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10 Best Free WordPress Hosting Services

Selecting a hosting service for the website is a rigorous and long process that involves more research and a better experience about the website hosting service. Website hosting is the most important thing after the content to get more traffic to the site and give a better ranking. We will need more information about hosting to get a better WordPress hosting service.


The image displays the best free WordPress hosting services

What is Web Hosting?


Web hosting is a service that serves as a platform to store the website’s files. They are accessed when a user searches for the website with the domain name. The web hosting takes the user to the server where the website files are stored. In this way, web hosting serves as a bridge connecting the user and the website.


The website’s speed is mostly determined by the web hosting service and the internet speed of the user. The hosting service can be availed under six types. They are,


  1. Shared hosting.
  2. VPS hosting.
  3. Dedicated Hosting.
  4. Managed hosting.
  5. Cloud hosting.
  6. Colocation


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  1. Shared Hosting


The shared hosting is usually an initial stage hosting used by beginners looking to start a website. The shared hosting usually stores the website’s files and information on the same server as many other websites and due to this sharing of the server, they are called the shared hosting of the website hosting service.


Due to the websites being on the same server the hardware of the server is also shared and due to this the server tends to get slow at times and the traffic rate of the website will always affect the website speed. Even with the slowness, they tend to provide hosting at a lower cost since they are shared by many websites and so they are usually the best choice for small-time and beginner’s websites.


  1. VPS hosting


The next hosting service is the VPS hosting service. It also shares the physical server and the hardware resources like the shared hosting but the difference is it has separate space for each website providing more space and speed to each website. The virtual private server hosting provides is the next stage for the shared hosting users.


When the traffic of the website gets increased the shared hosting service would need an upgrade to the VPS hosting to provide more speed and data to the website. The VPS also has reduced websites on the server to increase the speed. The VPS hosting would also need a more technical approach on the setting up of the hosting service which would be less technical and easy for the shared hosting.


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  1. Dedicated hosting


The dedicated hosting as the name implies is the dedicated server given for the website with a full server and no sharing of the server. So the server is fully given for the website and the privacy is generally increased. The server also provides more storage and bandwidth giving the website its full speed and traffic capacity.


Due to these reasons, dedicated hosting is one of the best website hosting services for better use and budget. The specifications and configurations of the server can be also be chosen according to the necessary technical needs. The dedicated hosting could also cost privacy and quick uptime rates.


  1. Managed hosting


The managed hosting is managed by a hosting service. Managed hosting usually provides the assisted type of hosting service. As the name implies the hosting is managed by a service provider or an agent. The managed hosting sets up the server according to the specifications and technical necessities of the service availed.


The managing provider may also offer maintenance of the server and usual routines to be followed according to the service provider and the plan of the hosting service. The managed hosting is usually chosen to deal with the hosting service with assistance in the technical and maintenance division of the hosting server.


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  1. Cloud hosting


Cloud hosting is one of the hosting services that is gaining popularity in recent days. Cloud hosting is somewhat similar to the VPS hosting service. As a separate place is rented in the server in the VPS hosting the cloud hosting also features the same option. But the difference is that cloud hosting provides these separate places in different servers at different locations.


So the uptime of the website would be higher due to the servers present in different locations and the website downtime is reduced since they could be loaded from another server at any time even when a server goes down. This type of hosting service is usually used for more popular and high-traffic websites and their budget is also high.


  1. Colocation 


This is a type of complete private website hosting service. The servers are fully owned by the website owners and they are only hosted in the private space which is operated by another party. This is usually an alternative to the private data center and they are mostly used for personal servers.


The hosting provider will provide the secure and proper operation of the servers but the working part of the server including the hardware and the software of the server is to be maintained by the renting party.


These are the website hosting service most usually used to run a website. There are also some specific hosting services to the suitable website type. One of the types would be the WordPress hosting service.


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WordPress Hosting Service


The WordPress hosting service is the specific type of hosting with optimized configurations for a WordPress-powered website. The WordPress hosting service also provides a one-click install option and they also provide more sophisticated support since they are mostly expertized in WordPress hosting.


The WordPress website is not compulsorily hosted by the WordPress hosting service. They can be hosted by any other hosting service. But the WordPress hosting provides more and better options for the WordPress website.


