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12 Types Of Content Writers For All Your Content Needs

Content writers are an indispensable part of the digital marketing process. You need skilled content writers to create compelling content to augment your content marketing process. Whether it is your website, your brand, and/or business your projects demand a good lot of content to come to the notice of your prospective customers.

Types Of Content Writing  Then how do you select a content writer to fit the demands of your product or service? Content writers come with a varied number of skill sets and specializations. Your goals and objectives for your business need a unique skill set. That is when different types of content writers come into the picture. They hone their skills according to their niche in which they specialize. Therefore they have a rigorous insight on how you need to create content to garner maximum attention

Let’s discuss the major types of content writers that are required to carry out your professional needs. Through this write-up, you will get an idea of which type of content you need for the growth of your brand and/or product and services.

12 Types Of Content Writers Are As Follows

1. SEO Writers

They are those content writers who have a clear understanding of the relevance and importance of keywords and phrases in the SEO context. They are well aware of the algorithms that contribute to the ranking of a website on the SERP. SEO writers perform a keyword search on the various keyword research tools available and then integrate those keywords in their copy to successfully rank in a search engine.

SEO writers can carry out research based on the keywords and create compelling copy that rates high on Search engines. As a result, they derive traffic to the website organically.

They embrace the qualities of precision and fluidity of language in their write-ups. They should have impeccable grammar skills and should create original content free of any plagiarism.

SEO writers create simplified write-ups for people from all fields to grasp the matter well. Sometimes writing simply is actually a hard thing to do. SEO writers should bear in mind that simple language and brevity are the two most important factors for successful SEO content.

SEO content generally requires the writers to create content in a specified time aligning with consumer and client needs and preferences.

2. Technical Writers

Technical Content Writers specialize in maintaining and creating articles relating to technological content that are complex in nature. They have the experience and know-how of software, hardware, different electronic devices, engineering, architecture, biotechnology, information technology, and so on.

Their specialized genre calls for analytical and sequential thinking. Technical writers have a keen eye for detail, are meticulous, and possess vast knowledge of their genre

They disseminate information in the form of long-form articles on blogs. Their areas of expertise are technical guides, how-to’s, instruction manuals, FAQs, admin manuals, and technical modules. They are efficient and very methodical in writing on such topics.

Technical Writers Can Be of Two Types:

  • Writers who specifically write for consumers from their specific field or genre. For example, A technical writer creating an article on software specifically targeted to IT professionals.
  • The second type is proficient in technical jargon and they write content for the consumption of non-technical consumers. For that purpose, they have to break down complex technical terms into simpler forms for easy readability and comprehension by their focus groups.

Technical Writing is hard but is also very rewarding at the same time. Companies generally prefer to hire people with a technical background. Since they are technically proficient, they have a better understanding of what the client specifically needs from the write-ups, but with due diligence, a non-technical person can also make a flourishing career out of writing technical content. You have to be familiar with the technical terms and have a knack to write impressive content and deliver the same in accordance with the client’s demands.

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3. Lead Generation Writers

Lead generation writers have all their focus directed to one particular task. That is, to create more leads and eventually create more sales. They write assignments that compel leads or prospective customers to take action based on the content.

Lead generation writers aim to do away with the weaknesses that fail to deliver the desired result for a business or brand. For this purpose, they possess very strong skills in comprehending complex data and analytics and then put that information to use. They understand the pulse of the focus groups and work to systematically consolidate objectives with sales challenges. They have a keen understanding of selling methodologies and what exactly prompts a user to make a purchasing decision.

These content writers are perfect for SEM content, PPC ads, Web Banner, Landing page creation. They create strong and convincing CTAs that are irresistible for the leads and make compelling claims in sales letters about your product and/or service. The only condition is, to distribute authentic information on the qualities stated.

Lead generation is important for every step of a consumer’s journey. And remember your online readers might not go through the entire content copy.

Lead generators know the behavior of leads. That is why the efficient lead generation writer makes it a point to mix and integrate different appealing CTA throughout the copy.

