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12 Best Technical Courses in Bangalore in 2024

If you are searching for Technical courses in Bangalore then you have come to the right place. As we all know Bangalore is the Hub for IT and Technical Education In this article, I will focus only on Technical courses that are available for you in Bangalore.

Best Technical Courses in Bangalore



As we know today the market is flooded with plenty of courses, so in this article, I have listed 12  Technical courses that will make you stand out from the crowd. So keep reading this article for detailed information on Technical courses


What is a Technical Course?


A technical course is a course that trains you on subjects like engineering, science, Information and technology, Advance Finance, Virtual Marketing.  It also provides accreditation or certifications for many technical disciplines. A very well-designed Curriculum that qualifies you to get Job ready.


 Eligibility Criteria for Technical Courses in Bangalore: –


The basic criteria are not fixed it all depends on the candidate which Technical course he opts for. Based on the choice the eligibility criteria differ. The Minimum eligibility criteria for Technical courses in Bangalore and across India is a Higher Secondary Certificate The example of Good Technical courses in Bangalore are B.E, M.E, B.Tech, Digital Marketing, content writing, GST Courses, Blockchain, Google Analytics Etc.


Earlier, if you had 50% as pass percentage only then you could apply for Technical courses, But now the criteria has changed, there is now some relaxation given by the Institutes



Why Technical Course in Bangalore is attracting Students?


In today’s time, the technical course is getting popular. You can become self-employed once you have a technical degree or Certificate. Today due to the bad Job Market getting a job is not easy, but if you hold a technical degree/Diploma you can get a good job opportunity based on your qualification


Technical courses in Bangalore are always preferred by the Locals as these courses can get you a promising career with a good job offer from any IT – software, Marketing company as a part of campus recruitment.


If you have enrolled for a technical course in Bangalore then you have a higher chance of getting hired. The market in Bangalore is always open for updated and skilful applicants.


Bangalore being a technology-friendly city you can never sit without Job if you upgrade your self with changing times, hence the location plays an important role while studying particular courses where it is most in demand.


With continuous lockdown in the city, there are also many short Online courses that you can apply so that you gain that extra knowledge even when you are caged in your home. In this article, we will see which are the 10 Best Technical Courses in  Bangalore that you must apply for:-


 1. Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer science:-


Bachelor’s in engineering is a professional qualification  It is 4 years Undergraduate course. It is a comprehensive engineering program, it’s a basic level course from where you can start your engineering journey. A candidate should be good in Maths and  Science.


Eligibility: 10 + 2 with 45% in Physics, Maths and any one subject out of Chemistry/Biology/Computer science


Approx Fees :-50000 to 1,75,000 pa.


Institute: AMC Engineering college, Bangalore College of Engineering and Technology, Dayananda Sagar Academy Of Technology And Management, RV College of Engineering, Atria Institute of Technology, City Engineering College, Bangalore Institute of Technology.


Course content: Engineering Mathematics-1, Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics-2, Electronic circuit, Digital electronic, database and file system, system software, principles of programming language, data structure, Communication engineering, data mining and warehousing, Multimedia system, Image processing, CAD for VLSI Design, Microprocessor and Interfaces, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, E-Commerce, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Networks.


Job Position: Computer Engineer, Data Scientist, IT Consultant, Software Tester, Senior Computer Engineer, SAP Consultant, Lead Software Developer


2. Master’s in Engineering in Information and Technology :


M.E in IT is one of the best professional degrees/Qualifications. As it is an IT specialization, this course is high in demand in Bangalore. It is a 2 years Postgraduate course. The candidate should be excellent in Science and Maths


Eligibility: Graduate in Engineering

Entrance Test: GATE followed by counselling process

Approx Fees:- INR 50000 to 200000 pa.


Institute: Cambridge Institute of Technology, CMR Institute of Technology, University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, HKBK College of Engineering


Course content: Data science, Advances in software engineering, IT infrastructure design, Advance web technology, High-performance computing, department Level course, Institute level Course.


Job Position: Software developer, Computer Support Specialist, IT specialist, Information Technology Manager, Data Base Administrator.


These  B.E and M.E two technical courses in Bangalore are decent courses to get you a Job.


3. Bachelor’s In Technology:-


B.TECH as we call it is different from B.tech in a way, B.E is more about theory and B.tech has a more practical approach. B.Tech is 4 years Undergraduate course. It can also be extended up to 6 years (Depending on the Institute). It is a comprehensive study of the application of Information and Technology.


Eligibility: 10 +2 with 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and  Maths as the main subject.

Entrance Test: JEE/ JEE Advance

Approx  Fees: INR 3.58 Lacs – 8 lacs


Institute: Dayananda Sagar Academy Of Technology Bangalore College of Engineering and Technology, Bangalore Institute of Technology, City Engineering College, AMC Engineering College, And Management, RV College of Engineering, Atria Institute of Technology.