They are types of WordPress hosting services. WordPress hosting services have two types. They are,


  1. Shared WordPress hosting
  2. Managed WordPress hosting


1. Shared WordPress hosting


The shared WordPress hosting is the cheaper WordPress hosting option. The shared WordPress is like a shared hosting service except the server will be optimized for WordPress for the better efficiency of the site. The shared WordPress hosting is also optimized with the specific options included for the WordPress-powered Sites.


2. Managed WordPress Hosting


The managed WordPress hosting is the WordPress hosting service with support from the service providers. They also make the user experience better and easier by providing assisted operating capacity of the services.


WordPress hosting is provided by many hosting Service providers. They are provided at different pricing range with different technical specifications and optimized options for the smoother use of the hosting service.


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Free WordPress Hosting


There are also free WordPress hosting services provided by many of the hosting service providers. The free WordPress hosting services are usually used by entry-level website users and beginners learning to try out website creation and running. The free WordPress hosting should also be chosen according to the better and necessary specifications for the websites because the options usually vary according to the Hosting Service Providers.


There are many hosting services to choose from that provide free WordPress hosting services. Some of the best free WordPress Hosting services are,


  1. WordPress.com
  2. 000webhost
  3. Accuweb hosting
  4. Cloud access
  5. Byethost
  6. AwardSpace
  7. Infinityfree
  8. X10hosting
  9. Freehostia
  10. 100webspace


  1. WordPress.com


If you look at different types of free WordPress hosting available, WordPress.com is one of the best. It is easier to use and would require less time for the initial setup. It also offers to upgrade plans to use in the future if the site begins to grow at a good rate.


The process of setup involves just the registration of the account. It offers nearly everything that is needed for the initial stage of the website but the options are limited in the free version than the premium one.




  • It provides 3GB of disk space.
  • It also features an easy setup process.
  • The hosting service also provides Automatic updates and backups.
  • It also provides access to many features.




  • The ads are placed on the website in the free version of the hosting service.
  • The domain name cannot be custom in the free version of the hosting service.
  • The site can be taken down if the website violates its terms of service.


  1. 000Webhost


This is one of the best free WordPress hosting services that are available. It is used by more people trying to get a professional-looking website. It also offers better uptime than most of the free WordPress hosting services. It also has upgraded plans that are mostly cheaper when compared to many other hosting services. There are also many features available.




  • They provide higher bandwidth.
  • The hosting service also allows the use of custom domain names for the website.
  • It also provides a better uptime of the website.
  • The website is ad-free.




  • The traffic rate of the website should be lower for better working.
  • There is no email account provided in the free version.
  • No backups are provided in the free version.


  1. AccuWeb hosting


Another better free WordPress hosting service is the Accuweb hosting service. It is also one of the best hosting services that are optimized for WordPress-powered websites. It is also one of the hosting services that provide a lifetime WordPress hosting service. It also provides better loading websites and lag-free operation.




  • No advertisements are placed on the website.
  • The hosting service also provides free access to Cpanel.
  • It also provides a good response time for the website.
  • It also has a better bandwidth limit.




  • Limited support is provided for the free version.
  • No migration of website in the free hosting version.
  • There is only Limited backup in the free hosting.


  1. CloudAccess


Cloud access is also one of the best free WordPress hosting services. It also provides many features and access to many tools to build a better website in operation and maintenance. And also like other hosting services they also provide premium hosting services that provide upgraded and improved options to use




  • It provides free training and tutorials for better website operation.
  • It also provides improved backup options.
  • Better uptime of the website.




  • the site can be removed if the terms are violated.


  1. Byethost


Byethost is one of the highly used hosting services for a longer time. The hosting service provides a better reliable and speedy website hosting service. They also provide better customer support for easier and convenient use of the services. They also give website building with fewer initial procedures to handle.




  • No advertisements are placed on the website.
  • Better subdomain choices.
  • Quicker and better response times.




  • Minimal support on the free hosting version.


  1. Awardspace


This is one of the other WordPress hosting services that provide ads-free and user-friendly hosting services. They provide 5GB bandwidth and 1GB of disk space. It also allows hosting with one domain and three subdomains. They also provide a one-click installer for an easier process.




  • Advertisement free hosting service.
  • can host up to four websites.




  • limited bandwidth range.


  1. Infinityfree


Another efficient and better free hosting service would be Infinityfree. They are mostly similar to the Byethost hosting service. It also provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space in the free hosting service. They also provide better hosting services with improved features.



  • It allows Up to 10 email accounts.
  • It can also allow more traffic with more bandwidth.