The appeal of an attractive write-up with a graphical image is huge. Lead generators utilize that feature effectively.  They know how important it is to convey a strong message. Hence they are so much in demand in the digital world.

4. Legal Writers

Legal writers can be segmented as those writers who write in-depth articles on legal matters for the consumption of people from the legal and justice departments such as lawyers, judges, advocates, and law implementing professionals. The work of a legal writer is demanding as well as overwhelming. They are entrusted with writing content that is truest in its core.

It is quintessential for legal writers to be excellent researchers. Whether it is writing about a particular case or delineating the points required to create a compelling case, they have to back up all their assertation with adequate citations from publications of repute. Otherwise, their credibility can be questioned upon.

Legal writers write aesthetic, concise copies that are sophisticated and exhibit elegance. A legal copy is composed of several clauses and jargon that a legal writer has to be familiar with. They should be accustomed to the huge database available for case references and be able to make valid points backing their stance on a particular subject.

There is a huge amount of information available for legal cases. Legal writers need to be incisive with tremendous focus and attentiveness.  .they should also train themselves to have high levels of concentration to be able to sift through important data and use it to make stronger points. Back up all your claims with pertinent proofs.

Legal writers use an authoritative formal tone to create legal drafts and make sure to use apt words and phrases to bolster their writing.

5. Advertising Copywriters/Content writers

Advertising Copywriters are that section of content writers who have the most innovative and creative job among different content writers. This also makes them highly responsible for making an excellent impact on the target groups through their focused interesting content. They have to create content that is easily processed and understood by the target consumers. Remember dense writing puts off your leads and you lose them immediately.

Advertising copywriters can create brilliant stories and weave them in their content in a condensed format to not let the concentration of their target audience waver. These are short powerful messages meant to be memorable. They should invariably have a positive impact on the consumer making them take the desired action.

Advertising copywriters have to pay attention to maintaining the tone and voice of the brand throughout. If a copy is intended for children, the tome should befit that of interacting with a child.

The introduction and the headings should be catchy. They should instantly draw the reader in. The sequence of writing should be smooth and the transition imperceptible. The process of deciding on a purchase decision shouldn’t feel forced and should be a natural outcome of the content.

Advertising copywriters are skilled at locating unique angles to a story and formatting them to suit a narrative even in an industry saturated with competition.

Originality is a prerequisite as is the purposefulness of the content distributed.

Advertising copywriters should cite features that make their brand different from the competition rather than just stating that the brand is unique. It should be about showing and not telling your leads how amazing a product is. Advertising copywriters know that very well and work accordingly.

6. Social Media Writers

Social media writers aim to target their audience through several social media platforms that potentially have most of their leads. So, how to make social media content interesting?

These writers are aware that the best approach towards trying to make a mark in the social media circuit is to make your content conversational and interactive. Social media has its own unique identity and idiosyncrasies. Social media writers tap on to this very quality tailoring content commensurate with that particular social media channel.

Writers specializing in this genre know when to post and what exactly to post to garner maximum attention. Hashtags, links, polls, surveys, ask a question, feedback, attention-grabbing statements are just some of the options used frequently to come to the notice of social media users.

Social Media writers know that the journey of content in social media is multi-touch. This means content from social media is shared innumerable times if it’s impactful and generates buzz among users. It leads to company websites, contests, different forums, and communication networks. That is what decides the nature of ideas generated for content.

Content for social media is a good way to make your copy more visible to the majority of online users. Write scannable, easy-to-read content that makes the reader happy while reading it. Top it up with images, appealing Gifs, short videos, and interactive phrases to make it even more intuitive.

media writers stick to a posting schedule based on the data collected on the buyer persona. They maximize the visibility and potential lead generation through posting at a certain time every day.

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7. Business Writers

Business writers specialize in writing annual reports for general meetings, summaries of different business data collected, jot down comprehensive takeaways from the margin of profits and what it means for the business, creating structures content on tenders, proposals, and several business concepts.