Course content:  Computer Languages, Visual Basic,  The Dimension of Information Technology, Application of MS-Windows, Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments, Data Structures through C, Introduction to Microprocessor, Applications of Microprocessor, Software Project Management, Compiler Design, Computer Graphics and Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Tools and Techniques


Job Position: System Analyst, Testing Engineer, Application Developer, IT coordinator, IT Content Developer,  Software Developer.


4. Master’s in Technology 


MTech is a highly prestigious qualification among all IT degree courses in today’s time. It is 2 years Postgraduate Degree course. It provides and opens the door for great Work opportunities. Many International Companies hire candidates who have completed MTech. It is an advanced level study of Information and technology. Having a sharp mind with Science, Maths and IT background is advantageous


Eligibility:  Above 55 % in B.Tech /B.E

Entrance Test: GATE/ Karnataka PG -CET

Approx  Fees: INR 2-3 Lacs


Institute: PES University, Bangalore College of Engineering and Technology, Bangalore Institute of Technology, City Engineering College, AMC Engineering College, Dayananda Sagar Academy Of Technology And Management, RV College of Engineering, Atria Institute of Technology.


Course content:  There is specialization in M.Tech  :

  • M Tech Computer Science
  • M Tech Artificial Intelligence
  • M Tech Civil Engineering
  • M Tech Data Analytics
  • M Tech Process Engineering


 Job position: Executive Engineers, Computer science Engineers, Software Engineers, Assistant Engineers, Electronic Communication Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Mining Engineers.


If you are looking for Technical courses in Bangalore which creates a decent job opportunity then consider this.


5 . Part Time MTech:


Part-Time MTech Course is for working individuals who cannot attend a regular MTech Course. Candidates need to clear a B.Tech degree to meet the eligibility criteria mentioned to take admission for this course. The candidate can do part-time specialization in Electronics and Communication Engineering. , VLSI, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering. All specializations are rewarding.


Eligibility Criteria: 55% Score in B.Tech/ B.E .Some instate asl for Work experience too.


Course content For M.tech: Advances in OS, Cloud Computing, Advanced Algorithms,
Advanced Computer Architecture, Computer System Performance Analysis, Formal Models in Computer Science, Computer Networks, Seminars: Advances in DIP, Information Security, Embedded Systems, Computer graphics and visualization, Project Work Evaluation and Viva


6. Digital Marketing Course:


Digital Marketing is booming today. Digital marketing need not be explained as its self-explanatory. Digital Marketing is done virtually using the latest advanced techniques to make the company reach out to its global customers.


Duration:- Approx 3 Months-6 months

Fees : Approx INR 29,900 to 35 ,000


Institute: IIM Skills, Simplilearn, Upgrad, Great learning

Most institute provides Internship and Placement as well.


Dig in Digital Marketing Course Training in Bangalore to have clear insights of what entails in a Digital Marketing Course.


Course content:   Introduction to Digital Marketing, website development and word press, Inbound marketing, Online reputation management, Email marketing, Media Buying and planning, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics/Google Analytics, Digital Infographics & Resume creation, search engine marketing, Content writing and advance blogging, video Marketing, Media buying and planning, integrated digital marketing strategy and  Affiliate Marketing.


Considering your interest in Digital Marketing, you must be intrigued to know about the Top 23 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore


7. Content Writing:


A content writing course is a Technical course where you learn how to accurately write documents in a particular professional way.  Apart from learning writing skills, this course teaches Search engine optimization where you can your brand or your website its Identity.


Students get good education and knowledge about this subject. Most instates offer weekend batch which becomes easy for professionals. Due to Lockdown taking online courses becomes the only option to gain good knowledge


Course Fees: Approx INR 15000

Duration:  1 month and if you are doing self-learning then depends on the hours of training and module you complete.


If writing kindles your flame of passion, then learn the art of content creation and curation with the Best Content Writing Master Course


Course Content: 


  • Keyword Research
  • Product description
  • Blogging
  • Email writing
  • Social media writing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Resume writing
  • Informative Article Writing for News portal,
  • Brochure
  • Press Release,
  • Infographics,
  • Website writing


 Online options: IIM Skills,  Coursera ECT, Udemy,


Don’t forget to check out the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore before choosing the best one.


8. GST course:


GST course is a Technical course in Finance Domain that prepares the candidate on Goods and service taxes application.  This is a new course which will help anybody who wants to have in-depth knowledge about GST, Excellent for finance people especially Finance Professionals. Out of many available courses, this kind of finance technical courses in Bangalore are high in demand.


This course is apt for Business owners /Startups, Teachers, Professors, Finance students, Finance professionals, Freshers and also for people who are at home they can upgrade themselves by doing this course. As this is available Online, anyone who is in Bangalore can pursue this course.