  • Even with unlimited disk space, there are few restrictions.


  1. x10 Hosting


X10 hosting is a cloud-based hosting service that provides hosting with better uptime and more reliability. They also feature a one-click installer like other popular hosting services. They also provide unlimited bandwidth with Cpanel access to provide easier website operation.



  • They provide full access to Cpanel.
  • Better uptime for the website.



  • There are bandwidth restrictions.


  1. Freehostia


Freehostia is one of the hosting services which provides free and premium hosting services. They provide free hosting and cloud-based hosting for their premium services. They also provide easy-to-install options with a great range of bandwidth and disk space. They provide better customer support and allow 6GB of bandwidth.



  • It allows hosting up to five websites.
  • It also allows 3 email accounts.
  • Better customer support.



  • Minimal disk space and bandwidth.


  1. 100webhosting


100webhosting is a good option to choose when looking to build a budget website. They have all the basic features of free hosting with the premium option with more features available when needed or when the traffic to the website begins to grow. They also feature easy-to-install features like many other popular hosting services.



  • It allows your email address.
  • Better uptime of the website.



  • Limited disk space.


These are some of the best hosting services that provide free WordPress hosting services. They are usually the best to choose from when a beginner or starter looks to build a website.


Free WordPress Hosting Pros and Cons


Like every other service, the free hosting services also have their pros and cons. They could always be determined according to the pros and cons whether they are worth it or not. But always when determining a service about whether they are best to use or not, the better weighing option would be the pros against cons but also with the necessities of the website.

So the pros and cons of the free WordPress hosting are,



  • The first and better pro of the free hosting services would be they are free of cost.
  • Most of the hosting services also provide premium or paid versions of the hosting services which can be availed at any time.
  • They also give more and different features according to the different hosting service providers.
  • They also feature different hosting types and the option to choose from the hosting type according to the necessities.



  • The hosting services always come with some restrictions when it comes to the free hosting service.
  • Most of the free WordPress services also place advertisements on the websites which is not more advantageous to the website owner.
  • The free versions also have some downtime and limited uptime of the websites.
  • The free hosting service also gets limited when it comes to full control of the website.
  • The backup option of the websites is also limited to many free hosting service providers. This is a much-needed feature when it comes to the website since it gives better peace of mind about losing the data of the websites.


So these are some of the pros and cons of the free WordPress hosting services which can be reviewed thoroughly when trying to get a better free hosting service. Even after weighing the pros and cons, the final deciding factor should always be the necessities of the website and the features it would need for the fulfillment of the purpose of the website.


Is Free WordPress Hosting worth it?


So it always finally comes to whether the free WordPress hosting is worth it or not. The answer to the question can vary according to the type of website or the features it needs. The hosting services provide free WordPress hosting with a lot of options and so choosing the better free WordPress hosting service can be never difficult. Free hosting would also be a better option for beginners trying to learn everything about a website and the entry-level website owners since they provide more financial freedom.


They also help the person to learn about the processes involved and give options to improve their skills before going to the bigger type of website. They also give the websites to experiment on the hosting service and get a better and thorough review of their features and capabilities. This review can help them to move on to the next step of going premium on their hosting service or not.


Free WordPress hosting also comes with fewer disadvantages which are inevitable since they are not paid. The free hosting is only limited to a specif size of the website and a large-scale website cannot rely upon the free hosting service. For example, the free hosting services can satisfy the needs of a small website like a starter site but they cannot rely upon the websites which could get a lot of traffic.


They could also have a minimal and confined amount of support for the websites and this could be a huge setback if the website owner would need assistance with the website hosting from time to time. Even though they provide support for the free WordPress hosting services the system is always slower and complicated in the free version. This is an important feature for the website owners to have since they would need assistance at some point in the website operation.


But on the bright side, many hosting services provide the custom domain name choosing option and the ability to host multiple websites at the same time. Some of the free hosting services also give more security options for the website.


So ultimately the free WordPress hosting is worth one even with the many disadvantages since they provide freedom and access to people trying out website hosting and would also be a better training ground before they plan on going premium.




The hosting services provide these free WordPress hosting services and they also provide a paid version of the hosting services. But when the free hosting services are first tried out for the first version or initial stage of the website creation would mean a more efficient and economical option than investing more in the paid version. These free WordPress hosting services are always economical and an intelligent way to start the website building journey to lead to a more efficient process of website working.

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