With a degree in design, you’ll work as an associate degree Urban Planner, United Nations agency concentrate on coming up with however lands area unit utilized in cities and create the simplest use of the accessible area. They style town layouts, streets, buildings, etc., and might work with administration, developers, freelance design companies, etc.

Restoration Architects focus on conserving and preserving historical monuments and buildings to stop their deterioration. They work with personal non-profit preservation and conservation teams, subject area and engineering consulting companies, personal building house owners, etc.

Landscape Architects area unit concerned with coming up with the out of doors landscapes like public areas, playgrounds, and parks, faculty campuses, etc. In residential areas, they arrange the placement of buildings, roads, and trees around the area.

Besides the above-named sectors, different fields of specialization area unit Residential design, industrial design, interior style, and Industrial design.

Some prime faculties for design

IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, Sir JJ faculty of design, Mumbai, Aligarh Muslim University, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, Jawaharlal Nehru design & Fine Arts University, Delhi, etc.

3. Film-Making as a Creative job

Cinema could be a powerful medium, that once used well, will alter one’s perception of the planet around the U.S.A., and accelerate social amendment. A moviemaker could be a storyteller, a visionary. The filmmaker has got to be adept at not solely imagination however a story is going to be expressed however conjointly look out of the daily activities that get into creating a movie.

He/she is that the leader of the film crew and oversees departments created by several professionals like cinematographers, editors, effect technicians, visual effects technicians, transportation, etc. All in all, the employment of a moviemaker involves everything from translating the script into moving footage to cast, directing, editing, screening, and budgeting, etc.

Career Opportunities in Film-Making

The information and skills gained during this career can enable you to figure in film production firms, tv channels, advertising agencies, the education sector, freelance films, documentaries, theatre, etc.

Some prime faculties for Film-Making

Film and tv Institute of India (FTII), Pune, National faculty of Drama, Delhi, Barry John Acting faculty, Delhi, Asian Academy of Film and tv, Noida, etc.

4. Design as a Creative job

The term ‘Design’ could be a broad one and might be found in numerous fields, from fashion to technology to produce. no matter we have a tendency to see or wear has been designed by somebody else. In general, a designer must be artistic, ought to have a watch for detail, and be spatially inclined (individual with a high ability for distinguishing 2-D/3-D structures). There area unit numerous subfields of style like Interior style, Fashion style, Tattoo style, Product style, Automobile style, etc.

Career Opportunities in style

There are unit-specific fields of style one will add, betting on one’s experience, like Graphic style, Cartoon style, Product style, attire style, Textile style, animal skin style, jewelry style, UI/UX style, Automobile style, etc.

Some prime faculties for style

National Institute of style (Multiple Locations), Industrial style Centre (IDC), IIT- Mumbai, Indian Institute of Cartoonists, Bangalore, Sir JJ faculty of Art, Mumbai, mutualism Institute of style, Pune, etc.

4A) UI/UX style

We currently have thousands of apps and websites obtainable to create our life less complicated. every one of those websites dissent within the look, feel, and also the expertise of mistreatment them, and during a lot of technical usages, this can be known as the UI and married woman of an internet site.

UI Design stands for “User Interface’. It alludes to the visual attractiveness of the merchandise (app/website) that helps in enhancing the expertise of the user. For example- after you open an internet site, the primary factor you see is that the graphics, i.e. however the menu bar appearance, however, the buttons area unit placed, etc. this can be known as the UI of the website.

On the opposite hand, UX design, which stands for User expertise style, appearance into the practical facet of the merchandise, for instance, after you sort of a sure product on an internet site, you progress the merchandise to your cart and create the payment. whereas on some websites you’re feeling the convenience of shopping for a product, on others, it’s more durable. this can be the distinction married woman style creates in enhancing a user’s expertise on an internet site.

Career Opportunities in UI/UX style

Typical employment opportunities embody operating with website style Agencies, App Development Agencies, publication homes, Advertising Agencies, Graphic Studios, etc. you’ll conjointly work with any company that contains a practical website, app, or web-based product.

Some Institutes for UI/UX style

National Institute of style (Multiple Locations), mutualism Institute of style, Pune, MIT Institute of style, Pune, etc. There are a unit numerous certification courses offered by e-learning platforms like Coursera, Edx, Simplilearn, Udemyhich that are unit-wide recognized. These programs assist you to gain information in developing a successful UI or married woman and facilitate sensible user expertise.