Interested in unravelling the secrets of GST and the finance world? Then learn from the experts with the Top GST Practitioner Course.


Duration:  Approx 16 hours -20 Hours of Online course

Fees: INR 20000 to 60000


Institute: GST training Bengaluru, IIM Skills,


Course content:  GST concepts and their impact, Framework and structure of GST, E-Way bill under GST, Composition scheme Under GST, Invoicing in GST, Reverse charges  Mechanism (RCM), Input Tax -Credit and payment, GST return Filing.


You may be curious to know about the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Bangalore


 9. Artificial Intelligence Course:


Artificial Intelligence is the most in-demand course, Artificial Intelligence is about science where machines are programmed in a way to think like Humans.


Artificial Intelligence uses perception, Learning, and reasoning. It is highly used in Finance & Health care departments. Voice Control Smart Gadget- Eco dot Smart speaker Alexa is an Example of Artificial Intelligence.


Duration:  It is 80 hours Online Certificate  course having  weekdays & Weekend Batches

Eligibility:  Graduate

Fees: INR 20000 +GST 18%


Institute:Besant Technologies

Placement: Placement assistance with a record of 92%


Course content:  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science  & Machine learning, Phyton, Phyton packages, Importing data, Statistics Basics, Manipulating Data, Error Metrics, Machine learning, Deep learning Algorithms, Introduction to NLP, Task of NLP.


If you are looking for Good Technical courses in Bangalore which create job opportunities then Artificial Intelligence is a Good course to apply for.


10. Data Science with Phyton Training:


Let us know what is data science? Data science is an area or field we can say in which algorithms, scientific systems are used to extract knowledge and information from structured and unstructured data, and then uses the information available from a wide range of Domain. Python is a language used for programming in data science. In python, there is interpretation, interaction, and a high level of Goal-oriented system used.


Duration:  It is 45 hours Online Certificate  course having  weekdays & Weekend Batches

Eligibility:  Graduate

Fees: INR 15000 +GST 18%


Institute: Besant Technologies

Placement: Placement assistance with a record of 92%


Course content:  Introduction to  Data Science and  Phyton, Phyton packages, Installing Python, Jupyter Notebook Overview, Python IDEs, Python Basics, Numpy, Saving in Python data, Writing data to CSV file, Reading CSV files, Loading Python data objects


According to the latest reports from top research firms in salary surveys like PayScale and Glassdoor, Candidates who have done  Data Science with Python are earning a salary of Rs. 6,20,000 per year in Bangalore


11 . Blockchain Course:


Blockchain is a process of recording information by a method that makes it hard or impossible to tamper, hack, or cheat the system. It is a digital ledger of all the records and transaction that is duplicated and distributed among the network of computer systems on the blockchain.


Duration:  It is 30 hours Online Certificate  course  having weekdays & Weekend Batches

Eligibility:  Graduate

Fees: INR 30,000 (Inclusive of GST )


Institute: Besant Technologies

Placement: Placement assistance with a record of 92%


Course content:  Introduction To Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, assets and value of blockchain, clearing, and settlement, smart contracts, Your first Wallet and Intro to Blockchain API, Security – Attacks and trustless networks, Regulatory Environment.


12 . Google Analytics:


Google Analytics is a tool that helps you track how many views, shares your Website or web page have received publically, it helps you track your website Performance tracks things like content, video, and social networking sites and applications, It is a very valuable course to help businesses and websites grow in the right direction. Everyone must enrol in this course.


Duration:  It is 30 hours Online Certificate  course  having weekdays & Weekend Batches

Eligibility:  Graduate

Fees: INR 30,000 (Inclusive of GST )


Institute: Besant Technologies

Placement: Placement assistance with a record of 92%


Course content:  Introduction of Google Analytics, why and where it is used, Google Analytics Premium and standard comparison, mobile tracking, Setting up google analytics, website tracking, Google Analytics key term Metrics, Linking Adwords, scheduling email, real-time report, behaviour report, Demographics report, Adwords Report, Dashboard widgets, Benchmarking report, Intelligence report.


Average salary: INR 2,60, 000. pa on completion of the course which is good for Freshers.


Above are the best Technical courses in Bangalore which will make you job-ready. All are available online which makes it easy for you to take these courses from home especially during the Pandemic. Globally, As Technology is growing day by day we will see much more advanced courses in nearing future that will help you have a secure career.

PGDM- Marketing and Finance from Mumbai having experience in Supply chain - Export Pricing with knowledge of 2 major products- Ocean & Air pricing ,with Level 1 SAP knowledge in Logistics department in EPC Company, I am doing Internship from IIM SKILLS in Content writing , I like Blogging and writing articles through which I sharing my knowledge with others.

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