The writers in this field have to possess proficiency in financial terms and jargon. They need to communicate business development, terms, and policies adequately. That requires a deep understanding of economics, mathematics, and business terms.

Business writers communicate with the different elements intricately interconnected with the enterprise. Shareholders, executives, decision-makers, customers, and other business owners are more likely involved in complementary businesses with their own business house.

Business writers have to make sure to write very succinct relevant content for the consumption of their focus group. The audience for business writers is busy and has limited time. They cannot go through the entire content. It is important to write content in short paragraphs, lists, bullet points for individuals to peruse through the content to save time.

Business writers need extensive vocabulary relevant to business, excellent written communication acumen. They should be able to put forth points in a crisp manner without sounding ambiguous. Writing for business is exciting and can be a very interesting career for people interested in the workings of a business and its different elements.

8. Brand Journalists

Brand journalism is one of the most essential components of content marketing. It is that step of the content marketing process which creates honest, truthful information about the product or service intending to educate the prospective consumers about the brand.

Brand Journalism is in its essence “branding/ marketing” through journalism. It lends the aspect of authenticity to the products of your business. Brand journalists should have an extensive vocabulary. They should have excellent written skills and be able to communicate the message of the brand clearly in a concise clear manner. Brand Journalists have the liberty of being creative, sharing incidents and anecdotes from human lives adding allure to the copy. They harness the benefit of their creative mind to disseminate balanced and well investigated and researched facts about a product.

Other Important Features Of A Brand Journalist:

One of the foremost works of a brand journalist is to fix the tone of the message. It should align with the mentality of the focus group that the content is intended for. Storytelling coupled with facts that meet journalistic standards is the key quality of brand journalists. They aim to educate and not persuade readers to buy the product. Hence, it is considered to be one of the three most important elements of content marketing. The other two are public relations and corporate communications. Copy should excite readers to read the rest of the story. A generous mixing of real experiences, community involvement is key to successful brand journalism.

These types of content writers aim to make use of a wide range of media to eradicate the monotony factor and encourage the reader to learn more about the business enterprise.

Write-ups are descriptive and hence, unlike any other content writers they never make bullet points or lists to put forth their points. Lastly, they have high interactive skills that they put to use in their content. This results in readers having a personal element when they are reading the copy.

9. Writers on Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is Corporate Social Responsibility. They make sure to appraise the different groups that are a part of the business organization about the policies and steps taken by the business enterprise. These policies create steps to give something back to society as a token of appreciation for their contribution to making the business what it is. Their relevant groups are shareholders, staff and employees, consumers, and the government.

CSR writers create blogs, reports, communication materials to send out to employees, vendors, customers to communicate and engage in conversations for a better understanding of the policies adopted by the business enterprise.

Their content includes human rights goals, the brand’s responsibility towards gender and social equity. CSR is a topic that is quite vague even in today’s business world. It is the task of a CSR writer to educate, inform and explain what CSR actually is through engaging insightful content replete with examples.

It also involves combining the content with the CSR goals of the organization they are working for. What are the ethical, legal, economic, and discretionary responsibilities of the organization? How do they intend to pursue their business keeping in mind the corporate responsibility standards as they should be?

They Do It in the Following Ways:

They Communicate the above points with transparency. Provide examples and case studies of different successful CSR implementations so that readers can understand points with absolute clarity. Highlight the achievements of the organization in the form of awards and recognition that speak of the brand’s reputation.

Writers of this genre are insightful and understand the pulse of the target groups. They aim to make interactions between the corporation and the society productive, thereby increasing engagement and relations.

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10. Academic Writers

These are the type of writers who write books for academic institutions like schools colleges universities and other higher studies. Today, with the advent of technology, academics publications and editorials have become online. Therefore, content writers from this genre have to be efficient in writing content that will be for consumption online.