4B) Automobile style

It could be a branch of style involved with the event of vehicles like motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, etc. These area units are concerned within the whole product design life cycle, right from the design and feel of an automotive, to its safety and security check. the look sector of automobile engineering is speedily growing as customers nowadays area unit perpetually looking for brand spanking new styles and technology in their vehicles. Therefore, this field needs you to possess art and style skills and can give you a good chance to showcase your ability, talent, and innovation.

Career Opportunities in Automobile style

Specialization within the style sector of automobile style can cause you to eligible to figure within the analysis and development departments of automotive companies like Maruti Suzuki, General Motors, Honda, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Cummins India, etc.

Some prime faculties for Automobile style

National Institute of style, Gandhinagar, city & Ahmedabad; geographic area Institute of Technology, Pune; Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai & Guwahati; IIITDM Jabalpur.

5. Advertising as a Creative job

With associate degree abundance of firms within the marketplace, firms have to be compelled to do rather more than producing the simplest product and providing the simplest service to draw in the audience. this can be wherever advertising professionals are available. They style adverts and create use of promoting collaterals to assist their purchasers to reach their customers and establish a positive complete image. Advertising professionals have to be compelled to be fast on their feet, have an artless bend of mind, and be sensible with time management to achieve success in this field.

Career Opportunities in Advertising

Depending on their space of interest, Advertising professionals perform varied roles like client-servicing, research, copywriting, editing, scriptwriting, and far a lot of like this. As an associate degree advertising skilled, you may be ready to work with company homes, publication homes, media or advertising companies, etc.

Some prime faculties for Advertising

Indian Institute of Mass Communication (Multiple Locations), gesture Institute of Communication Studies (MICA), Ahmedabad, Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai, St. Xavier’s faculty, Mumbai, etc.

6. Content Writing as a Creative job

As social media promotion has gained momentum, the firm’s area unit starting to realize that no product or service will create it massive while not sensible relevant content to accompany it. sensible content is very important as a result of it helps to speak with the audience, direct guests to the website, and procure a high-level placement in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Hence, firms area unit in rummage around for sensible content writers with a passion for writing, glorious analysis skills, an honest understanding of synchronic linguistics, and a capability to fulfill deadlines.

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Career Opportunities in Content Writing

The sky is that the limit if you have got an aptitude for writing. firms of assorted sizes rent sensible content writers actively recently to put in writing varied forms of content. One specific style of the content author could be a subject material knowledgeable, United Nations agency is associate degree authority during a specific business or has in-depth information of a specific product. They usually write blogs and E-books.

Another style of the content author could be a complete Journalist United Nations agency writes print media content to showcase a complete or its merchandise. These styles of content writers work with magazines, newspapers, amusement websites, etc. Social media writers or advertising copywriters write content regarding ongoing social and add advertising agencies, publication homes, production homes, etc.

Social media writers or advertising copywriters write content regarding ongoing social and add advertising agencies, publication homes, production homes, etc.

Some prime faculties for Content Writing

Although there aren’t any specific degree programs that cause you to eligible to become a content author, candidates with a Bachelor’s in English, Journalism, or Mass Communication area unit at a bonus thanks to their well-developed language and writing skills. faculties from wherever you’ll pursue these courses embody, Delhi University, Christ faculty, urban center University, etc.

7. Radio Jockey/ Video Jockey/Anchoring as a Creative job

With the unprecedented growth within the industry, careers like Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, and Anchoring area unit a number of the trending new-age careers. Creative job in these fields interact with a live audience, gift info to or entertain the audience, conduct different kinds of shows, interact in debates, etc. it’s a talent-based profession that needs an honest command over language, sense of humor, quick wit, and radical information of the planet and current happenings.

If you’re somebody United Nations agency likes to interact with individuals and have a high level of creative thinking, spontaneousness, and a dynamic temperament, then you’ll sure cross-check this field.

Career Opportunities in Radio Jockeying/ Video Jockeying/Anchoring

If you recognize the art of talking your reply to uncomfortable things and have radical information of what’s happening around the world, then there are many opportunities that lie prior to you. you’ll be able to add radio stations, TV channels, reality shows. live events, news channels, etc.

Some high faculties for Radio Jockey/ Video Jockey/ Anchoring

This is not a degree-specific course. However, you’ll be able to pursue a degree or short credential course to hone your skills and work as a VJ, RJ, or associate degree anchor. Institutes from wherever you’ll be able to pursue these courses are Radio town college of Broadcasting, Mumbai, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, etc.


1. Why creativity is a skill for the future?

According to the earth Economic Forum, creativity is going to be the third-most-important skill for workers by 2020, behind complicated problem-solving and important thinking. in an exceedingly report, it says, “With the avalanche of the latest product, new technologies, and new ways in which of operating, staff are about to ought to become additional artistic so as to profit from these changes.”

Analysis by LinkedIn conjointly found that the highest creativity corporations would like is creativity. additionally, with automation forecasted to eliminate several repetitive jobs, humans can move up the worth chain and perform additional thoughtful, artistic work.

Companies trying to grow should faucet into artistic energy. it’ll become essential to driving the business forward. artistic problem-solving can change groups to get innovation within the work in an exceeding multitude of ways—whether it’s finding new approaches to issues inherent to the business, developing new product or services to fill a hole within the market, or up upon existing processes. creativity can change staff to plan ways in which to deal with their customers’ biggest challenges—while cutting prices and automating repetitive tasks.

2. How to build a creative skill —for all groups?

Given the tight link between creativeness and innovation, organizations and workers ought to rethink what it means to be creative. every worker in each department will take pleasure in the creativity to become additional engaged, productive, and ultimately facilitate drive business forward. At the bottom level, organizations will make sure the work is ready up to encourage collaboration and innovative thinking. Here are four alternative ways in which leaders will encourage creativity among employees:

Release time and mental constraints through technology and automation

Business leaders will value more highly to offer staff house and time in order that they will target higher-value work—like defrayal time with customers to directly study their pain points, maybe through a style thinking approach. Our growth team, as an example, uses technology to scale back the number of rote learning, body tasks our teammates are answerable for. once that happens, staff are not any longer mired by the fundamentals of their job. they’re freed up to try and do additional thoughtful work. we have a tendency to wish to think about this as mistreatment technology to enhance people.

Produce a psychological safety internet for workers to require risks

Employees have to be compelled to hear that it’s okay to be creative—even if they fail. Since that usually involves doing one thing new, there’s an inherent risk in it. Having a psychologically safe internet helps. which will be as straightforward as expressly telling direct reports regarding the importance of creativity and inspiring them verbally to require calculated risks.

Implement programs that encourage creative job

Our team employs a twenty p.c free-time program. Every week, staff will use twenty p.c of their time to figure on a project of their option to develop competence that’s tied to a corporation goal. this point permits them to brainstorm new ideas. It foments creativity by participating staff outside their daily tasks and connecting them to colleagues they may not otherwise work with to craft potential solutions.

Foster associate atmosphere wherever creativity is recognized and rewarded

We have monthly conferences wherever we have a tendency to systematically spotlight team members UN agency are operating cross-functionally on difficult issues, furthermore as people UN agency has created smart use of the twenty p.c free time. the gratifying staff makes them see that you’re serious once you tell them regarding the importance of creativity.

3. What will creativity or creative job seem like in action?

For creativity to flourish, staff from all departments have to be compelled to step outside their usual daily responsibilities. Novel solutions don’t kick-off of nothingness. they are available by following a method that emphasizes community and connections. By interacting with those that add completely different functions and have other ways of thinking, staff will leave of their regular, business-as-usual mental attitude to approach client issues in new ways in which. Here is what that appears like for varied groups across the business:

4. How sales groups may be additionally artistic?

The sales team is on the front interacting with customers and prospects. They, therefore, have valuable insight into however best to cater to client desires and may incline the information measure and freedom to develop those solutions.

A company will offer sales reps longer to have interaction with customers by reducing the number of time they pay behind the scenes prepping for deals. mistreatment technology like efficient customer-management software system, organizations will facilitate reps additional simply analysis and vet prospects and record their work on a central platform. once they now not ought to do that repetitive work, reps have longer to have interaction with prospects and customers, hear their problems, and flex their artistic muscles to do to problem-solve. Those conversations might grow to be new opportunities to figure nearer with the client—while benefiting the company’s bottom line.

Organizations may create it easier for sales reps to target the storytelling side of their job. By providing groups with assets that they will assemble to inform a compelling narrative, corporations will facilitate their reps to be the foremost artistic storytellers’ potential. Empowering groups with the authority, permission, and assets to inform smart stories clarifies and solidifies the message the business is attempting to speak. during this manner, creative—in the inventive sense of the word—assets may create sales groups additional economical.


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