Some of the Must-have Qualities of a Publication/academic Writers Are:

  • They have to possess excellent written communication skills. It is of prime importance to be able to put forth the points in a lucid manner
  • They have to keep in mind the target group they are writing for. A textbook for the 9th standard is going to be very different than a textbook for college. The same goes for a textbook of university-level education. The vocabulary, the sentence construction will vary. Therefore it is important to write keeping in mind the grade you are writing for.
  • A prerequisite for academic writing is careful research and thorough knowledge of the subject a content writer will be writing on. They have to be adept at preparing presentations, dissertations, and research-based assignments for student assistance.
  • They have to skillfully meet Industry Standards, have impeccable editing skills, and be able to revise and edit poorly written content on their subject as well.

Academic writers have to sometimes write on pretty complicated topics, that require accuracy of facts and figures. They should be able to comprehend client demands and work towards eliminating the doubts.

Academic writers should always practice objectivity while creating their content. One distinct feature of editorial and academic writers formality in writing about any subject. An academic copy is intellectual educative content. That requires colloquial words and phrases to be absent from the content copy. Use vocabulary with optimum accuracy.

11. Subject Oriented Writers

Subject Matter Experts are those content writers who have a keen understanding of specific industry niches. This gives them the ability to write on a particular subject authoritatively.

This type of content writer has a distinct difference from SEO writers who write on a variety of topics with targeted keywords. Subject matter experts write on a particular topic in-depth highlighting all the important elements of that topic. They are experts in a niche and write descriptive articles packed with facts, figures, and useful trivia on that particular subject.

Thorough knowledge of a certain domain keeps them in high demand and helps in creating insightful unique angles in different topics. They can write winning pillar blog posts, special content, podcast series, e-books, time-bound concise scripts, specialized and focused press releases to impress journalists and media houses with absolute panache. Their other proficiencies include link generating copy, white papers, travelogues, how-to content for different purposes and niches, executive briefs, detailed topics on history, geography, autobiographies, biographies, etc…

12. Marketing and Communications Writer

These writers consistently create content in the form of flyers, blog posts, e-newsletters, e-mail campaigns, audio and visual content, brochures, etc.

Communications and Marketing writers should have an eye for detail, should design and format their content optimally to achieve the desired result. This is a very effective form of content marketing that persuades the reader to make an informed purchasing decision. It solves two purposes. Firstly, it highlights the features of your brand. Secondly, it communicates the message in a way to propel prospective customers to take the desired action.

Communications and Marketing writers have to enjoy the whole marketing process to churn out effective content that resonates with the audience. They have to carry out extensive research on their target audience before writing on the topic in this genre.

Communication and Marketing writers need to be able to process complex marketing data to wrote focused content for maximizing reach and visibility. Content that interests and engages readers are the key to successful communication of a message to your prospective customers.

Marketing and communication writers also must create content for internal as well as external communication, to bridge the communication gap between different sectors in business effectively. They are expected to provide strategic support to public relations and communication initiatives. Moreover, they should be able to evaluate information and meet with timelines. One of the essential elements is that they should write content complying with industry standards and make sure that the content provides honest and truthful information.

Some Other Notable Mentions:

There are other categories of writers as well as scriptwriters, Research and report writers, influencers, novelists, Ghostwriters. Ghostwriters can take on the role of any of the above content writers. The only difference is that their name is never in the credits.


You can get an expert content writer for a plethora of topics. Firstly, determine your key objectives and goals. Then select the type of writer you need accordingly. Specialized writers always give you an edge over ad-hoc writers. Make sure you recruit the right kind of professional so that they can write content that ranks in search engines.


Q. Which is the most trending type of content writing in demand?

There are many types of content writing jobs in the market, the most trending and in demand is the blog writing.

Q. Why is SEO important in content writing?

SEO creates a search engine friendly title. SEO helps in ranking your page on search engines like google. Hence SEO plays an role in content writing.

Q. Which type of content writing pays the most?

Healthcare sector is one of the highest paying type of content writing.




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